RCM Delegation In Cameroon For First International Workshop On Democracy

A great RCM delegation took part in Cameroon at the First international workshop on Democracy.

From 22 to 24 October 2007, members of the revolutionary committees’ movement-Libya and the general popular committee of youth and sports in the Great Jamahiriya took part at the first international forum on democracy in Yaounde in Cameroon in the conference hall of the United Nations centre for human right and democracy in Central Africa region.

Hundreds of participants coming from Cameroon, Angola, Central African Republic, Gabon, South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo Kinshasa and Brazzaville, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Chad, Algeria, and Libya attended the forum.

The Libyan delegation was invited by NDH-Cameroon (Cameroon New \Human Right) and Solutions Cameroon, the co-organizers. Being one of the biggest delegations with five participants, the Libyan delegation highly took part in this forum which main stake was to present the assessment of the democracy in central Africa from 1990 to 2007 and to expose new perspectives for the years to come.

The level of discussion was outstanding, considering the status of the participants in majority academicians, leaders of organizations of the civil society, journalists and members of specialized institutions of the United Nations, and members of some diplomatic missions accredited in Cameroon

During three days of work in Bastos area in Yaounde, the participants cleared all contours of the concept of the democracy in Africa in general and central Africa in particular. They drew up a deplorable assessment of the democracy in Africa and especially as regard the governorship, the no respect of the human right, the constant violation of the inalienable rights of the African citizen, the permanent violation of the rights of the journalists and their abusive imprisonment, the absence of an effective model of democracy in Africa, the foreign interference in the private businesses of the African States, the crisis of power between the various political actors, the illegitimacy of the almost whole of Heads of State which accompanies the management of the public affairs under the influence by the dictatorship.

The presentation of doctors Zamona and El Briki, from the opening speech to the presentations of the 22nd and 23rd October 2007 gave the opportunity to the participants to better understand the mechanisms of an African democracy which draws its source from the politico-cultural origins of the traditional Africa and which the Leader of the revolution materialized it into the Green Book. Their various presentations gave to understand what it is, the direct democracy which pilot experience of the Great Libyan still wonder the people of the world.

The topics of the presentations of doctor Briki of 22/10/2007 on the question of democracy in Africa and the Conflicts resolution and of 23/10/2007 on the direct democracy: the pilot experience of the Great Socialist Libyan People’s Arab Jamahiriya and also that of doctor Zamona on the theorical basis of the direct democracy opened a great discussion between the participants on the concept of the democracy in opposition with what currently show us the Western imperialists. These participants during the debate requested that further shall be carried out in Africa in front of a panel of politicians and academics in order to prepare the continent with the new challenges which need the African populations often marginalized in the political.

NDH-Cameroon is presented in this moment in Cameroon as one of the most dynamic structures of the Cameroon civil society. It acts within the framework of the democracy, the human’s right, of the good governorship, education and training.

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