Commentary On The Green Book: Class Struggle

Consists Of Lectures By The Brother Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi And The Contributions Of Other Writers And Thinkers

Volume I
Commentary On The Green Book
Class Struggle

Theory of class struggle is linked to the stages theory is that we want to explain the theory of burning stages … It does not believe in progress to move …? Because there is no justification .. Stages of the passage of the inevitability of such transitions, which espoused Marxist interpretation of the transition from capitalism to socialism, and the transition from socialism to communism. That this interpretation of the revolution and which has become a rule of the Marxist revolution in particular came from a Marxist analysis of the history of the past .. Where there has been a transition from the era of the slave .. (slave society) to the community of feudalism and feudalism to capitalism .. It is feudalism to bourgeoisie, it is relative to these phases experienced by the date in the past .. Was concluded with the Marxists, that capitalism .. Must pass in transition all the way to socialism, and socialism must pass in transition all the way to communism. But this imperative for granted … does not have to be true because the will of man .. Is relying the Great, which are capable of making everything .. And cancel everything. The inevitable is (far) from the economic issues, political, social, and we do not see a practical necessity never to pass far to reach the mass … in any country, feudal or bourgeois or a socialist or a royal or republican … any country if they occurred a popular revolution … by the induction of a revolutionary force. . Can be transmitted directly to the public assesses socialism, and ending with the government, and ending classes and crashing the entire system of official agencies and the public immediately. Because it could happen in practice and in the possibility of any analyst to arrive at this conclusion. Which is that every society is capable of revolution can destroy the revolution of the old society and build a new society immediately.

There is no need for the passage of any transition at all. This is a major dilemma in the law of the revolution, has been solved, if you make sure this analysis, particularly as we know that the revolution Marxism is undergoing a long transition is the transition from socialism to communism. It may not out pacing this stage at all.

If we assume that the year 1917, is the beginning of the beginning of the revolution Marxism any practical application, this means that from that time .. From 1917 to the present day they are in transition from socialism to communism, means that for sixty years and Marxists passing phase called the transition from socialism to communism, this stage has their interpretation and their slogans, and, after passing successfully may arrive _ according to claim _ to communism and then will be achieved status last his slogans with his statements. But all analyzes show that this kind of hypocrisy, there is no possibility for the transition from socialism to communism. In fact, recent developments in the world destroyed all the interpretations of Marxism and Svht all reported capital and the stage of colonialism and imperialism.

The dramatic developments that took place in the world, were not taken into account and put on Marxist theory and the theory of stages.

This theory, which are anti-capitalist .. Is the theory of specific stages, stages of a long historical .. Sixty years ago, and we are still in phase one called the transition from socialism to communism, and for all these years has not ratified all Marxist analyzes .. Marxists believed that capital Cetkds because of low wages until they reach a crisis of capitalism itself, while the contrast up to a peak between the haves and the means of production and the producers of Ben ..

This analysis leads to the collapse of capitalism, therefore, believed that a matter of time only, ie the production of capitalists Cetkds, will produce the workers so much and receiving the wages low, and the surplus value between what takes him working and what is produced goes to the pocket capitalist who adds to his capital say takbeer and accumulates .. And here lies the crisis, but which occurs in capitalist society is not this, where the standard of living rose in general, wages rose too .. And production has not and will not crammed at all, that the programs of the State of modern eat up all the surplus production and there is the possibility to AVI capitalist society or in the community Marxist that ragged production so that a crisis in the capitalist society or fall of communism in the community Marxist, as a result shifts the dangerous place in the world now, such as programs armament and space exploration programs and also other social humanitarian programs that are (unfortunately luck is a large production)! But they are also taking their share of production, such as medical research and the various technical .. But the most important weapons programs and space programs …

These resources now available are insufficient to cover those programs _ then there is no possibility that the flooding until the output (to each according to his need and from each according to his best) in communism, or that the ragged production, the capitalists are to the crisis in the capitalist society _ all this has become a myth .. So the transition from socialism to communism seems it will not end, but in the end, we find that the transition itself is also a myth … But there is no transition from one stage to another, and that what happened is nothing more than rotation in a vicious circle for example, if the revolution we call it a proletarian or communist revolution _ at once a capitalist society is built on the (community Tsarist), for example .. And established a new society that we see now .. One-party society and the public sector and the one society of the State bureaucracy (Marxist society) _ This means that Marxism has been achieved immediately the establishment of this revolution, and there before him and move him away … The situation will remain so soon, I mean that the Soviet state …

There is no possibility to change it at all, will remain so to the end .. The government will not disappear like what Marx predicted .. And production will not ragged until you fall of communism, but whenever they faced a crisis they will have to be addressed _ like any normal country if it continues the Soviet state as it is now, it will remain state classical normal in this way is working to maintain its presence and the economic system and political accepted by itself, and there is no possibility to move from this system at all _ and any problem facing this country will address its potential available _ such as any society in any stage of history when facing a crisis.

But the serious crisis of the expected Soviet state is the crisis to crisis like Poland That is the contradiction between the proletariat and the Communist Party ..

We make sure lies the myth that they believe it is that the Communist Party is the vanguard of the proletariat (the vanguard of the working people) .. A representative who is leading the state in the interest of working people to be achieved communism .. When realized communism disappears Party and the government that would be built and all the official bodies – and the communism, but what has happened now is that the working class appeared the contrast is clear between them and the party-led ruling then the Communist Party as an instrument conventional wisdom you want to control the working class and the community for the benefit of Authority .. And not for any other purpose .. This was confirmed by the crisis Poland now ..

Other crises in Czechoslovakia under the ground in Romania and even in the Soviet Union – is that Poland has hiked the reins … Therefore, the theory of stages is incorrect .. That the working people themselves have taken this analysis .. The tongue actually can not wait more than this and we can not wait to give up this effort … Forever .. Until this transition, if they say that the myth of this transition, then you should discuss the situation in which we live, but the problem now in Poland is about the Party’s control over wages and … This means that it is not for the working people’s patience to be achieved communism .. I mean the whole transition seems to be a fairy tale … This was confirmed by the facts now in the process _ The modern history of analytically from our point of view _ we already do not see any justification for the transitional stages ..

Time is necessary to destroy the monarchy in Libya and the establishment of the republican system and after the mass .. Enough time to train people to be armed with weapons to the army and disappears .. But long and short according to the effort, if the revolution and the masses of the people raided the governmental authority and set up in place of the popular committees and organized the masses in the People’s Congresses, the government disappear completely and immediately, as a result.

That this may be achieved in one month, and the revolution that Communists is estimated thousands of years to occur and the disappearance of their symbols turns out it may disappear suddenly .. If people are able to do the revolution now Visttia immediately to replace the government and the government suddenly disappear .. If the workers were able to control the production sites, they can move in immediately on one of the partners to make capital and disappear and employers immediately thereafter.

That the theory put forward by the Green Book, the popular revolution predicted by the Revolutionary Committees and its tool of this theory had abolished the early stages because it has no existence is a myth, but a scientific and historical quackery practiced by Marxist parties to dominate the masses of the people subject to them forever .. So the stages are not inevitable .. And can be canceled the popular revolution.

This summary of the issue of concentration of severe (stages) associated with the subject / classes / Until now there is no agreed definition of what shows are class .. This means that he does not have any specific definition. I mean that there are several definitions of the class .. But it is just different points of view .. And interpretations of the layer. So there is no agreed interpretation of the meaning of class …

Explain that the class and insert it in the sociology and politics is Marxist doctrine because it relies on a layer of the proletariat in the revolution to reach the communists to power .. There is a clear contradiction between the working people and employers .. Between capital and labor classes .. But Marxism exploited this fact to come to power ..

Ulloa was for this reason great attention to the definition of the class definition, but the Marxist definition of a false and Garalma .. Selfish and devoid of all meaning and brought for the benefit of the Communist Party to power .. They divide society into two classes only. Exploited class and the exploited class .. And shorten their definition of it is the layer on / organizing group-conscious social status / this definition unscientific .. Passionate .. Selfish .. They mean by the Communists and their supporters from conscious workers who are capable of revolution after that.

A revolution by the Communist Party (exploited working class) are attributed to the massage after the proletarian class Why? They say the class is the organization capable of conducting the revolution So when these revolution .. Who is the owner? Who did it? .. Is carried out by the laboring class working people? All of this fraud is not true.

Communists are actually on the revolution of capitalism .. For the benefit of the Communists themselves and in the interest of the Communist Party to come to power ..

In order to come to power would use the contradiction between employers and workers .. Istgvl like a working class so enriches the authority .. As officers Istgvlon soldiers Aouselohm to power until the corruption of thousands of soldiers to hit a group of officers to power through a military coup attributed then to the army and said that the coup staged by the army or the armed forces and so the group of communists are aware of the organizers who want access to power Agrron workers They revolt against the capitalist class, that the workers do not have access to power .. That power is up to the Communist Party .. On the shoulders of working people .. And continue in power to be achieved communism or shows a contradiction Ben workers and between the Communist Party, such as what happened in Poland, now and in the other.

Multiple class definitions:

The multiple definitions of the class there are those determined by the income is determined by social rank is determined by the culture is determined by the interest, which is determined by the class-consciousness, such as Marx. It’s limitations, definitions, multiple layer, but the solution always lies in the fact means that the analysis actually is the one who comes to you answer to everything If we analyze the reality we will find the class is a monopoly (the class is a monopoly), this is what the reality: that any group of people a monopoly on something, this group form a layer in that doubt, for example, the Army is a layer because it is a monopoly of arms, weapon is one thing and a group of people monopolized, this is a layer, the layer is a monopoly, traders if they are monopolizing the trade form a class, the staff if they have a monopoly on formal employment make up the layer .. Employers when their hand work, the jobs and operating a monopoly by them and they therefore form a class, which monopolize agricultural production is a layer which is a monopoly on transportation and traffic is a layer which is a monopoly of religion and opinion analyzes and denied to others and not to the other way but to apply what he says because of the monopoly of religion These are Mahtkron layer ..

The solution:

Is the destruction of class society and the establishment of a classless society that goes beyond us from Marxism, which sees society divided into two layers of workers and capital and the solution is that the workers must rise up to the capitalist class and Aahtmoha and replace them are to become a community of a single layer. We talked about this proposal, and appeared to us false, contradiction is still going on between the ruling party and the working people governed Moreover, the community Marxist exist inside the layers, despite their belief that they described were divided society into two layers and one raised against the other and the shattered and remained working class but the reality of society Marxist is that it composed of several layers in the interior, The party, which monopolizes power represents the layer is the ruling class, and the army, which monopolizes the weapon is a layer of The Organization of Solidarity in Poland constantly threatened by the Polish army means that the last thing they can resort to it is the army’s intervention means that shed a layer of military at the working class because the military monopoly on the weapon that is missing when the workers. If there is an imbalance in the society, people are not free because there are layers of a monopoly on something vital in the community that the monopoly of power is the most dangerous thing in the society as well as the monopoly of capital and also the monopoly of arms. But the solution is actually to establish a classless society and the destruction of the layers, according to this analysis can become any human being to reach a solution by itself easily to the destruction of monopoly as long as the class is a monopoly, and we see that the solution becomes all the people .. Equal, and no longer destroy the evils of society and the meaning of community classes that will break the monopoly of all kinds .. Breaking the monopoly of sports, arts, culture, religion, weapons, capital and wealth in general the earth, and by the authority and management needs of all proprietary rights must be edited to destroy monopoly. Because if we spent the monopoly, we have spent on classes. Permission can be located if there is class struggle monopoly can not avoid the fact that only the class struggle of the revolution and the destruction of community classes there is no possibility to avoid this definition of the class struggle based on the monopoly if there is any monopoly of the class struggle. People are always struggling with those who monopolize their needs.

The solution that we are scientific:

Is to destroy all classes, by destroying the monopoly of all kinds. For example, there’s monopoly of the farmers for agricultural products. As long as the group of people that produce only agricultural production, therefore, is a monopoly on agricultural production and take advantage of the community as a result of its presence is the only monopoly of this aspect of work .. Or produce this production .. This is clear now that any of us can be controlled in the production of the machine in the eighth agricultural production if Ahtkra monopolized the production and marketing of the popular market in agricultural products Vtgd cheap and cheaper than sold by the farmer directly, but the market .. which is the society bears the difference .. This means that the market is being used by the farmer .. Because he also wants to sell .. It is difficult to estimate the effort involved in this production .. It is difficult to estimate the cost of any commodity eighth-Faisal, then in this monopoly is always a person who produces a single monopoly, and this article is to say that in the end the final say on the subject ..

And this will continue this monopoly and exploitation because the peasants have a monopoly on agricultural products and take advantage of the community .. It is true that each of us be able to grow as much of vegetables, while the export issue is that the farmer takes in excess of consumption and sell it to foreign markets .. Thus ends a society of exploitation.

The weapons will remain monopolized by the military and when necessary they also want to use it against the rest of society insulation .. That is to break this monopoly to train the people to arms and then he seized upon all people are equal in the possession of this material so that the monopoly does not give rise to a layer after that.

Authority is also now the preserve of the ruling classes in the whole world works as you like .. In traditional societies began very conscious there are obstacles to the popular consciousness as a result of power constraints only just .. But the power can do whatever you want and take advantage of the community ..

Shall be to the American people, for example, no matter how conscious and no matter how opposed to die in Vietnam .. The power alone is plunged in the Vietnam War .. The Zionists are able to right-wing party retroactive adventurer to conquer the occupied Palestine and fought in every direction, and thrown in the wars of the Jews continued to monopolize power and it will be the outcome of these wars and as a result of their invasion of Palestine is destroyed .. It may not be the result of their desire, but the monopoly of power .. This may be what leads him always shed layers to any community of people because of its monopoly to the basics of life and existence.

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