Banning Of Machine Guns

By Muammar Al Qadhafi

The world is concerned with the question of weapons of mass destruction. So far, it has failed to do anything about them. WMDs continue to be a nightmare that haunts humanity. Some believed that the best way to deal with those horrific weapons is deterrence through the acquisition of equally lethal weapons. This doctrine is the cause of the proliferation of WMD. This doctrine has only resulted in a doubling of the threat posed by WMD.

Another doctrine calls for steering away from that destructive cycle. It calls for adherence to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a contribution to limiting the dangers of WMD and bringing those who possess such weapons to respect humanity’s ardent wish for peace.

There is also the faulty Ottawa Convention. It ignored the dangers of offensive nuclear weapons and missiles and concentrated instead on a simple defensive weapon namely; landmines.

I support conventional weapons for self-defense purposes. I am strongly opposed to all types of offensive weapons particularly WMD. However, I call for a ban to be imposed on a type of conventional weapons that can be used both for defensive and offensive purposes namely; machine guns.

People will recall that the calls to ban those weapons were made from the moment they were first manufactured in view of the unprecedented danger they pose to humanity. Of all conventional weapons, machine guns must be banned and eliminated both humane and humanitarian reasons. Despite the fact that machine guns are small ones in comparison to missiles or artillery pieces, they are more lethal to human beings. They have developed with time and become more deadly. The use of such weapons leads to excessive mass killing.

Wisdom, concern for humanity and humanitarian considerations all demand the elimination of machine guns.

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