Message Of Peace


From N.Bossoondyal

Vice-President of World Assembly of Youth (Africa)

Co-convener and Steering Committee Member of SADC Youth Union,

General Secretary, Non-Aligned Students and Youth Organization-NASYO.

AFRICA DAY 25th May 2008

Mother Africa under racist threats!

In my capacity as Vice-President of the World Assembly of Youth-WAY for Africa, on the occasion of Africa Day, I would like to express my highest and lofty regards to our African Ancestors and to those African Leaders who have died for the liberation of Africa from the yoke of Colonialism, Imperialism, Apartheid and Racism.

If Africa can breathe as a free continent, we cannot forget the harsh struggle of the entire African as well as with the support of progressive non-Africans friends and we pray for the Almighty to bestow upon all those who have sacrifice their life for a Free African Continent.

However, we are in deep pain to see the current crucial and painful situation in South Africa.

We call upon all South African Youth and NGOs and all goodwill people to do every-thing possible to stop the killing of our African comrades in South Africa. Those who are being killed and those killers have the same color of RED BLOOD -African Blood – no blood is green-yellow-white or of whatsoever color.

We urge upon all patriotic people and youth of South Africa to unite and find a proper solution, if any controversial issue is at the cause of such killing of Africans and to bring the culprit for punishment and let us rebuild South Africa as a home for entire African.

SADC region was liberated by a united force constituted by progressive African of the area and every-body has a positive share in the liberation of the people of SADC.

We have many foreigners as well as the minorities who were killed and force to leave the country in African States such as Uganda during Idi Amin regime. Such attitude has continued in few other African States, but was under control by our some of the vigilant African leaders.

We cannot just hate our African brothers from different countries in case they are residing in other States due to many obligations such as: Students, migrants, spouses, researchers, investors and as well those under oppressions and etc.

As a Mauritian, I am aware that several of my compatriots have immigrated too to many States in SADC regions and they were encouraged by the hosting government for huge investments into economic development. Still we had our people killed in South Africa in early 2000. Those in Zimbabwe had their life threaten and looted and others have died while providing services to our brothers and sisters in Africa.

We still have a large Mauritian Community as investors and economic promoters and developers in Mozambique and they are living until now in sound and peaceful condition. But it is sad to see such policy of Xenophobia in practice in other SADC member States.

Xenophobia from any angle need to be strongly denounces and condemned.

In Mauritius, we do also have a large community of Africans citizens from different African States and no one has complains of whatsoever of their treatment in Mauritius.

I wish to mention here that myself, my life was under threat even in Mauritius by the apartheid agents in the 70’s due to my organization strong support to the Liberation Movements in Africa and for mobilizing Mauritian opinions for the liberation of Comrade Nelson Mandela. A bullet was addressed to me. But, still my motivation grew-up more strongly.

The South African Youth and NGOs need to address the current security condition and we call all our African brothers and sisters through Africa to assist in ending the daily killing of African citizens of other African States.

Let’s forget any materialistic and ego’s interest and let’s move forward to transform Africa as a continent good to live.

Mauritius, 25th May 2008
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