Youth In Africa Must Be Involved In Decision Making

Youth in building Africa
Mamadou Fayinkeh, the Gambia RCM [RCM 17.09.2007]

The role of youth as people power of any nation building. As the president of Senegal said: <>. Youth are the blood of any nation to make a different. Therefore it is important to encourage their involvement in decisions making process not to be use as a decoration for the continent.

Selling Africa to the west and American ideologies is to kill progressively African youth action for building our culture, economy, and protect our natural resource. Since Kwame Nkrumah, Sekou Toure, Thomas Sankara, Lumumba, etc… We have call some youth who understand that has started to fight for the betterment of a unified Africa. A rich continent in agriculture with 5000000 ha of land favorable for food production. It is injustice for African not to feed themselves and stop to eat frozen and surge rice and sugar which are not good for their health.

We, the youth are calling the attention of our leaders that we are not poor. After the first world social forum in Brazil the youth there understood that so call poverty is man made. It is an intellectual terrorism against Africa. Some African youth organizations has came together to form networking group, platforms, federations to protect themselves: like Synergy Youth Africa, African Youth network for peace building, National youth councils, Africa youth union, Pan African youth parliament, Federations of UNESCO Clubs and centres…

Having common goal and objectives with different actions has been able to push African heads of states to adopt the African Youth charter a big thank for those leaders who support us a step forward.

In 2006 with the support of the Leader Muammar Al Qathafi, has enable the young people from Africa and the Diaspora to meet in their land to develop ways for the rebuilding of Africa as one nation, culture, economy, human mentality. We hope the Banjul AU summit declaration will be implemented as suggested by the Gambian Chairman. Youth should be involved in decision making process and nation building. That’s why he created a room for the young people to meet their heads of states in Banjul.

We look the situation in Ivory Cost, Dafour, Congo etc… Unemployed youth, unskilled youth are mobilized by anti African development to destroy our future for self interest to sale our continent. <>.

Africa is not for Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!

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