Muammar Al Qadhafi Calls For The Awakening Of Sub-Saharan African Communitees


Gathered together on last Monday February 7, 2005 in the conference hall of the large building of the Mahari hotel of Tripoli, the chiefs and representatives of the African communities of the southern Sahara got the privilege of sharing a few moments of discussion with the international guide of the Revolution, the brother-comrade Muammar Al Kadhafi.

It is around one o’clock that the guide Moammar Kadhafi accompanied by some protocol members did his entry in the conference hall where almost a score of African delegations made up of three members each waited him already. He is welcome by a flame of acclamations and intromission of revolutionary slogans accompanied by movements of arm, symbol of resistance and revolution.

Shortly, He took place on the seat that was reserved to him in a conference decor, that suddenly the protocol indicated to a representative of the Sudanese community to present his speech in front of all the guests in order to present the speech that was prepared for the circumstance. Speech of a few minutes full of eulogistic words referring to the defeats inflicted to the foreign occupying forces in Libya, to the advent of the revolutionary regime, the great philosophical achievements of Moammar Kadhafi touching the Green Book, to the creation of a Jamahiriya State and to his historical desires to unify the people and to make Arab world and Africa a dynamic block in front of the American and European imperialisms.

Taking the speech, the guide of the revolution makes sure that the entire device are completed to allow all the chiefs and representatives of the communities to listen to him well. From the start, he excused himself owing to the fact that he would have liked this meeting to be done at the presence of all the Africans of the southern Sahara residing in Tripoli but he should be come up against the difficulties of languages. He thus exhorted them to accurately transmit the message as well as he delivers to the other Africans established in the Great Jamahiriya field as with those who are in Africa or in Diaspora, which content is the follow:

“African Brothers and sisters,

Representatives of the African countries established in the Great Jamahiriya,

I am delighted to make this meeting with you because it is for our interest to meet together at times to share things that are common to us. I exhort you to transmit my today’s comments to all our fellow-members and colleagues of your countries. I would have wanted to meet everyone but I solicited you particularly because of the difficulties of languages, since there are enough in our countries and it is difficult for me to speak in all the African languages.

Libya is in Africa and the Africans are on their premises in any African country. You are here in Libya on your premise as you are on your premise anywhere, where you go in the African continent, which is yours. It is in this favor that I plead each time the occasion is offered to me in the multiple conferences on top of Africa; freedom of movement of the people, the goods, the animals in Africa for the interest of all the Africans. All my proposals in this direction remain and remained empty until this day.

I said to my Brothers-African leaders to be unaware of the borders that divide us; that no one has any belief in the African borders, product of the colonization. I also said to them that it is necessary that we exceed the questions of passport, of customs tax, that we treat our business in Africa without colonial borders. All answered me and still answer me up to now, it is too early to speak about it, and it is not possible…

When I see America with more than 50 States making the weight on the whole world, when Europe is consolidating its power while unifying, I say where Africa goes. Let us look at Senegal and Gambia, two country-brothers who are consisted by the same population and the same historical past; Rwanda and Burundi the same example; that a Senegalese or Rwandan to reach his brother of the other Berlin Congress’ frontier it requires a passport or any other identity paper, I said, that should not be done. We don’t move!

What are we going to do when we are different respectively to the borders, which bind us? You have only to see Chad and Libya, two fields and the same environment where nothing opposes us, neither rock, sea, nor barriers but we must be delivered papers to mutually meet.

This is where for the moment, the hypothetical failure of the African Union resides, the failure of the United States of Africa. It means that the failure of the United States of Africa does not come from Libya nor of me, but of the African governments, of your leaders.

The African situation and that of Libya worry me too much. For your situation in Libya or in any country in Africa, it is necessary to accuse your leaders because they refuse to give you freedom to move. In the case of the Great Libyan Jamahiriya, they say to me, if an African is in Libya without a paper; that looks upon him and not them. They must have papers that justify their nationality. What is meaning that you are foreigners on your ground in Libya in Africa, your continent… Thousands of Natives of Niger are here without an official paper, which proves their origin. They live peacefully and work even in greatest companies. Nobody disturbs them, even the police of the proximity.

It is obvious today that the Libyans are opposing themselves to you who do not have papers and that they regard you as foreigners in Libya since your leaders ask of it. It is wretched to see how in the southern Sahara, the Africans are treated in a third country. I do not want to return any more on the episode between Nigerians and Ghanaians at the time of President Rollins… We want that all the Africans who are in Libya should be treated with dignity and respect, in the same way in other African countries.

There are infamous crimes that Africans made here in the Great Jamahiriya; between the Libyans and them and between themselves. We want to safeguard your freedom in Libya while ensuring your medical safety by a control of the medical expertise and your civil security by fighting against fictitious identities, robbers, criminals and those who do not have any official documents which cover them here. One can be forgiven for a food he stole to eat but not the criminals. It should be stopped what I listen to, what I watch in the television… That a Libyan employs an African and that this one turns over against him by raping his daughter in front of him and by slaughtering him like an animal, carrying with him all its economies (…)

I request that each community present here engage itself to protect me while avoiding committing the crimes and cruelty and all that is against Libyan manners.

We want to all offer to the Africans who are here. We want to grant you stays to all those who make a point of giving up cruelty and to conform themselves. There are projects of insertion of the skilled workers or not. Prepare the lists of your people, those who want to work and put them at our disposal. We have many projects in progress and Libya needs the labor. There is for example the construction of a roadway connecting Libya to Niger and Chad. There is a program of timbering in the area of Jouffra. All this requires workers. Let us organize labor forces and banish the crimes.

(Talking to the secretaries of the Libyan popular committees in charge of the foreign affairs, public security, and territorial administration present in the conference hall), all that I have just said here must pass to the act. I ask you to ensure the follow-up of all that I have just said with these representatives who are present here with us “. I thank you.”

It is on this thank that the guide left the conference hall. A conference hall mortified by the speech of the guide, thrilled by the disappointments which were committed these last years by some intrepid Africans of the southern Sahara.

We should remember that in one part this message of the guide intervenes at the time when many Africans of the southern Sahara wondered about the question of their return in their respective countries since the Western pressures of last year against Libya about the matter of clandestine immigration where we observed in a gap of a few months the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi making shuttles near the Guide for his implication in this Western fight against illegal immigration. And that in other part, the rate of criminalities and acts of cruelties increased since 2000 all over the Libyan territory and precisely in the zones of regroupings of the Africans of the southern Sahara where certain communities – without quoting them – involve themselves in criminal operations, acts of vandalism in a country with Moslem cultural predominance being unaware of a simple rule of politeness even when one is out of his home.

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