The Meeting Of The Brother Leader With The Heads Of Churches Present Throughout The Great Jamahiriya, The Ambassadors Of Friendly Countries, And Political, Religious And Cultural Figures In Libyan Society

By Muammar Al Qadhafi

I welcome you, brothers, on this great, blessed night, a night on which the feasts of some People of the Book coincided.

Very recently, the whole world celebrated the passage of the year 2006 and the onset of the year 2007 after the birth of Christ, peace be upon him. Today, Friday, marks the Vigil at Mount Arafat during the great Hajj season, and, almost two days later, the New Year, marking the passage of 2,007 years after the circumcision of Christ after his birth on the 24th of this month. Also, in two days, 1,375 years will have passed since the passing of Prophet Muhammad, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, the last of the prophets.

It behooves us as it does the entire world to mark these two dates, the birth of Jesus, peace be upon him, and the passing of Muhammad, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, because the birth of Jesus is one of God’s wonders and a divine miracle. Such a date should be marked and used as the basis of the calendar, and should be celebrated each year. The same goes for the passing of Muhammad, the last of the prophets, which is a cosmic event and should also be used as a basis for the calendar all over the world.

The birth of Jesus, as we have already said, is one of God’s wonders and a miracle. You are well aware of the miracles of Jesus, peace be upon him, as told in the Koran; he spoke to people while still an enfant in the cradle, cured the sick and resurrected the dead, with God’s permission.. The Koran affirms that God took Jesus to Him and raised him to Him. God Almighty says in the Koran,” 1-“I will take thee to me and will raise thee to me”, and,” they did not slay him, neither crucified him, only a likeness of that was shown to them.”, and He also says,” ….and they slew him not of certainty,”.

This being who, with God’s permission, resurrects the dead and cures the sick works wonders and miracles. We should contemplate his birth date, celebrate it and use it as a basis for the calendar. This date is matched by the passing of Muhammad, the last of the prophets. With his passing, the revelation ceased, heaven fell completely silent and would not address the earth after him till the Day of Judgment.

The significance of the historic question is manifested when it is asked,” When did the revelation cease? When did God decide not to send messengers to earth? When did heaven fall silent and ceased to address the earth? When were the messengers advised of the day to which they had been deferred? “The answer will come on the day of decision. The answer is that this happened with the passing of the last of the prophets, Muhammad, God’s blessings and peace be upon him.

In this reality which we are experiencing, gentlemen, it is difficult to declare the irrefutable truth, esp. in matters of religion, in addition to the other truths in matters of society, economics and politics. However, the reality we are experiencing has worsened and has come to pose a threat to peace, to the stability of the planet and to the lives of people.

On the other hand, the door to the exploitation of religion has been thrown wide open, to the point that it has been used to justify ‘takfir’, terrorism, destruction, wars and mass murder Therefore he who does not declare the truth is a mute demon, and since nobody wants to be a mute demon, I felt it was my duty to meet with you.

Tonight, we are honored with the presence of the heads of the churches present all over the Great Jamahiriya, and the ambassadors of friendly states, and leading political, religious and cultural figures in the Libyan society, and we are also honored with the presence of a Ugandan Queen from the Republic of Uganda, and the high-level delegation accompanying her. I felt that this was an appropriate occasion for me to declare some truths, which I did not discover, nor did I arrive at as a result of interpretation, as is happening at present.

You have seen that the market for deception, heresy and sophistry is open to exploit the simple-minded, the common people and the masses. All those who have vested interests in heresy, the war profiteers and the arms traffickers, have benefited from the confusion and fallacies being promoted at present.

According to our beliefs, I say that there is a huge fallacy regarding the question of religion. What is taking place now is merely an inherited tradition based on worldly, discretionary opinions, worldly positions and worldly interests. Sharp operators have exploited religion, adapted to serve their interests and presented it to us. Thus they created for us a religious reality which has nothing to do with religion.

First, circling the Ka’aba and the vigil on Mount Arafat is supposed to be permissible for all people. The first fallacy is that they gave the right to perform this ritual to the followers of Muhammad only, which has no basis whatsoever in the religion, in the Koran or any other source.

When the Koran was revealed to Muhammad, people had been circling the Ka’aba for 25 00 years in acknowledgement of Abraham, peace be upon him. Circling the Ka’aba is not restricted to Muhammad or his followers, but is open to all people. God says that the Ka’aba was the first house ever built for God’s worship. We will cite verses from the Koran, which are overlooked in the world, esp. by the followers of Muhammad. “The first house established for the people was that at Bekka, a place holy, and guidance to all beings.” God told us that the first house established for the people is not just for the Arabs or for Muhammad, but for all the people. This was the first house established for the people on the land, which is holy and guidance to all beings. It was the one at Bekka, which is the Ka’aba in Mecca. It is for all beings, not for the Arabs, the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula or the inhabitants of Mecca. This refers to the spot on which the Ka’aba stands, which is sacred and not the building itself.

There are those now who grab the covers of the Ka’aba and hold on to the building and the wall; this is paganism. If you were to say that now, millions of those who circle the Ka’aba would object. The sanctity does not lie in the building which was not built in the distant past, and which could collapse and be rebuilt. It is the land underneath it which is pure and holy, and which God said to Abraham and Ishmael to build the house on, so that that pure holy spot would be known. Otherwise nobody would know whether it was in this, that or another valley.

This house built of brick, which we see now, and whose wall people touch, has no sanctity whatsoever. Also, circling the spot defined by the building is not confined to the Arabs or the followers of Muhammad, but is open to all beings. It was the first house established for the people. All the people from all the continents are entitled to circle the Ka’aba and keep vigil on Mount Arafat. Of those who would stop them, God said,” Those who disbelieve, and bar from God’s way and the Holy Mosque that we have appointed equal unto men…” He, who bars the people from circling the Ka’aba, be they inhabitants of the area or visiting from outside, is declared by God in the Koran as an unbeliever.

If the Papal Legate wants to go tomorrow to circle the Ka’aba, then that is his right, because the Ka’aba is for all people .Of anyone who bars him, the Koran says, “Those who disbelieve, and bar from God’s way and the Holy Mosque that we have appointed equal unto men….” Such a person is considered a disbeliever, because he bars people from circling the Ka’aba. Who was it that told them that the Papal Legate is not allowed to visit the Ka’aba and circle it? Who said that? Who prevents him? Is there a verse in the Koran that bars him? No, there is not!

Who are those that are barred from circling the Ka’aba? They are those of whom the Koran says,” the idolaters are indeed unclean; so let them not come near the Holy Mosque after this year of theirs.” The idolater is unclean. Then, who is the idolater who should be barred from circling the Ka’aba? He is the one who does not worship God alone, does not believe in the one God, and worships idols.

The word ‘Al-mushrekeen’ (idolaters) in the Koran always denotes those Arabs who worshipped idols. Those were polytheists and worshipped ‘Allat’, ‘Alazza’, and the third one,’ Mounat’, and other idols. Those are unclean idolaters, and, as such, must not be allowed anywhere near the Holy Mosque. Anyone to whom this does not apply is entitled to go and circle the Ka’aba. This call must be put into effect as of now, and all people must be allowed to circle the Ka’aba. Such a call has great benefits.

I have spoken about the world which is currently worsening. God wanted all people to circle the Ka’aba for a reason.” We appointed House to be a place of visitation for the people,” “and a sanctuary, and ‘Take to yourselves Abraham’s station for a place of prayer.’ And we made covenant with Abraham and Ishmael,” Purify My house for those that shall go about it and those that cleave to it, to those who bow and prostrate themselves.

It was Abraham, not Muhammad, whom God ordered to build this house, purify it and call the people to circle it,” And when we appointed the House to be a place of visitation “that is a meeting place for people. God wants all beings to meet annually around the Ka’aba, so that mankind would unite and get to know each other.

This is an international conference like the U.N. General Assembly, which holds an annual session where delegations meet, make statements, and attempt to achieve peace on earth and harmony and cooperation among peoples. This is exactly what God wants the Ka’aba to be, a meeting place. God wanted the Ka’aba to be an annual meeting place for all people, not only for the Arabs or the followers of Muhammad.

This monopoly of the Ka’aba is racist. The Ka’aba is for all people, and there is great wisdom in that. All the people from all the continents, America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, are required to come every year, circle the Ka’aba and meet each other. This is joint worship.

If someone were to tell you that if you circle the Ka’aba, you would become followers of Muhammad, then such a person is a liar and an impostor. People had been required to circle the Ka’aba for 2500 years before Muhammad, since the age of Abraham. All the people used to circle the Ka’aba before the Koran and before Muhammad. God said,” It is the duty of all men towards God to come to the House a pilgrim, if he is able to make his way there.” He did not say only the Arabs. Also, He did not say that it was the duty of the Arabs, the followers of Muhammad or the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula towards God, but He said “It is the duty of all men towards God.” This means He is asking all men to go on a pilgrimage to the Ka’aba. He also said,”…and proclaim among men the pilgrimage,” which was addressed to Abraham and not to Muhammad, because the pilgrimage predates Muhammad..

When Abraham built the Ka’aba, He said to him,” and proclaim among men the Pilgrimage, and they shall come unto thee on foot they shall come from every deep ravine…” He was asking Abraham to proclaim among men; He did not ask him to proclaim among Arabs, the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula or those of Mecca, but asked him to proclaim among all men. He asked him to call all men to go on pilgrimage, because God, in his wisdom wanted all humanity to meet around the Ka’aba, so that we can achieve understanding, peace and human brotherhood.

Of course, were you to say this in the Arabian Peninsula, in a political or a diplomatic context, it would cause an earthquake, but they have no argument to disprove it. I challenge them to cite one Koranic verse barring the followers of Jesus, Moses or of any other religion from circling the Ka’aba! There is no such verse, and only the unclean disbeliever is barred.

If someone were to say that he disbelieves, then we would not let him anywhere near the Holy Mosque. However, monks, priests, clerics and millions upon millions of the People of the Book are not unclean disbelievers. Then, how can we bar them from the pilgrimage? This must be enforced and become a reality.

Show me another place on the globe that people circle! There is only one such place which is the Ka’aba. Fortunately, now there are satellites that transmit these images to all of humanity and to the entire world.

Now people view this awe-inspiring sight of millions circling the Ka’aba, performing this rite of worship. Is this to be found anywhere else in the world? No, but there are shrines, such as those in India, where the Sikhs the or the Brahmin visit Taj Mahal, and the Buddhists visit the statue of Buddha, and the followers of Jesus, Moses or Muhammad visit Jerusalem. This is a visit.

People visit the Holy Sepulcher, just as we believe that Muhammad is buried in the mosque located in Al-Medina and people go to visit it. This is a visit and not a rite of worship. And if you go to visit Muhammad’s grave, then your pilgrimage is invalid, because visiting the Messenger’s grave if such a grave exists at all, is not part of the pilgrimage. The grave, in our view, does not exist, because all graves were leveled after the emergence of the Wahabi reform movement, which leveled graves and eliminated all Islamic landmarks. I believe that it is not certain that Muhammad’s grave exists. However, whether it exists or not does not concern us.

If you want to visit the Vatican, then this is a visit to the Pope whom you want to greet, and if you want to visit Muhammad’s grave and read “Al-Fatiha” for him, or if you were curious to see the grave, then this is a visit.

However, there is no place on earth other than the Ka’aba that people circle. It is the only place that God commanded all people to circle, and you do not have to be a follower of Muhammad, Moses or Jesus. God never set down this condition, but simply said that you should circle the Ka’aba. Then you can perform your rites of worship, whether it is the prayer we perform or the prayer someone else performs in the church in a different manner. One may meditate and another may do movements, for each person is free to worship God in his own way. One person may fast from midnight till midday for forty days, while another may fast from sunrise till sunset for thirty days. It is alright for one to fast and pray in the way that was prescribed for him, but circling the Ka’aba is a common worship.

Now, not all pilgrims visit Al-Madina, and they do not necessarily visit the Messenger’s grave because they know that it is not a rite of worship. Some visit it while others do not, and they are not faulted for that. You may or may not visit Jerusalem, since that is not stipulated, and the same applies to the Vatican and to Taj Mahal, but circling the Ka’aba is the only stipulation, as it is not a visit, but a rite of worship. This is one of the facts that will undo the distorted situation prevailing now and the erroneous beliefs.

We can no longer remain silent in the face of the fallacies, sophistry and heresy we are witnessing at present, as we hear about Armageddon, and terrorism and witness the destruction. We can no longer remain silent, for he who knows the truth must proclaim it.

The second truth is that it is a fallacy to say Muslims are the followers of Muhammad. The followers of Muhammad are not the only Muslims. The followers of Jesus are also Muslims, and so are the followers of Moses, of Abraham, of Noah, of Idriss, of Saleh, and of all the prophets. This is stated in the Koran.

Perhaps Sheikh Alzanati or Sheikh Aldukali who, God bless them, know the Koran by heart, can help us by citing those verses that tell us that a Muslim is not only the followers f Muhammad. First, didn’t the Koran say that he was a Muslim?

Sheikh Al dukali takes the floor.

Intervention by Sheikh Aldukali:
Brother Leader,
There is a holy verse which instructs the Messenger, blessings and peace be upon him, to follow the example of the prophets who came before him, as the Almighty says,” That is our argument, which We bestowed upon Abraham as against his people. We raise in degrees whom we will; surely thy Lord is All-wise, All-knowing. And We gave him Isaac and Jacob—–each one We guided, And Noah We guided before ; and of his seed David and Solomon, Job and Joseph, Moses and Aaron—even so We recompense the good doers—Zachariah and John, Jesus and Elias; each was of the righteous; Ishmael and Elisha, Jonah and Lot—each one We preferred above all beings; and of their fathers , and of their seed , and of their brethren ; and We elected them, and We guided them to a straight path. That is God’s guidance; He guides by it whom He will of His servants; had they been idolaters, it would have failed them, the things they did.”

Colonel Al-Gathafi:
Pardon, we want the verse which states that Abraham was a Muslim.
Sheikh Aldukali: Yes, here it is,” Those who were guided by God’. These are instructions for God’s Messenger, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, Those are they whom God had guided; so follow their guidance,” This means he is required to follow their guidance, as he is also required to follow the guidance of Abraham,” “Surely, Abraham was a nation obedient unto God, a man of pure faith and no idolater, showing thankfulness for His blessings; He chose him, and He guided him to a straight path. And we gave him in this world good”.

Colonel Al-Ghathafi:
Abraham in truth was not a Jew, or a Christian; but he was a Muslim and one pure of faith; certainly he was never of the idolaters.” This means that Abraham was a Muslim.
Then He said,” And Abraham charged his sons with this and Jacob likewise:’ My sons, God has chosen for you the religion; see that you die not save in surrender.” In other words, Jacob told his sons not to die except as Muslims, and this was before Muhammad .What did Pharaoh’s magicians say when they proclaimed their belief in Moses and Aaron?

Sheikh Al dukali:
They said, “We believe in the Lord of Moses and Aaron”

Colonel A-lGhathafi:
There is a verse that says that they proclaimed their adherence to Islam.

Sheikh Aldukali:
And to Him we surrender”.
Colonel Alghathfi: Pharaoh’s magicians, when they acknowledged the wonders of Moses, said,” We believe…….in the Lord of Moses and Aaron,” which means that Abraham was a Muslim. And when death came to Jacob, what did he charge his sons?

Sheikh Aldukali:” Why, were you witnesses, when death came to Jacob? When he said to his sons, ‘What will you serve after me?” they said, ‘We will serve thy God and the God of thy fathers Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, One God; to Him we surrender.”

The leader: The sons of Jacob told their father,” We will worship God as Muslims”. And the magicians of Pharaoh, when they believed in the Lord of Moses and Aaron, said,” We are Muslims”. Also, Abraham said,” I am a Muslim. People who believe in God are Muslims. Therefore, when Muhammad came, those who followed him joined this religion,” and I have approved Islam for your religion”.

Sheikh Aldukali:” Today I have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed My blessing upon you, and I have approved Islam for your religion.”

Colonel Al-Gathafi: In other words, he told them ‘Do not worship idols .The Islam before me is the Islam of Jesus, Moses and Abraham”. Fine, why do we say that Islam is a universal religion? Because there are idols, and there is God. The worship of idols is the worship of the devil, of the planets, of craven images, of natural phenomena, etc. This idolatry is the Devil’s party, and God’s party is Islam, which are those who believe in God. All those who believed in God were Muslims before Muhammad. The last group to join the Islamic religion, which had been id existence since the days of Abraham, wore the followers of Muhammad.

Another fallacy is when they say: “Muslims are terrorists….Islam is terrorism”. This means that they are disparaging all those who believe in God When one disparages Muslims, one is disparaging all the People of the Book, because all those who surrender to God are Muslims .If one says that Muslims are terrorists , then that means that Danes, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Indians, and Arabs are all terrorists.

Muhammad , God’s blessings and peace be upon him, never addressed those who believed in him by saying, “ O. Muslims,” , but he used to address them as ‘believers’, ‘servants of God’, and ‘people’ .He used to address them as such , because Muslims are not only those who believed in Muhammad; rather , all those who believe in God are Muslims. This is the will of God, and this religion is God’s religion. When we are told that,” For God, the religion is Islam,” this means that those who believed in Muhammad are following the right religion.

For God, religion, whether it is that of Jesus, of Moses, or of Abraham, is Islam. Surrender to God is the right religion in the eyes of God, and those who do not surrender to God are not Muslims;” If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah) never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost’.

Who will be in the ranks of those who have lost, and of whom it will be not accepted? It is he who does not believe in God, because he who believes in God is a Muslim. We are now in a positive situation which, like the Islamic Sharia’a, is man-made. The Sharia’a is not Islamic, but is the result of discretionary interpretation. One applied his discretionary interpretation to penalties, while another applied it to procedures and a third to Sharia’ provisions.

These are discretionary interpretations which they called Islamic Sharia’a, but this is not true. The Islamic Sharia’a is the sacred books. The Islamic Sharia’a is the revealed texts. Thus we are before many distortions and forgeries.

In the Bible, it is said that Muhammad is a prophet who comes after Jesus. Jesus told his followers to follow that prophet who would come after him,” Confirming the Law before me”. Jesus said to his followers, “O Children of Israel! I am the apostle of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Law (which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.” In other words, he was telling them about a prophet who would come after him, so they would follow him.

This means that they would be happy when they follow that prophet to come after Jesus, because this is good tidings, and the Arabic word for Bible, ‘Injeel’, means good tidings. Where is that statement? It is not there, which means that someone deleted it.

I said that there are things in Christianity, Judaism, and Mohammedanism, which is a more precise term, which have been distorted for such purposes as oppressing people to control them and seize their money. Thus, they created rituals and various forms with which to control the people. For example, if you want to lead the prayers, you must wear a cap. Who said that? Why can’t I lead the prayers bare-headed? They say it is because the cap would distinguish the Imam (the prayer leader) and would be like a crown for him.

Do this, and dress like this. No, Jesus did not dress like this, and neither did Moses or Muhammad, who used to dress like the people living in Al-Medina and Mecca. He used to lift his robe, because there were swamps in Al_Madina. They used to plant palm trees, draw water, wash with water, and build mosques and houses, so they had to lift their robes. Someone comes now and lifts his robe claiming that he is emulating the Prophet, while he is in a dry desert without any swamps. So why should he lift his robe? This is charlatanism not religion.

As for the Koran, these days they don’t think of its meaning, but they baffle you with the proper way to recite it, and with twang and amalgamation of consonants. Hence, you feel at a loss, and wonder how you an memorize all that instead of thinking of the meaning of the verse. You preoccupy yourself with pronunciation, although consonant amalgamation and twang and such occur automatically. When you speak or read, two similar sounds automatically merge when they meet. For example, when you say ‘kibbati’, you are actually saying ‘kibdati’, because the ‘b’ and the‘d’ have been merged. Yet they still teach you that this is consonant amalgamation, and that this sound becomes mute, and that you pronounce that sound with the tip of the tongue, and so on. I am sure that Sheikh Aldukali has spent a lifetime studying this.

They have even differentiated among mosques. We did not know that the Sunnis have their own mosque and that the Shia’ have their own mosque. In Nigeria, the followers of Muhammad are burning churches, and the followers of Jesus are burning mosques. These are infidels; a church is a house of worship and so is a mosque. If you believe in God, then how can you burn a place where the God you believe in is worshipped? You are supposed to hold it sacred, and revere the people because they worship God, whether in a mosque or a church. You are supposed to feel joyous and say,” These are believers like me who worship God and not the Devil.” However, the opposite is happening, and it is all due to a poor understanding of religion.

Religion, in its current state, is rife with fallacies. Also, there are lots of things which are hidden. We want to search for the Bible in which Muhammad is mentioned. God told us that Jesus said that he brought good tidings of a prophet named Muhammad who was to come after him.

If Moses had been alive when Jesus came, he would have immediately followed Jesus. You could have called him a Christian or whatever you want, but even Moses would have followed Jesus and subscribed to his teachings. Also, if Jesus had been alive when Muhammad came along, he would have immediately followed him. If we want to speak about religion, then this is religion. We should eliminate chauvinism, racism, colonialism and religious bigotry. A place of worship is where God is worshipped, and it is the same God.

Let them disparage Muslims and say,” Muslims are terrorists,” and we should never answer. The followers of Muhammad must not speak up, because the word ‘Muslims’ does not denote them only , but denotes all the followers of monotheistic religions. When they disparage Muslims, they are disparaging the followers of Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and Noah. Let them say whatever they want. The followers of Muhammad are just one group of those Muslims who followed Moses, Jesus, Jacob, Isaac, Ishmael, Abraham, Zachariah, John, and Elijah. All their followers are Muslims.

When they disparage the Prophet Muhammad, who came to all peoples, they are disparaging their own prophet. In Denmark, didn’t they disparage the Prophet Muhammad? They were disparaging their own prophet, because Muhammad is the prophet for Arabs, Danes, Australians, Canadians, Latin Americans and everyone, because he was the last of the prophets.

If the followers of Muhammad do not believe in Jesus, Moses and all the prophets, then they cannot be true believers, because we do not differentiate among the prophets. In this regard, the Koran says,” them: And we bow to Allah (in Islam).” We believe in Allah, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Isma’il, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) prophets from their Lord: “We make no difference between one and another, and to him we surrender,”

If you are not like this, then you do not believe in Muhammad, because he who believes in Muhammad must believe in Jesus, Moses, Isaac, and Ishmael. He must believe in them all and never differentiate among them.

If Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Jesus were alive today, our situation would have been very different. We would have found that the prophets were brothers, and we would have all been Muslims, believing in one God. As for those who did not believe, their reckoning would be on the Day of Judgment. If this had been the case, we would not have had the current problems. However, since it is not, people exploit religion to create different sects and denominations, and cause discord among people so they can exploit them.

“And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: “O Children of Israel! I am the apostle of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Law (which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.” And told Muhammad not to say,” O, Arabs”, but”O, people” and,” O, people, I am God’s Messenger to all of you,’

Those who are in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Australia and in the oceans, Muhammad is a Prophet for all of them. He did not only address the Arabs, but he said,” O people, I am God’s messenger to all of you,” He is telling them that he was coming to them in the tradition of Jesus and Moses, and that they were his brothers, that these were holy books which were the word of God, in which they have to believe in order to be Muslims.

Why is it that the Torah and the Bible that we have do not mention Muhammad? This means someone reached out and crossed out any reference to Muhammad, and will be held to account on Judgment Day. This is a great sin, because God said something, and someone came and crossed it out. If we were to delete one word from the Koran,” We should have made thee taste an equal portion (of punishment) in this life, and an equal portion in death,” God would punish whoever did this many times the punishment of life and many times the punishment of death. Jesus is mentioned twenty five times in the Koran, and no follower of Muhammad can cross out the references to Jesus. If anyone were to do that there would be hell to pay, for how can a word that God said twenty five times be crossed out?

In the Koran, Moses is mentioned a hundred and thirty eight times, and Mary is mentioned thirty eight times, which can never be crossed out. Thus the Koran had good things to say about Jews and Christians and their prophets, which nobody can cross out. Why didn’t they say,” No, cross these out, and say that only Muhammad and his followers are God’s chosen people.”? This would be disbelief, but the Torah and the Bible were written long after Jesus.

We want to look for the Torah and the Bible, in which Muhammad is mentioned. “Those who disbelieve, and bar from God’s way and the Holy Mosque that we have appointed equal unto men,” Therefore anyone now barring Christians and Jews or the followers of other religions from circling the Ka’aba is a disbeliever,

” Those who disbelieve, and bar from God’s way and the Holy Mosque that we have appointed equal unto men, whether a dweller or coming from the country…”, that is those who are residents of the area or those who are visiting.” and any – them whose purpose therein is pro Behold! We gave the site, to Abraham, of the (Sacred) House, (saying): “Associate not anything (in worship) with Me; and sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or stand up, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer). , “…and proclaim among men the Pilgrimage, and they shall come unto thee on foot and upon every lean beast, they shall come from every deep ravine “ This means that they will come from Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Finland. This was required two hundred and fifty years before Muhammad. “From every deep ravine” means from every remote corner, and not only the Arabs or those who believed in Muhammad.

When we come to those who believe in Jesus, peace be upon him, they celebrate the day of his birth and the day of his circumcision; they truly believe in the mission of Jesus. What did Jesus say when he went up on the mountain and addressed the people? He said:” Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” In other words, he is asking people to be decent and meek, not colonialists, terrorists, bigots, hateful of other nations or marauding invaders.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall have mercy.” Who does God have mercy on? He has mercy on those who have mercy on others. As for those who destroy people, strike with rockets, smart bombs and cruise missiles, crush children under the tracks of tanks, are they among the merciful? These He will punish because they are not among the merciful, and violate the teachings of Jesus. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, and blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God,” Those who are pure of heart shall see God. As for those of dark hearts, who commit genocide, hate mankind, occupy lands, enslave their people and treat them like animals, they shall not see God.

The ones who shall see God are those who are pure of heart; whose hearts are pure of colonialism, hatred, envy and spite. These are the people who shall see God. He who follows Jesus will be pure of heart, merciful and meek. If he believes in Jesus and is a true Christian, such will be his principles.

But where are these teachings, in view of what is happening today in Iraq, Guantanamo, and Palestine, and what happened in Vietnam, the Philippines, in the two world wars, and the use of atom bombs in Japan ? Do they have the right to say,” We are Christians,”? Never!

Blessed is the oppressed on earth, for they shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven, not the marauders and the tyrants on earth. Those have no place in Heaven; rather, they will be consigned to the lowest pit in Hell.

Jesus says,” From him who takes away you cloak, do not withhold you tunic either,”, and he said to them,” You have heard it said ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’’, because that is found in the Torah, “but I say unto you, he who beats you on the cheek offer him the other cheek.” “He who walks a step towards you, walk a mile towards him,” In other words, if someone wants to befriend you, cooperates with you, ends his quarrel with you, and takes a step towards you; you should walk a mile towards him. These are the teachings of Christ. He also said to them, “No man can serve two masters…You cannot serve God and money,” How can capitalism now be compatible with the teachings of Christ?

Abraham himself used to worship the sun, the moon and the stars. He could not be blamed for that, because he only came to know God when God himself told him. God told him,” I created them all, the sun, the moon and the stars that you worship, and the whole world,’ Then Abraham said,” Now, I have seen the light”.

We only came to know about the resurrection, the Day of Judgment, and Heaven and Hell when God told us. Otherwise, we would have still been in the dark. The only religion we should adhere to is the religion of God. He who adheres to it believes in what God said to us. But if you disobey God’s words, then that is solely your concern, and you have to bear responsibility for that.

No one can change anything in the Koran; otherwise, we would not be here. The Koran assigns blame to Muhammad, and it speaks about Jesus, Moses and the Jews. Perhaps, there were wars among them at the time, and yet Muhammad could not cross out the statements favorable to them, and neither could the scribes who wrote down the revelation, or the Muslims till the Day of Judgment. If someone were to cross out one world in the Koran, he would be consigned to Hell.

Therefore, we are sure that this book is true, because there are things in it that are only known to us because God said them to us. Also, there are things in that Muhammad could not have put in, as they are not favorable to him. He said to him,” How were you a little inclined to them had we not strengthened you””. And He said to him,” In that case we should have made thee taste an equal portion (of punishment) in this life, and an equal portion in death,’ this verse was revealed to him, and he recited it to the people. Why did he not cross it out? Because he could not.

We now come briefly to the problems we are experiencing today and which may be due to the charlatanism that befell religion, and the poor understanding of religion. We came to call the followers of Muhammad Muslims, the followers of Jesus Christians, and the followers of Moses Jews. We adopted dress codes that set us apart from each other, and built temples that are different from each other. However, in the past you could not tell a church from a mosque.

Then racism and colonialism came along and with them came those who sought to control mankind. Anyone who wanted people to follow him like a herd would exploit religion. They would say,” build your temple so as to make it different from the temples of others,” Now, they are burning each others’ temples in Nigeria and in Palestine. Jesus did not bring a statue of him and one of Mary and put them in the temple. This happened later. Praying, fasting, giving alms to the poor and going on pilgrimage to the Ka’aba are all common rites of worship prescribed by all prophets. Anything else is a later development. Even when people cross themselves, they are doing something that Jesus did not do, because this signifies the crucifix, but Jesus himself did not pray in this way. Since there were no crucifixes then, this must have been developed after the passing of Jesus, Peace be upon him.

This is like those who cite the Prophet’s sayings. If God wanted to tell us something, why did he not say it in the Koran? This is an imitation of the Jewish Talmud. They say that these are the laws of the tablets, but the Talmud was not written. What is the difference between the tablets and the Talmud? If God said it, then it is all the same. The problems that are plaguing us now are the result of the fallacies occurring in religion. If a religious or cultural revolution took place in the world now, and a new generation assumed its responsibility, then, possibly, the life of mankind on earth would improve, and peace, harmony and lone would prevail. Otherwise, we will persist in the arms race, in enmity and hatred, and destroy each other with nuclear bombs.

Unfortunately, on this happy occasion which brings together the followers of several prophets, the mood is clouded by such things as the events in Palestine and Iraq, Abdul Basset Al-M egrahi, the Bulgarian nurses, and Saddam Hussein. These are tragedies. Behold what is happening in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. These are catastrophes which we cannot ignore.

On the one hand they say that there should be no interference in the function of courts. If a traitor and a lackey of imperialism is caught and sentenced by the court to death or imprisonment, they say,” You have no respect for the rule of law and for courts. You interfered in the work of the court and did not allow it perform its function. Why did you interfere and tell the court to sentence him to death?”

Fine, we allowed the court to decide freely. However, they said,” You should interfere, change the sentence, acquit the Bulgarian nurses and release them promptly!” We said,” This is what the court decided,” They said,” No, we do not want to hear this. Release them.” We said,” Did you not say that the law should reign supreme, and you should abide by the decision of the court?”

Therefore procedures, standards and relations among states have been subverted. There is a point which I haven’t addressed, because it is nasty and very tragic. First, it is very painful for angels of mercy and doctors who treat people to be charged with murder. This is intolerable, inconceivable and incredible. How can a nurse who is called an angel of mercy kill a child?

The question is whether the medical team has been found guilty or not. If they have been found guilty, they should be sentenced to death. This is elementary. It is up to the court to decide if someone has committed premeditated murder or not, or if someone committed robbery or not. If he is found guilty, he should be punished, and if he is not found guilty, he should be acquitted.

This is the first time I am addressing this story. It is not important whether the nurses in Benghazi will be sentenced to death or not. If someone has committed a crime punishable by death under the law, then the court will sentence him to death. If his crime is punishable by imprisonment, then the court will sentence him to a prison term. So far this does not settle this question. The question is whether the members of the medical team have been convicted of deliberately injecting Libyan children with the Aids virus. They have been found guilty and sentenced to death. This is a secondary question that has no bearing on the case whatsoever.

Whether they have been sentenced to death or not is not important to me. Whoever perpetrates a crime has to be held accountable for it. This is a separate issue. The important question is: Why did you, members of the medical team, inject the children with the Aids virus? This is what we want to know, but we have not had an answer. Who ordered you? Who told you? Did someone come to you? Did Libyan Intelligence, American Intelligence, and Israeli Intelligence, Bulgarian Intelligence or Indian Intelligence come to you, gave you this vial, and told you to inject those children?

We have to find this out. If it is proven that the nurses deliberately injected the children with the Aids virus, and have been sentenced to death, then that is not important. We should sentence them to death, if they actually carried out that act deliberately. In that case, the death sentence is a foregone conclusion. Punishment should be meted out to them, whether they are Bulgarians, Libyans or Pakistanis. The heart of the matter is to find out why the nurses injected the children with the Aids virus. If it is proven that it was the result of negligence or ignorance of the fact that the vial or the blood was contaminated with the Aids virus, then that is clearly a case of negligence and failure to take the proper precautions. Such cases have commensurate punishments. However, if was proven that it was a deliberate act, then why did they do it?

Why did you inject the children with the Aids virus deliberately? Explain to us what interest you have, as a medical team, in killing 400 children. What interest does Bulgaria or Palestine have in your injecting Libyan children with the Aids virus?

It is imperative that we know the interest of the nurses and the doctor in the death of 400 Libyan children. They must inform us of their interest in murdering 400 Libyan children. How does it serve the interest of Bulgaria if the Bulgarian medical team kills 400 Libyan Children? If someone came to them and told them to inject those children with the Aids virus, let them tell us about him. You injected them deliberately, but where did you get the idea? Who ordered you? You must tell us what intelligence service gave you the vial. This is the question that has yet to be answered, and for which we need an answer. Why did you inject them deliberately? Who ordered you to do it? What will you get out of it? Did they give you money? Did they threaten you? This remains a riddle.

For me, this riddle is more important than the case. Whether they are sentenced to death or not, and whether they are released or not, is all irrelevant. What is relevant is what made a medical team inject children deliberately with the Aids virus. Who ordered them? Who gave them the virus? How did they obtain it? This is very important, because it could happen again tomorrow. It does not concern me if the team is Libyan, Bulgarian or Finnish. This is not important to me. What is important is that a medical team committed a deliberate act according the court’s verdict, and we want to know why they did that.

Abdul Basset Al-Mugrahi was tried before a court whose competence was challenged by judges, lawyers and international observers who attended the trial, who said that there were elements in the court from the intelligence services of the state of nationality of the aircraft and of the state of nationality of the victims. This means that the court is not valid. The Non-Aligned Movement, the Arab League, the OIC and the U.N. have all said that Abdul Basset is a political hostage, and has not been convicted. The international observers have said that elements of certain intelligence services were present in the court, whispering to the judges.

The competence of the court which tried Abdul Basset has been challenged, yet nobody says he should be released. Those who sentenced him say that it is all over, because the court had already pronounced the sentence.

Why do you not say that the Benghazi court has already pronounced the sentence? Rather you say that the medical team should be released irrespective of the court’s decision. We too say that Abdul Basset should be released irrespective of the decision of the court in Scotland. This is the way it should be; you say,” No, he won’t be released,’ Fine, then these too will not be released.

These are the corrupt standards. How can states establish friendship, cooperation and peace, if such double standards are the norm?

Those who say that they established a fund to which states contributed to compensate the families and treat the children are deceiving the world. This is a lie, because there is nothing in the fund. Let us expose those states that said that they had established a fund, and made contributions to it to deal with the problems of the children. This is a lie. The fund is empty, and no state or company made any contributions.

We now come to a question that is preoccupying world public opinion. Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death. When will the sentence be carried out? Some say that it will happen tomorrow, and others say the day after tomorrow.

First, Saddam Hussein is a prisoner of war who was overthrown by the forces of foreign invasion, and not by the Iraqi army or the Iraqi people. A foreign occupation seized the country and it’s President. The President was put in a cell, while the country fell under occupation and suffered genocide. That is the whole story.

His trial was invalid, because he is a prisoner of war, which was acknowledged by the occupying powers that arrested him. The Hague and Geneva Conventions stipulate that he is a prisoner of war. Then, how can you try him? Once the military operations were over, he should have been released.

If we assume, for the sake of argument, that he should be tried, then the powers that captured him, the U.S. and the U.K., should try him. But for an Iraqi court to try him, that is invalid. Such a court is a farce.

Omar Al-Mukhtar was arrested by the Italians. They did not set up a Libyan court, and asked it to try him. The Italians formed their own nominal court and, immediately sentenced him to death. They occupied the country, arrested the leader of the resistance, and sentenced him to death. This is in the nature of tyranny and colonialism, and history recorded that the martyr Omar Al-Mukhtar fell in battle and was murdered by Italy.

If they want to kill Saddam Hussein, let America and Britain kill him, and bear the responsibility. Let them bring American and British generals, set up a nominal court, and kill him,” You, Saddam Hussein, were the President of Iraq, and you made a nuclear bomb which we could not find. We destroyed your country and arrested you. Regardless of our view now, we do not want you; we want to get rid of you, and kill you.” Let them courageously bear their responsibility before the world, and kill him. But to say: “come Iraqis and try Saddam Hussein” is a joke. Who are they fooling? This is a farce. What has the Iraqi got to do with Saddam Hussein, when he himself is under occupation? All the Iraqis are under occupation, including their judges, their buildings, their laws and everything they have. The judge himself is enslaved and under occupation, with his home, his office, his law and everything he has.

How can international treaties be breached? If this world still had a conscience, and , unfortunately, I, myself, am one of the people in charge in this base, degraded world, Saddam Hussein’s case would be brought before the ICJ, and before the U.N. General Assembly for an advisory opinion.

Can the ICJ not decide on the basis of international law, how to deal with someone like that? The ICJ may hand down an advisory opinion to the effect that the court set up by the Americans in Iraq is legitimate and has the right to try Saddam Hussein and sentence him.

Let the ICJ make such a statement, and let the U.N. General Assembly hold a session and pronounce itself. It is the Parliament of the world, and we want the Parliament of the world to speak up, because the court that tried him has not only been procedurally challenged, but the validity of the court itself has been challenged. Let the ICJ inform us whether a prisoner of war can be tried or not. We also would like to know whether the massacres perpetrated daily are punishable under international treaties, or not. Who is responsible for them? How come they discover a hundred, blindfolded bodies of unknown people every day? Who is using car bombs? Who is planting mines? Why do they not identify themselves if they are one of the resistance organizations? Why do they not declare:” We are such and such resistance, Shias, Sunnis or the devil?

They could say,” This is our enemy, and we have done this,” But there is no one claiming responsibility for any operations. Why are all these operations anonymous while all other operations in the world are claimed? Even Al-Qaeda, which they consider a terrorist organization, claims responsibility for its operations. The Irish Republican Army, which is classified as a terrorist organization, claims responsibility for its operations. Among the Basques, ETA claims responsibility for its operations. Even Al-Zarqawi and others who are considered terrorists used to claim responsibility. They want to show that they are capable of striking at the enemy, and that they have an effective leadership and it is in their interest to announce these operations. Why is no one claiming the operations taking place every day in Iraq, which are claiming the lives of hundreds? Who is killing the experts and the scientists? What have the Shia and the Sunnis got to do with a scientist or a teacher? A chemistry teacher is found murdered. Does chemistry have anything to do with the Shia and the Sunnis? The man taught chemistry to Shia, Sunnis and the devil.

How can the world celebrate, these glorious days, the passage of 2006 years since the birth of Christ, and mark the passage of 1374 years since the passing of the last of the prophets, while a tragedy is unfolding before our very eyes? Christ said,” You have heard it said’ an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ but I say unto you if someone beats you on your cheek, offer him the other cheek”.

How can we remain silent while hearing every day about the death of a hundred or two hundred Iraqis? What is the reason for this genocide? This is mass murder targeting the Arab race. It is an annihilation campaign waged against Arabs, and that is the way it should be documented.

We want the ICJ and the U.N. General Assembly to pronounce themselves on the case of Saddam Hussein, and the question of the genocide. Who is responsible for it? Someone must be held responsible and be tried for it.

Fine, Saddam Hussein was tried for Al-Dujeil Massacre. They informed us that there were a hundred and forty victims. However, now there are a hundred and forty thousand victims. Who will be tried for the thousand Dujeils that are perpetrated every day? Or is it that Saddam Hussein’s Dujeil was criminal, while the Dujeils taking place now are alright?

What kind of farce is this? Where is the Pope? Where is the Church? Where is Jesus? Where is Moses? Where is Muhammad? Where is Buddha? Where is Zarathustra? Where is Confucius? Where is the conscience of the world? What kind of hypocritical world is this? If only those committing these crimes would come out and confess, then the world would speak up and call them for what they are.

This is genocide, which is punishable under international law before the International Criminal Court, and under all the treaties that combat crimes against humanity.

There is no doubt that what is taking place in Iraq is genocide. After twenty years, Saddam Hussein has been accused of killing one hundred and forty people, and now, a hundred and forty thousand are dying each day. How many Saddams can we find to try for the Dujeils that are taking place today?

Naturally the world is afraid. It is a hypocritical, petty world which is worthless and full of empty talk. This is a cowardly, despicable world that is incapable of telling the truth. There are mute devils among the adherents of all sects and religions, and in all the nations and the peoples. They are all insignificant and despicable. How can the world remain silent in the face of these massacres?

Finally, on this occasion, copies of the White Book will be distributed to the ambassadors and the distinguished heads of churches. The White Book is the radical, optimal definitive solution the problem of the Middle East or the Problem of Palestine.

There is no other solution other than the establishment of one state. Those who speak of two states are wasting time, are not serious, and know nothing about the Question. They do not know the geography or the people. The area located between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean can never accommodate two states. They are sacrificing the Jews and the Palestinians. Those who speak of ‘two states’ do not care for the future of the Jews or that of the Palestinians.

Kossiga, the President of Italy, once said to an envoy I sent him,” Listen! We do no care about what happens to the Palestinians and the Jews tomorrow; we do not care even if they go to hell. What concerns us nowadays is that we want to establish peace in our time. We can establish two states or something else. However, if this peace later proves to be a time bomb, then let it blow them both up.” This is the way they view it. They would like to say,” The problem of Palestine was resolved during the rule of President so and so. We held negotiations and solved it. If, after that, they annihilate each other, we do not care. ” Thus, those who speak of two states deceive the Jews and the Palestinians.

A Jewish state cannot survive with a Palestinian state alongside it. Read the White Book; it is very convincing. However, if the Israelis themselves refuse that, this means the Zionist movement is a racist movement, and would condemn itself as a racist, religious movement.

We must accept the ‘other’. We must accept the Palestinian. We must accept the Christian, the Muslim, the Druze anyone. This state would be a mélange like Lebanon. Lebanon is one state and they have quotas, but they do not annihilate each other; at the end of the day, such a state would become another Lebanon, and will be harmonious like any single state.

Why can there not be a single state called” Isratine” or call it what you will. Why can there not be one state? If the Israelis say” no” , this means that they want to lock the door in the face of peace and will lead themselves to disaster. The Palestinians will not stop until they have liberated Tel Aviv, Haifa, Acre and Jaffa. If they cannot have peace, they will opt for war.

The Israelis believe that the West Bank is Judea and Samaria, the heart of the Jewish Nation. This means that they have designs on the West Bank and will keep it. How can people speak of two states, while they are now one state The Palestinian and the Israeli are now working together side-by- side on the farms, in the factories and everywhere? Even the leaders, who fight each other, go out at night together and get drunk together. In the daytime, each one comes out screaming at the other.

I assure you that I know what I am talking about, and I have the facts. They play cards together at night and drink and dance in those places. Then, in the morning, they wage war against each other. They fool both peoples, for they are war traffickers and a backward, narrow-minded old guard. Those who die are the poor Jews and the poor Palestinians.

The new generation is the one that accepts the single state, and we are speaking about the new generation. Palestine is for both the Jews and the Palestinians, where they can live together side-by-side. Neither people will have the right to expel the other. Also, the three million who were expelled from Palestine must go back to their land. You are free not to accept. Then you have to pay the price in war and attrition till the Day of Judgment. Let us conclude this event with a reading of verses from the Koran, and maybe also from the Bible.

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