The Address Of Brother Leader To The Students And Faculty Of Meiji University, Japan

By Muammar Al Qadhafi

Good morning to my sons and daughters students of Meiji University and to the esteemed faculty of this distinguished university. I would like to thank Professor Fukuda for the preparation of this meeting and for his introductory words. I would also like to thank the university for its interest in Africa’s affairs.

In a nutshell, Africa sadly is a continent that has been devastated by the era of enslavement, the ear of colonialism and by the current ear of foreign exploitation and interference in its internal affairs. Africa is a continent that has been violated, tormented and made backward by the evil acts of others particularly the whites, the racists and the colonialists. It is now being plundered by the Western and Zionist exploitative corporation. Regrettably, Africa lives in misery. Africa is a victim of disease, backwardness, desertification and drought that result from the emission of green house gases in industrialized countries. Global warming that is a direct result of pollution has adversely affected Africa. All powers consider Africa an easy prey. They are fighting over it.

America is using hard power in Africa. It is seeking military bases. It is talking about the oil discoveries and their protection by force as if this land has no peoples, has no owners and has no future. Unlike America, China resorts to soft power. It seems that China’s aim is to de-populate Africa in order to transfer its own population to it. Africa has an area of 32 million square kilometers and its population is under one billion people. This leads to the thought that there is space in Africa for the excess population of China or India. Unfortunately, this is the cold invasion to which Africa is subjected.

Japan has no excess population to transfer to Africa, neither does it resort to hard power like America. America interferes in the internal affairs, uses threats of military force, interferes in elections and the type of government. In Africa, America preaches what it does not practice in its own affairs inside the US. This is the situation in which Africa finds itself.

Japan is different. Unlike China, it does not wish to export people. Unlike America, it is not an arrogant military power. Japan could have a soft, beneficial approach in its cooperation with Africa. Sadly, there is a very important element here. I have always avoided broaching this element with my Japanese friends in order not to embarrass them. I always speak frankly, put facts in front of the world’s peoples and do not resort to niceties in matters of vital importance. When I talk about Japan, I am aware that I would say embarrassing things about a delicate matter. That is why I have even avoided interviews with Japanese media in order not to put myself or my Japanese friends in an embarrassing situation. However, you have asked me to talk to you and I am grateful for that. I must say that Japan could play a useful role. It could benefit from Africa and from the whole world. I hope you will forgive me for saying bluntly that, most regrettably, Japan is not a free country. Japan fell under American occupation after the Second World War. Sadly it was the victim of two atomic bombs. It was terrorized by that lethal weapon. It was brought to its knees. It has succumbed completely to the overwhelming, arrogant military might of America. Ever since that time dozens of thousands American troops have occupied Japan. The declared number is 50,000 American troops supported in their occupation of Japan by air force bases and the American fleet in the Sea of Japan. Ever since World War Two until very recently, Japan was fully under American domination. It was almost a colony of the US. Germany was, to a large extent, in the same position. It is profoundly humiliating for a great nation like Japan and Germany not to be allowed to have its own army like other countries of the world. Now that Japan has been allowed to have its own forces, it is forbidden to call them the Japanese Army or the Japanese Armed Forces. They can only be called the Self Defense Forces. This is a deliberate attempt to humiliate Japan; to deny it the right to call its armed forces, its air force and its navy by their proper name and only call them the self defense forces. This is an unbearable insult. The Japanese people are a creative people. They are capable of competing with America in the field of technology. They can compete with Europe and China. They are a great people that should live in respect with their heads held high.

It is bizarre that the Japanese appear to be close friends of the Americans. America used atomic bombs against Japan. The effects of those bombs continue to harm the Japanese to this day. How could you be friends with those who used atomic bombs against you, insulted you in full view of the whole world and imposed the most humiliating restriction on you? How can you be friends of those who killed your fathers and grandfathers? I am not calling for enmity to prevail between America and Japan. This has never been my intention. However I find it bizarre to hear that Japan is a friend and ally of America. This friendship, if it truly exists, could have only been imposed by force. I do not believe that there is any love for America in the hearts of the Japanese. I cannot believe that Japan is America’s ally. Canada or Mexico could be America’s allies. But Japan is a country in the Far East. It could be an ally of China, Russia or the Philippines. It is not possible for it to be an ally of America unless that alliance has been forcibly imposed on it. Recently, after the electoral defeat of the Liberal Party, books have been written and voices have been heard asking when will Japan be rid of American hegemony and when will Japan say no? This development is proof that there has been an awakening in Japan and an attempt to restore its wounded dignity. It is a matter of deep regret for me that the technological advancement and superiority of Japan and the creative abilities of its people have not been able to liberate Japan or restore its dignity. It remains an American colony and an American lackey. The American military bases should have been evacuated. Japan should have been America’s equal. Japan should have been free to produce weapons for self defense. Of course I oppose weapons and fully support disarmament. I fully support the campaign of one of your schools for disarmament and peace. However, if America has arrogated to itself the right to acquire nuclear weapons then Japan, more than any other country, must have the right to possess such weapons. It must have a nuclear deterrent so as not to be attacked by such weapons ever again. Japan needs to rid itself of American domination and to become a truly independent country with its own forces for self defense and for the defense of world peace. Unless it does that, it would be difficult for the world to benefit fully from Japan’s technological superiority and creative abilities. Japan lacks sources of energy and wealth internally but it enjoys astounding creative abilities. Japan needs energy supplies and raw materials from abroad. If it is not the master of its own affairs, then its freedom of movement is severely curtailed. I follow Japan’s policy closely. I can say that Japan does not adhere to the UN position unless that position is to the liking of the US. This is humiliating. For instance, Japan might have interests with China, India, North Korea, Russia or Libya but the US wants the UN to take a stance against one of those countries. Japan acts against its own interests and relations with that country. It is forced to take a stance against that country just to support the American position. Thus it serves American policy at the expense of its own relations with other countries. Let us assume that Japan imports oil from Libya. It needs that oil. Now suppose that the US is taking a position against Libya at the UN. It will of course ask Japan to take the same position. It is not in Japan’s interest to be against Libya because it imports oil from it. But America in effect says “I do not care about Japan’s interests. My only concern is America’s interests. Japan must vote alongside me even at the expense of its own interests with Libya”. This is just an example. It is truly regrettable. Therefore Japan’s vital interests are threatened because it is an American satellite.

I see that the map of the world is being redrawn. Take a look at this map. There you have the EU which is becoming a single state with a single currency. It could have a unified army, a single central bank and a unified foreign policy. We are working on developing the African Union into a single state. South America is the same. There might be a union or a new space that encompasses something similar to a single state. To the north of it there is the NAFTA space which will develop into something akin to a state encompassing the US and Canada. On the other side of Asia, there is the Russian Federation which is a giant state unto itself. So is the other giant; China. There is the grouping that comprises India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. In the future, when the enmity between India and Pakistan is dispelled, it too will become a single state. Then you have ASEAN with its ten members which is also moving towards becoming a state. That leaves Japan and the two Koreas isolated. What is to become of them? The world is being formed in this way and where will Japan be? It is not a giant space unto itself and it needs to be a part of such a space. Had there been no problem between the two Koreas on the one hand and between North Korea and Japan on the other, those three countries could have formed their own entity. Generally speaking, there is a question mark on Japan’s place in the future map of the world. Where will Japan be? It is not a part of any of the giant entities that make up that map such as ASEAN, the EU, the AU, NAFTA, South America or any other such entity. You need to think about that question: where will Japan be? Of course America’s dearest wish is for Japan not to think about its own future and to remain an American satellite so that it can continue to be used as a reserve for America at the UN and other international fora. The American forces are there to terrorize and intimidate Japan. They are there to remind Japan that it must toe the line and that any deviation from it will result in an act similar to the one that took place during World War II. Japan must remember that those forces are there. This is the sad reality.

Thank you for raising this issue. I believe that I have tried to answer your queries albeit briefly. I thank my sons and daughters the students and Professor Fukuda. I am ready to answer any question you might have.

– Professor Fukuda: “Thank you very much, Distinguished Leader”. – A student: “I have a question for the distinguished leader Al-Gathafi. African countries have abundant natural resources. Nevertheless the growth rates in the continent are very low. What is the cause of this economic under-performance?”

– The Leader: “I have already answered this question, my son. I said that Africa is in a very backward state due to the era of enslavement, the era of colonialism in the past and by the current era of foreign exploitation and interference in its internal affairs. It is affected by climate change. The industrialized countries destroy the climate and the harmful effects, such as desertification and drought, befall Africa. I also said that Japan could help Africa if it were master of its own affairs. However Japan is not free to manage its relations with other countries because of America’s domination. This is what I said. This is the cause.”

– A student: Recently the Obama administration decided to increase the American combat troops in Afghanistan. I think that the increase will not be useful. I believe that the situation in Afghanistan will continue to deteriorate and it will become a quagmire. I personally oppose this increase. What is the position of the distinguished leader?

– The Leader: “Thank you. The situation is very clear. President Obama has already announced that he will withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011. The decision seems to have been made. The increase or decrease of the forces means nothing. The withdrawal will take place in 2011. He used the withdrawal of 2011 as a justification of the increase and of dispatching 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

It is certain that the generals were the ones who advised Obama to do that. In military science there is something called “covering the withdrawal”. When you want to withdraw from a certain spot, you need to intensify your fires and offensive action on that front in order to distract the enemy and not to allow it to foil your withdrawal. The 30,000 troops sent by Obama have the purpose of covering the military and strategic withdrawal from Afghanistan. I believe that Obama is different from the other white American presidents. He condemned the Viet Nam war. He also condemned the Iraq war and considered it a wrong war. He announced that he will withdraw from Iraq. This has never been said by an American president before. I wish he would say the same about Japan and withdraw his troops from it. He needs to say that Japan is a free country and that America should not have occupied it after attacking it with atomic bombs. They justified their presence in Afghanistan by the attack on New York in 9/11. However he said that he will not be the custodian of Afghanistan nor will he defend its security. He condemned the government of Afghanistan and declared it a corrupt government. He said that Afghanistan must be responsible for its own security and that they will only help it to do so. All this we find logical. All his analyses and approach to international politics have been quite logical so far. I feel comfortable with the policies of Obama. I have had my disputes with his predecessors that reached the level of open war during the Reagan presidency. Thank you for the question.

– A Student: I have read the Green Book. In it there is something about the diversity of the sources of education. What do you mean by that? And what is the main objective of the education process?

There is currently a debate in Japan about the process of education. Could you give us some examples about the principal objective of that process? – The Leader: I know that the Green Book mentions education but your question is not very specific. I did not fully understand what you meant.

[The Leader proceeded to read Chapter 3 of his Green Book about education]. Education is not that rigid curriculum and categorized materials that the youth, seated in rows like you now, are forced to learn from printed books and during specified hours. This kind of education which is prevalent in the world right now is the opposite of freedom. Compulsory education that countries are proud to impose on their youth is a means of suppressing freedom. It is a deliberate act of stifling people’s talents. It imposes certain choices on people by force. It is a dictatorial act that stifles freedom because it prevents people from making a free choice. It stifles their creativity and ability to shine. It is a dictatorial act to force a certain curriculum on people. It is also a dictatorial act to force-feed people certain materials. Compulsory education and established curricula are a deliberate act to render the masses ignorant. Countries that impose formal curricula on their peoples are countries that oppress their citizens. The methods of education that prevail in the world need to be shattered by a cultural revolution that would free the minds of people and put an end to the deliberate conditioning of people’s intellect, sensibility and tastes. A superficial reading of my statement would interpret it as a call to close the doors of educational institutions. What is meant is the exact opposite. My statements mean that society must make available all forms of education and people must be left free to choose the knowledge they want. If this is the intent of your question I can tell you that the Green Book opposes the imposition by any state of a formal curriculum on its youth. The Green Book advocates making all knowledge available and that youth should be left free to learn what they wish to learn. If women for example wish to learn a certain discipline that is more appropriate for their nature, this discipline should be available. Schools that teach it should also be available. Women should be able to get the education that is suitable for their feminine nature. Anyone who wants to learn something must be enabled to do so. What happens now is that there are pre-determined curricula; geography, history and applied sciences for example. Students are forced to learn those subjects. However, I would like to see perfect freedom in education. Suppose that a student wishes to study marine science, he will not be able to find it in the set curricula. This is wrong. Marine science should be available in the educational institutions. There has to be a secondary school and universities that specialize in that discipline and that student should be able to study marine science from the beginning. Another student may wish to study space science. Why should he learn things that are unrelated to that discipline? Why can he not go directly to it? Unfortunately, the whole world now has the same curriculum for men and women. This is wrong. There has to be one curriculum for men and another for women. A woman must be free to choose. If she wishes to pursue men’s curriculum she must be enabled to do that. If she chooses not to do so, then she can take the women’s curriculum that would lead her to an occupation that is suitable for her feminine nature. Thank you for your question.

– Ms. Yaori Ki Kwiki, Chairman of the Libyan – Japanese Friendship Association: Our country Japan is a beautiful country. Do you have any plans to visit it?

– The Leader: I thank you, Lady. Your Arabic is clear. I salute you for your role as Chairman of the Libyan – Japanese Friendship Association and for strengthening the ties of friendship between the Libyan and Japanese peoples. It will be my pleasure to visit Japan some time in the future.

– Professor Fukuda: Your Excellency, if you decide to visit Japan, we extend to you an invitation to come to Meiji University and to address us directly.

– The Leader: Absolutely. If I visit Japan, I will definitely visit your university, God willing.

– A Student: I listened to you carefully as you spoke about the American role in the world. My question is the following: Arab states have not been able to solve the problems between the Palestinians and Israelis. Despite their natural resources, their oil, and leverage, those states have not been able to solve the Palestinian question. Why not?

– The Leader: You know that Israel is under American protection. The American Sixth Fleet is in the Mediterranean is there to protect the Hebrew State. Believe it or not! There is a state whose existence is dependant on the protection of the fleet of another foreign country!! It is not even a state. From an international law viewpoint, the existence of the so-called Israel is illegal. Israelis and Palestinians live on the same piece of land namely; Palestine that is located between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean. This is a disputed land. In 1948 the majority of the population, three quarters of the population were Palestinians. Less than a quarter of the population were Israelis. They managed to expel the Palestinians from their homes and unilaterally declared a state called Israel. This is inadmissible under international law. No one can legally declare a state on a disputed territory. That declaration and that state should not have been recognized. It was unilaterally declared on a disputed territory. One party expelled four million Palestinians and brought immigrants from all over the world to replace the Palestinians. From an international legal point of view, this entity should not have been recognized. Its recognition is null and void. However, in the final analysis, what is called Israel is but a US protectorate. It is one more state of the US. When Arabs fought against the entity called Israel, they were in fact fighting America. This happened in all the Arab-Israeli wars in the past. America always intervened on the side of Israel and places all its capabilities at Israel’s disposal. Why? Maybe because of the Jewish or Israeli control of the banks, the finance industry or the media in America. America’s capabilities are at the disposal of the Jews. They put pressure on the American administrations so that it serves their interests. America is now nearly under Jewish control. This is one thing. As for the peaceful solution, the Israelis do not want it. They count on America’s support. If there is a vote in an international forum, which way is it going to go? In favor of the Israelis or the Palestinians? If America asks Japan to vote in favor of Israel, it will do so even if the sympathies of the Japanese people lay with the Palestinians. The Israelis first and foremost want to prevent the return of the Palestinians who were expelled from their homes in 1948 and in 1967. Second they want to exterminate the ones who remained. This is a very clear Israeli policy.

The solution lies in the White Book that I presented to the world. The bases of that solution are the establishment of a single democratic state, the return of all the Palestinian refugees to the homes from which they were expelled and the dismantling of the Dimona arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. The Israelis possess hundreds of nuclear warheads. No one in the world has said a word about those weapons. Nobody called for dismantling them. Nobody is allowed to call for inspection. When President Kennedy wanted to inspect the Dimona reactor, they assassinated him. It is a must that the Dimona nuclear arsenal be dismantled. It is our hope that Japan would use its good offices with the US. As a victim of atomic bombs and a peace-loving country, Japan should stress to its American allies the need to dismantle the WMD available to the Israelis in Dimona.

The White Book that I presented to the world calls for the establishment of a single democratic state on the condition of the return of the refuges and the dismantling of WMD. That state could then become like Lebanon; a multi-racial, multi-religious state. That way they can live in peace. That state could then be accepted among the Arab states and could become a member of the Arab League. With free and fair elections, the president could be Palestinian or Israeli. That will not be important. The important thing is that the Palestinians who were expelled must be allowed to return. The solution I presented in the Book is the state of Isratine. It is a compound name; the first half “Isra” comes from Israel and the second half “tine” comes from the name Palestine. This is the solution my son. It is in my White book. If you read it you will find it very convincing.

– Professor Fukuda: We would like to translate the Book “Isratine” in Meiji University and to disseminate it as widely as possible in Japan.

– The Leader: That would be great. Thank you. – Professor Fukuda: I would like to salute the Great Leader Al-Gathafi. It is our hope that the Center of Peace and Disarmament Studies at Meiji University will contribute to the strengthening of relations between Japan and Libya. We request the Great Leader to kindly support our efforts to establish the “Al-Gathafi Chair for Peace Studies” to be devoted to the teaching of the Theory of the Great Leader in our Center.

– The Leader: I convey my most sincere thanks to you, your colleagues and my children the students. I also thank you for the suggestion to establish the Chair in your university. I will support that endeavor. I am a friend of your university and hope that you will consider me a member of its faculty. I am at your disposal at any time. I hope we will meet again via satellite link. If I should come to Japan in the future, the first place I would visit would be Meiji University.

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