The Revolutionary Committees Movement Statement 1/2/2010

The Revolutionary Committees Movement Statement

On the Great day of Al Fatah in 1969 ( September first 1969 ), the world has realized that he is facing with a fact he is not familiar with and consequently he did not understand the meaning of change that shook the Libyan situation until it has turned into a letter raises legitimate cultural Stultifies the capitalism principles of the individual and the state, and incites people to self-determination and control over their lives and editing needs, and invites all the forces to respect the will of the people to express themselves, and the exercise of sovereignty, without the tutelage of or on behalf of or delegate, and promise a new world order, politically, economically and socially, absorbed the message of respect for the human struggles of the human person, to the extent that blow queens of initiative, creativity and excellence, and in keeping with the responsibility of succession to the land.

The Libyan people played a new phase of the historic act with a popular revolution through the Zowara historic speech in 1973, on the occasion of the birth of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (in 12 Rabeah Lawal, Moon calendar) and gave the signal for the masses of the Libyan to take over every city, village and institution, and to hold them in full form by the popular committees, and so on are briefly the accomplishment of popular revolution by seizing power for the public to the government administration to fall forever. His means demolishing walls psychological phantom that prevent the masses, and to exercise its legitimate right in the ways of life and self-determination.

Libyan men and women advanced in the front rows so they had taken the lead and a great honor at the opening era of the masses, over three months of debate in the basic People’s Congresses and inspired by the ideology of the Green Book which preached with the era of the masses, and that was the holder of the Annunciation thought, the Leader of the global humanitarian Revolution and the first world opponent.

The trembling people believe that it would not be in the best conditions only to reproduce the jurisprudence of elites thought that they were the inevitable end of the evolution of human thought, and that from Libya, always comes the new, the baht, those who disbelieve, and they hear and see and touch the action of the basic People’s Congresses masses, which decide the declaration of the People’s Authority and establishment of the first Jamahireya in history in the watershed was a quirk of fate that at this time in the midst of the birthday celebrations last of the Prophets, on (12 Rabeah Lawal , Moon calendar), 2nd. Of March 1977, and with today the thirty three anniversary of the People’s Authority declaration , the Libyan people standing on the bridge of civilized achievements of physical and moral stresses its commitment to freedom and willingness to defend it on its own land, anywhere in the world, and protection of oppressed for it, also declares its commitment to socialism to achieve the ownership of the people, and its commitment to a comprehensive Arab unity, and adherence to spiritual values in order to ensure ethics and conduct and morals of humanity, and stresses the march of the revolution that led by the thinker, revolutionary, teacher and the leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi towards full authority of the people and establishment of people’s society where the masses are the leader and has the authority, wealth , and arms in their hands. In this way preventing the traditional governance tools all of than the individual, family and tribe and party or group of parties to take over and declares its readiness to crush any attempt to shed anti-authority of the people.

Those the hunger for freedom and final emancipation, who stand in long queues at the ballot box, observers to fake elections, yuppies and amateur exhibitions in the world, those who are standing at the pavement of life, you were forcibly displaced from their homes and forcibly displaced from O cut you in ways vast land of God, those who researches for the best and most beautiful Let us go into the life jacket before it is too late…..Oh God, I witness had reached.

The revolutionary struggle is continuing ………

The revolutionary committees Movement
1/2/2010 P

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