Commentary On The Green Book: Community Partners In The Revolution

Consists Of Lectures By The Brother Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi And The Contributions Of Other Writers And Thinkers

Volume III
Commentary On The Green Book

Community partners, how come?

Start a revolution when workers become real partners and workers to be eliminated on the taxi system, which strips the worker of any right in the products produced. Should not be expected of workers in this crucial issue, make a decision on their behalf so as to achieve their freedom. The decision taken on their behalf, which can be repealed the same way. The workers must understand, and they are turning their own to achieve that goal, they face a number of their prey from all sides, Kalrosmaliyn bourgeoisie, and bureaucrats belonging to the public sector, they must be on hand to engage with them in the struggle to achieve victory for them. And requires liberation from the slavery of the workers wages that are seizing the factories and management committee popular Intarunha themselves and become partners in production, where Production is divided into three classes: the share of workers, and the share of the plant, and the share of raw materials. That is the goal which should be directed to workers’ revolution, if achieved this goal, any force can not, even after tens of years, that Tantzaah of them, because they are Ted managed to get their own revolutionary, Wen said the one do it for the revolutionary leadership, which working for the benefit of workers, can make a decision on their behalf, and to check them all of those gains without drawn into the battle themselves, but that decision can be revoked in the same way, workers goes back again to the former status as a measure. The real task of leadership is the induction of the revolutionary workers, pushing them to fight the battle themselves and alert them to their enemies and threats to them in that battle.

The need for regulation:

If the workers were organized and able to control the production facilities and increase production, did not disagree or turn them against each other, the capitalist bourgeoisie and bureaucrats can not be them that they get them, but if workers became confused, and do not know how to agree on the choice of the popular committee in the factory what, and every one of them tries, are selfish to reap a gain for himself by insisting on being a member of that committee, without regard to experience, education or ability are divided against themselves, the enemies will we use this opportunity to hit them, so it should workers be aware that Ihtatoa all that . The workers’ revolution and historic work dangerous, and must be given the right amount, it is exposed to the work of all eyes, a new experience each grabbing news of the fighting in order to get rid of the bondage of fare, and its success depends on the fate of millions of workers all over the world.

Goal of the revolution:

The workers’ revolution designed to free them from slavery, so that become partners in production, and to be masters in the factories and the various production sites, they manage themselves, and share the production, including, if production increased, this can be to their advantage, and if the lack of the in that loss, then no Qaúmna be the situation on the taxi system, which takes for workers giving up their production for the benefit of the employer, but achieved their freedom and become responsible for the partners themselves. increase the funds is not an end in itself, but the real goal is freedom. Workers are freed forever Elimination of fare system, and the destruction of the relationship, which was unjust control of economic activity, a relationship with the employer the worker, that of master slave. That’s what Anpfy be directed workers’ revolution to achieve whatever the outcome. If it was liberated workers, this means that the miracle had occurred, and that workers who perform all over the world, have waived their production the employer or the government, have become partners in production, and that the relationship between the employer and the workers had spent them forever, and that the equality Ted made ​​between people. It is enough to start a revolution _ the workers in any region of the world, and dragged and become a reality, and that you hear Workers Anhajmahir day after day until the acceleration of the coalescence of Vtakhz global dimensions. Thus, thanks to free the millions of workers to the region, including those that started the revolution.

How do you win freedom?

Freedom is the basis of the liberation of the workers, the income of the workers take it – whatever the amount a little or a lot – has no value if the worker feels that there is a sovereign ruler or head it was not his income in his choice. If the worker is at the mercy of anyone who is able to increase income or decrease, or expel him from the work must be to enter him in the conflict, it does not end this conflict until the control of the workers, Faisbhawwa are the masters of the factories are taking their share in production, nor have waived their production for taxi . The goal of the revolution then, is the liberation of human beings to win freedom … It must, in order to win workers’ revolution, should be paying workers to the following points:

First – That the workers of this revolution in order to take their own right, because the right which is being snapped up by workers with their hands Isttir not one of them to take him in the future.

Secondly – Be the goal, which directed the attention of the workers is to achieve true freedom, can only be achieved liberation from the control of the workers themselves, employers, and the elimination of Alastfilal to transfer workers to the partners in production.

Thirdly – Be patient Almassanr Secretariat in the hands of workers, and in their necks, as it depends on these plants the growth of national economy, and satisfy the needs of the members of the community of food, clothing and cars, and planes, and tractors and other, and therefore must be preserved and good conduct so as not to stop production or occur loss or waste of, society needs to this production, if production ceased or there was loss, the capitalists and bureaucrats are taking the opportunity to launch propaganda against the workers, saying that workers, who are set free and become pad, had failed, and proved that they are not worthy of it, may find this propaganda on deaf ears Vtnteks revolution workers. The success of the revolution depends on the awareness of the seriousness of their position of workers and its importance, it also depends on well-organized themselves, and pool their capacities and safety guidance. The program starts with an inventory of factory workers and the statement of its employees, and to be agreed quietly and freely, the People’s Committee selected by the workers of the factory management, including, and not be imposed Imposed on them from outside the plant. It can be different from the workers to choose the members of the People’s Committee, but this difference should not lead to the division of workers themselves, and must be complete agreement on that committee, the member will not be agreed upon by the workers could choose another in his place. It must take into account the workers in that that Committee is to replace Director bureaucratic who was appointed by the public sector, or place the employer capitalist in the private sector, so the workers must observe in their choice a certain degree of efficiency, such as where the administrative and engineer, technical and accountant to the ordinary worker, and not only at the level of membership is one of the levels of the workers, so as not to become the Committee to impede the movement of tool production. The People’s Committee selected by the workers can be changed, according to their agreement, after a period of time, and can be altered or changed by another member of which, if proven failure or negligence, workers themselves are the decision makers in the end.

After the factory workers’ control:

Supposed to become a factory, after the control of the workers them, better off than ever before, more productive, because those who were working in have been set free from the bondage of fare, and have become masters of themselves, partners in the production, eager to increase it. As a result of this freedom must be reflected in the increase production. If the deterioration of lost production and factories, this means that workers’ revolution had reversed, and that the workers are threatened with the return of the private sector and fare system and exploitation. The enemies of the workers of employers will want to exploit to take advantage of every opportunity to exploit workers. Therefore it must be united for the workers organized their ranks in the face of this threat, and not let the opportunity to recruit some of their enemies against each other.

Capitalists may say to workers: What is your interest in that Ttholoa to Partners in production? The money, who get it will be less than before, and thus lose, but on the workers to understand the nature of the plot, and be prepared to answer them, saying that their goal first is to increase what goes in their pockets, but to free themselves so as not to be slaves to employers, there is no value for the money, which lose them their liberty, and how many people have lost their necks in the way of freedom. The increase obtained by the workers of the funds depends on the increase of production, and can be achieved voluntarily. The workers are responsible for the factories that are taking it, therefore, protect and defend within their duties, if the country experienced any invasion or foreign aggression, they should rise up to meet this invasion and repel that aggression, The factories have become in their hands, can no longer a Antzaaha to them, and this is a serious task that awaits the workers, which is not an easy task. The situation is exploitative, who was suffered by the workers, end crawl workers to the factories and production sites, and when the start signal to crawl, everything must be ready and tidy so as not to turn the situation into chaos, and so as not to infiltrate the ranks of workers is aimed at the destruction or burning of the factories, and then must be agreed on a plan to crawl, and the People’s Committee, and the system work in the factory.

How to achieve production?

Production can be achieved only with the workers of engineers, technicians and others, workers (producers), a key element in production, as production can not be achieved without the presence of factory machinery or raw materials. Each of these elements is an essential and necessary in the production. Can not be the continuation of the production process unless there are these elements combined.

Valmusna permission consists of three basic elements. Each element of which is necessary in the production process, and has a central role in this process, and without production stop. Therefore, the production plant, which should be enough to cover the costs, divided by three elements, namely: raw materials, machinery, and the owners of the factory who are workers who are present in it, where you go the share of raw materials, and the share of machinery to the general budget, because these elements owned by the people (or community), and each member of the Almojtmr stake, and are building schools, hospitals, roads, factories, and the creation of agricultural land, etc., of that budget. Valhsh you take those items back to the utility of all members of society.

We must understand the workers of this process and its outcome, the issue is not an issue to increase workers’ salaries or decrease, but the issue of justice and freedom, and increase the size of what takes workers does not necessarily mean that the real increase has occurred, the need that we buy today dinar from the market may be patient tomorrow quarter dinars and the dinar, which may get it tomorrow may equal worth four dinars today. The most important thing should be on the workers to achieve is to increase production, and become things are cheap and available, this economically, but morally, the freedom is the goal, which is where the happiness of workers, so that end the situation where the employer and the worker and the law, which allows the exploitation of workers through the wage system, which can be achieved thanks to the workers’ revolution, when they become partners in the production, and conferences are popular productivity, and their respective committees, which runs the popular plants that are seizing it.

Workers in every factory they organized a public conference of the plant. This conference is the one who made ​​the People’s Committee of the factory, and if we assume that the factory three branches, each branch chooses to popular committee manages the branch that is in it, and then the People’s Committees of the branches of the three after that the composition of the Popular Committee for the plant to replace the Board of Directors of this plant, and so on.

The awareness of workers and its importance:

Not to be understood that the workers of their cause, and that their awareness of the full, it is not right for any human being to achieve Rabr from behind the operation of the workers. The contractor, who was the workers did not do so pity them, but do so in order to win from behind, it is where profits come? Come these profits from the workers, and by running each and every one of them worth ten hours and giving him a value of five hours, or seven hours, the profit comes the permission of the production workers, the value of those hours, which detracts from the right of workers that are the profit, which takes the contractor or employer, thus piling up the money and he has become rich. That cat, which hides Amamlah theft law of exploitation. And remembers when the workers to the nature of this process, and grabbing their production in the hands of employers, they are reconstructing the situation to his base sound, which says that the Winter is the one who consumes its production. And where it came from the right person for what is to become an employer, workers and others for him? Why not be the right of each one of them? Who gave that right? No one … It is only exploitation and injustice! .. The law, which allows any person to register as a contractor and employer of workers to come to be slaves to him, Vischglhm of his interests, achieving maximum profit … This law is the one who cancel when the workers’ revolution to succeed, because that is the Alastfilal, and those are the laws of exploitation now prevailing all over the world. The revolution means the discovery and destruction of the unjust relations, and establish normal relations on its ruins. As long as the relationship between employer and employee relationship is unfair, the workers’ revolution must be directed to the destruction of this relationship, replacing it with relationship partners. Workers becomes (Producers) are partners in production.

Why do workers strike?

The workers in all parts of the world strikes, sit-ins, and they have the right, why? Because they feel Baghann and injustice, they have waived their production against the fare is less than their production, and therefore have the right to protest and to do strikes and sit-ins. The relationship between workers and employers, between owners and producers real is not a healthy relationship, as given to this relationship the employer an opportunity to profit from the effort of workers for what he gives them a fee, or end this relationship but control of the workers at production sites and free them from the control of employers, and turning them partners in the factories, and production enterprises. When the plant becomes the property of the workers managed by a committee chosen by the workers themselves popular for the implementation of their decisions concerning the production and the production of the factory at their disposal, Iksmonh on various factors of production, where workers take their share in production, and takes the other two elements, Their share. The day when all of this, does not find the workers any reason for the strikes, there is no more than asking him to workers higher wages, or to participate in the management, or improving their conditions, because the People’s Committee which manages the plant is made ​​by the workers themselves, has become workers in this factory masters are responsible for achieving production and dividing the elements of production according to the rule which says that the natural Ddlkl element of the production share in this production. But as long as the workers’ strikes are everywhere in the world, this means that slavery still exists, and that the workers are still who are under exploitation. And strikes, which we hear about, in some countries of Marxism, which is supposed to be working for the benefit of the working class, indicate clearly that the revolution which were not workers’ revolution, has won the communist parties in these countries the workers themselves, after inciting revolution, but those parties are controlled political power, and dominate the reins of power, and replaced the employers in the exploitation of workers, by the same system, a system fare. Therefore we see the workers in these countries are demanding a wage increase and change manager and improve their situation, and modify conditions of workers in Almassanr, the same demands required by the workers in capitalist countries, this means that the liberalization of the workers have not yet been achieved.

Recognition of profit recognition of exploitation:

The prevailing system in the world depends on the profit, Valmusna, hotel or shop seeks to achieve Rabr, and that by stealing the worker and raise the price of the need over the cost of production, and this increase comes from consumers in need of that commodity, which means that the factory, hotel or shop the process theft. We note that the theft of these take two dimensions: the dimension of the workers themselves, where the worker waives his right to production in return for payment, and another dimension to the consumer, where the force by virtue of his need to pay more than the cost of production. The new method, which eliminate the problem of exploitation on the one hand and the problem of rising cost of living on the other hand, depends on the transfer of workers to partners in the production, sale item at a cost of production, if the cost of the item dinars, the price of this item must be of one Dinar only. Therefore calculated the amounts spent in order to produce goods, determined on the basis of production cost, the cost of selling the product Elyalmsthlk, thus ending the profits, and become the low cost of living, we were able to eliminate the reasons that lead to increased prices. If the multitude that Dhana plant produces cigarettes, and the Tikvah production per box fiftieth dirhams, the sale of these one hundred dirhams box means the plant to achieve a profit of fifty dirhams, in the incorrect Conformable to the new look Yeh, Valalbh which cost us fifty dirhams must be sold the same value. The factory says: that if we sold a packet of cigarettes at a cost of production, what enters the plant at least a budget of $, and thus decrease the wages of workers … It could be true, but it means at the same time that what was paid by the Group to buy a box and one patient enough to buy two packs, and if the factories are all adopt the same system to calculate the cost of their products and their prices, this leads to lower prices of all goods the same way, and if we assume that what he takes factor is one hundred dinars per month, reducing his income by fifty percent as a result of this new system, and prices have fallen by the same percentage, it does not affect the amount of what was consumed, but if the income has fallen by less than the proportion of lower prices, increase in real purchasing power has been achieved, What matters then, is not low cash income to the worker, it can happen without having any effect in reducing what was happening it needs. The employers, contractors and shopkeepers may try to exploit these phenomena deceptive and results associated with workers’ revolution, relying on the ignorance of the nature of the economic movement of workers and Mtveradtha, and demonstrators advice to them, their true Mkhvan which is to work for the continuation of Alastfilal system. For the workers to pay attention to the fact of the matter, since the real interest contrary to the interests of employers, contractors, and shopkeepers, and they have to do all Btadmau unjust relations that divided members Almojtmm to masters and slaves.

Increase the incomes of workers:

Working to make a profit should not be the basis upon which the factories run by workers, increasing the money into the budget of the plant is not right to come from the increase in commodity prices, but rather comes from the increase in production any more units of goods, if the plant needs to increase the funds within their budget, the workers in that factory heading for them to increase their standing, so their income and enter in the budget Almusnr. The increase, which was done at the expense of the consumer, and the exploitation of his needs, were not dependent on increased production, and this is not true because it is less able to satisfy consumer needs, and therefore decrease the purchasing power and failure to provide enough to satisfy those needs. Therefore, the doubling of production works in the opposite direction of this trend, working on the one hand to provide the needs of the largest consumer, is working on the other hand to increase the purchasing power down the cost of producing the product that needs them. The world is suffering the results of fare system, and method of work, and the consequent complications, the time has come to rid the world of the scourge.

ولا بد أن يفهم العمال ، عندما يتجهون للقضاء على ذلك النظام ، أنهم لا يحققون مصلحة لأنفسهم فقط ، وانما لغيرهم أيضا، ومن واجبهم أن يكونوا على مستوى المسئولية ، فالعمل الذى يقومون به في غاية الخطورة ، لأن المعركة التي يخوضونها هي معركة من أجل الحرية . ولا بد أن يعرف العمال أنهم في مفترق الطرق ، فإما أن تكون الثورة التى يقومون بها شعبية سليمة ، تنتصر على القطاع الخاص والقطاع العام ، وتحقق زيادة الإنتاج ، أو أن يفشلوا فيبقى العمال عبيدا يتنازلون عن إنتاجهم مقابل أجرة . ولا بد أن يتأكد العمال من أن مسئولية هذه الثورة تقع عليهم ، وأن عليهم أن يقوموا بها هم بأنفسهم ، ولا أحد نيابة عنهم يمكن أن يقوم بهذه الثورة ، وهم يعلمون طبيعة الاستغلال الذى يقع عليهم ، ويعرفون حقيقته ، ولذلك ينبغى أن يجندوا أنفسهم للقضاء عليه . إن ثورة العمال هى محط أنظار العالم ، وعليهم أن يخوضوها بقدم ثابتة وايمان راسغ لتحقيق الانعتاق النهائي من عبودية الأجرة وإرساء الدعائم الجديدة لمجتمع الشركاء .

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