Biological Weapons

By Muammar Al Qadhafi

Thanks to the information revolution, the monopoly on knowledge has been broken. Science knows no limits in its fast spread. The capabilities of computers have increased ten billion fold in half a century. Those capabilities are doubling every year and a half.

Genetic engineering made it possible to control the genes of viruses and to manufacture new germs that do not respond to any treatment as was the case of the creation of the AIDS virus. This is a double-edged sword. It enables humanity to find new ways to combat germs and viruses. It could also be used for sinister purposes. The matter needs a serious pause to reflect upon it deeply.

Germ and biological weapons are the most horrendous, dastardly and destructive type of weapons. Their use by a state would be a catastrophe. The consequences of such weapons falling in the hands of irresponsible individuals would be unthinkable. Those weapons are particularly lethal because they are invisible, inaudible and odorless. Their means of delivery are practically every thing on Earth; animals, insects, plants, people, air, liquids and all the tools and implements that are used, touched and worn by people in their daily life.

In view of the extreme gravity of this matter, it must be dealt with in a dispassionate and objective way free from political agendas and ulterior motives. Therefore, the world must agree on entrusting this task to the World Health Organization. WHO must be empowered to supervise and inspect all facilities devoted to this vital industry. In this way alone, people will be reassured that this scientific knowledge is not being used against their interests and safety by irresponsible parties. There is a need to ensure that this vitally important industry does not deviate from its worthy objectives. There must not be any exceptions from the inspection and supervision regime. Exceptions, discrimination and selectivity will lead to angry and furious reactions.

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