Great Powers Committed Mistake By Politicizing A Tribal Problem, Qadhafi Tells Cambridge University Students


Speaking to students and faculty of Cambridge University Tuesday, the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Al-Qadhafi called on all individuals in the world to cooperate with each other and refrain from waging wars or destroying the global village.

Al-Qadhafi said the world, especially great powers, have committed a mistake when they politicized the Darfur problem when it was a simple tribal one rather than based on economic, social, political or ethnic bases.

“You might laugh if I say that the main reason of this issue is a camel,” he said.

“Africa has thousands of issues – they are about water, about grass – and Africa is divided into 50 countries, and the tribes are divided amongst so many countries, although they belong to each other.
“The problem we are having now is that we politicize such problems between tribes.”

He talked about the historical background of the crisis in Darfur, the Middle East problem of Palestine as well as the topic of reforming the United Nations and the problem of democracy in the world.

He said it is the interests of great powers in oil which have prolonged the Darfur crisis as they want to exploit the situation and divide the oil of this region amongst themselves.

“The social tribal system in Africa is capable to solve such problem if it was respected by outside forces and allowed to do so,” he stressed.

With regard to the Middle East problem, Al-Qadhafi said it can only be solved by establishing one state for both the Palestinians and Israelis.

This, he added, requires two conditions: that the Palestinians who were kicked out of their homes in 1984 and 1967 to be allowed to return; and that the new state to be without weapons of mass destruction.

As with regard to the reform of the United Nations, Al-Qadhafi told Cambridge University students that it is only by means of applying democratic principles within the UN itself and within the General Assembly which should have full authority as a world parliament, that this world organization could be reformed.

He said the General Assembly should be able to legislate laws and the Security Council to be its executive arm.

He also said that the solution for the problem of democracy in the world is possible by adopting People’s Authority which means people’s congresses, people’s committees and the practice of such authority directly by the people without representation.

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