Colin Powell Praises Muammar Muammar Al Qadhafi

Colin Powel praises the role of the Leader

The American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, expressed his appreciation and that of his country of the great role played by the Leader of the Revolution for peace and stability in the world.

The US Secretary of State underlined that such role gave Libya a special international position where it is respected by all. He also emphasized the need for the intervention of the Leader to resolve the issue of Darfur.

The American Secretary of State also hailed Great Jamahiriya for offering humanitarian aid to Darfur population and opening a corridor to convey international humanitarian aid.

This came during a meeting with the secretary of the General People’s Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Co-operation in New York Thursday evening at the side line of the 59th session of the UN General assembly.

The meeting dwelt on the discussion of the bilateral relations between the two countries when they expressed their satisfaction with the positive developments seen by such relations. The meeting also discussed a number of international issues.

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