African Unity Means Strength

By Lubula, Igomokelo (USA delegation) [RCM 17.09.2007]

The responsibility of a leader is to unify his people and keep them safe in every way humanly possible. That is what all African people expect from their leaders: a strong structure, unified and prospering. A leader who supports his people will get the support of the people.

Out of several nations, Africa is one. Some non-Africans are afraid of a “One Africa”. But a “One Africa” would be for sure their own salvation in the long run. Even some Africans are afraid or reluctant to such a union. But that is a mindset that we need to fight in the first place. They need to understand that we have more similarities, resemblances to exploit that we do have differences.

There may not seem to be a global war that we are facing but it is really surrounding us. Had not there been a war on Africa, we would not have such suffering, misery, despair. The remedies to our problems, the cease-fire to our war is far from being solvable with arms. The only arm to use against such a war is unification. We need one United Africa: The United States of Africa.

All our engineers, doctors and other skilled brothers and sisters leave our continent to go get exploited in foreign nations. It’s not only because they seek a better life, a more peaceful life. It is also because they find themselves more useful outside of Africa than inside. We need to encourage them to remain on the continent and rather serve their land, their people. In order to achieve that, a United Africa will set a better ground for example by making it possible and easy for a Ghanaian doctor to go work in South Africa, making the country a medical major center and therefore stopping our fellow Africans from traveling overseas to seek health care.

But before anything else, we need to learn the specialties of each part of Africa and find the best way to exploit it. Africans need to unify in research over themselves and their land. Define their needs and satisfy them their way, the African.

The pride of Africans needs to be brought back in the hands of Africans. For that purpose, we need to show and prove that the problem of one African is the problem of the whole continent. Whether it be an immigration problem or an investment issue. We can set embargoes on others as well as they do us whenever they do not agree with our way of dealing. In order to do that we need to be united and have one voice over the mistreatment of Malian farmers or South African miners, and so on.

We need one strong army to protect ourselves against rebels usually financed by foreign nations to destabilize our continent. We need such an army to weight against the imposition of the United Nations peace-keepers who have proven not to be able to keep peace on our continent. They are more of observers than peace-keepers.

One United African Army would also have a better understanding of our own problems than the UN army with very likely commanders who have studied Africa in schools or books but do not know its realities.

We could have a better way of trading with one unified economy, one currency. That would crush the possibility of having one nation struggling with inflation and sustaining its economy while right across the border another is prospering. Most countries that fail in Africa are victims of oppression from powers situated far away. One unified economy or global African protection of its interests would allow each nation and its work-force to carry on with their work peacefully away from the control of stock markets located overseas.

African values can be claimed better is a Union defines them. We know well that we are being fought, that our culture is hostile to the progress of foreign predators of our riches. Africa is becoming the continent of no morals while it’s becoming the most evangelized continent. Our people do not even notice that it is the evangelists that also bring a “freedom” or “democracy” that leads to the loss of our values. Once unified, we would be able to stress our identity better and stand on our pride of being Africans and One. We would have more courage to reject teachings that are not compatible with our African values.

Our leaders need to realize that we need a structure more adapted to the changes in the world. If the world is evolving towards the creation of blocks of states, we need to adapt. Those other blocks form themselves with one main purpose: to claim their rights with a stronger voice and to impose themselves upon others by claiming their unity.
Unity means strength.

He whom does not believe that is not worth calling himself African.

A United States of Africa is a Stronger Africa.

A Stronger Africa is a better Africa.

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