Commentary On The Green Book: Correctional Systems With Solutions

Consists Of Lectures By The Brother Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi And The Contributions Of Other Writers And Thinkers

Volume I
Commentary On The Green Book
Correctional Systems With Solutions


The systems of capitalism and Marxist regimes are not Almqsodtan by saying, “reform of systems solutions Tlviqih.”

Capitalist system which was based on the doctrine of free base according to the “laissez-faire let him pass” that led to the accumulation of capital and its focus creating class differences so stark by the feudal system and exploitative bourgeois, so that the accumulation of rotting.

Was that Marxism was a reaction to the decay and crushed to the poorer classes that make up the majority of society, where wealth accumulated, however, a minority of the capitalist class exploitation.

Marxism was a serious solution, because it is the reaction of capitalism, but turned the world of face to face capitalist Marxist, which is the other side of the coin itself. We know where we can analyze that the world did not change anything substantial in it, because the Marxist society is by all standards of scientific and heir of capitalist society in all its functions. This means that the capitalist state, which formed in the Marxist society is the real heir of the capitalist class in all its functions and behaviors, although the revolution against it and dropped and replaced.

When the state of Marxism, has what must be called state capitalism on the ruins of the capitalist class, performs all its functions and to maintain relations with the same interests that prevailed Ben capitalist class and the people.

Indeed, the capitalist state mimicked the capitalist class in their behaviors and their functions until the disappearance of the difference between them, check in our system is a Marxist with a second aspect of the capitalist world, even an expert can not if the Foundation is to say that Marxism was a Marxist or capitalist enterprise. Even the simulation highly pursued by the capitalist state to its predecessor, the capitalist class, made ​​them identical in all things, in the administration, we find corporate governance Marxism mimic simulate a full counterpart in the system of capitalist class, which corresponds with it in production – form and manner – and treat workers the same treatment, unspent prices goods, as is the case in the system of capitalist class, to put pressure on the consumer. So that the organization’s success depends profit and loss account, in the sense that those institutions that bring in over resource production, more than the cost of their goods Foundation is a winner .. They called the increase in excess of cost price profit, and those institutions that do not provide that resource is lost, of course.

Hence unite the two systems – capitalist class and state capitalism – in the very economic activity have, which is profit.

But the combination of the two communities and the Government of the people, and employers and make them work, and the presence of the administration and institutions assigned to the survival of the system such as the army and the police tell us once and not to change something in the essence of the world during a Marxist coup.

Systems reform:

In addition to those two systems (capitalist class and state capitalism) there is another system in the world and widely drunk all correctional systems with solutions Allviqih.

Consists of oscillating systems such that you do not choose a path radically between the two systems ex not Ttaktihama alternative solution to them. And except those capitalist countries which are colonies of the Western capitalist world, or those that have adopted the Marxist, the whole country in the world are on this system it is Allviqi India to Latin America, through the Arab world. And Africa and some other Asian countries follow all the way compromise between the contradictory set of solutions and non-scientific use of sedatives sedative problems require radical solutions for research. Perhaps the most dangerous thing on the future of those countries is the belief by reaching an appropriate solution by adopting the method Allviqih in dealing with the problems of political, economic and social development. When analyzing the composition of these systems and its economic and political smack us with fabrication adopted, and the extent of the volatility that has plagued politics and economy, but the volatility that can not continue indefinitely, it is if you can not find alternative proper volatility, have in predatory up to become a If Marxism overcome the progressive direction, but if their conditions deteriorated and beat the trend, it will become reactionary capitalism inevitably.

Egypt is that they set an example in the context of correctional systems in contemporary time of Nasser’s rule, fell to the right after him, has been its progressive and liberal, but the social structure have economically and politically, was a reformist Tlviqih purely, in all areas of agricultural, industrial and in the use of capital, and in the distribution of production, there was not a radical solution in the political sphere, resulting in a deterioration of the situation after the death of Abdel Nasser, turned to the state after the state capital, controlled by the capitalist class and the forces of exploitation of local communities. And supported by allied foreign Balrsamal.

Thus, if there is no radically new solution, beyond capitalism and Marxism, the State pursues a reformist approach Allviqi inevitably doomed to become a capitalist country or to the State of Marxism, as the oscillation between the two solutions and spin ex can not last long.

Allviqih models of solutions:

Allviqion reformers trying to address issues and problems by intermediate between the two systems the former, without vanquish one over the other, because they overwhelmed the one on the other no longer Tlviqian, either capitalists or Marxists after that.

If we take an example in the field of agriculture ..

They do not accept the absolute feudalism, but they do not offer a radical alternative to it, and dispose in a manner Tlviqih make feudalism exists, but is somewhat more lenient, where resort to Tkulaima trimmed – weak or strong – for example, agricultural property identification. When they name the upper limit on the ownership of the land, and perhaps also a minimum, but the problem remains unresolved as the figures they provide can not be considered fixed numbers to the ownership of the land, some of them determined by a hundred or a thousand acres. And others they identify a hundred acres or hectares up to a maximum, and believe that the law was adequate for this number and consolidation without allowing then ignored or abandoned, but the laws themselves are not fixed and are not protected at all in countries reform Allviqih In most cases, repealed laws immediately once the absence of government that enacted , if this did not change under the rule of those who was created by.

In Egypt, they say that every farmer that has no less than five acres and not more than fifty acres .. Reduced after the upper limit of the property for two hundred acres.

In the area of capital and employers, we find another example of apparent attempts to find solutions Tlviqih In Yugoslavia denied the employer’s use of more than five workers, then move beyond them, the government nationalized his property because it has become, taking advantage of! And the owner of a large estate should not be present in a Marxist society?! Thus, resort to determine the property and determine the corporate income to contribute to national, consumer associations, cooperative, and asylum in the end to the monopoly of the government to some of the material, where imported and offered for sale under the direct supervision and care, because those materials essential and necessary for the people, in order to prevent the manipulation of their prices. But that is not enough, Valtlaab can not control the government and the termination of the monopoly to import and marketing of goods more than it is and grow up under the domination of what is known as the public sector.

The manipulation of the necessary goods to people and their prices can not be a government decision to come to an end, but end up building a society on the basis of a new economic where there is no possibility of any manipulation.

Hence it was necessary to cancel the private trade does not control the exploitative even a way for the popular masses, as the main source of exploitation in society, to the shops instead of the people, by the people selling the same price for the cost ends up manipulating prices for good. To cancel the merchant, which raises the price of the commodity to the fullest as he could, even if it led him to turn to the black market to raise the price unreasonably Mstnsva the wealth of the community, and inclusive in his hand to be able to then control the fate of people who committed to buy his goods.

Most traders pin Bmtajarham licenses allow them to carry on this work harmful to people’s lives, and pin lists determine the prices of their goods by keeping them, but that license does not mean nothing but Altgfel like the price list does not show only on the recognition of “profit specified” but in fact through the profit is specified, there is no compel traders can profit is limited, so that consumers themselves can not object to the price of the commodity by paying the price of their blood and race, “In need of freedom enables” They’re queuing up on the item they need, forced by the need. I do not mean that the profit limited unjustified, it’s just theft, but theft of subsidized legal commercial license.

Even if the government came to a monopoly on a number of consumer goods on the basis that materials necessary for the citizens and can not manipulate their prices, the citizens, in fact, suffer from manipulation of the other items the government does not monopolize their trade, if he does not reach the hands of traders to manipulate materials monopolized by the government, What usually happens.

Society is in need of ten consumer goods monopoly government, including four as the basic and the trade for the control to other goods raise prices at will, or concealed to reduce supply to high demand to rise so-eighths of them, this community has a wire in this way a solution Tlviqia can not resist the exploitation of an important set commodity prices, which is controlled by the private trade, as they Sttlaab prices of these goods, even if eventually forced to sell its interest in the black market.

As well as the society that allows the use of workers by employers, thus forming a class of a society of masters and slaves, who represents employers and workers. But they are trying to cover up these relations unjust that embody slavery and exploitation, introduction of reforms Tlviqih to alleviate the situation unjust, Faisdron laws prevent the employer from fire workers arbitrarily, but the workers reject that the social system ugly, which allows the presence of masters and slaves, employers and workers .. . Tenants and action, nor satisfy them that the reforms are not enough surface to eliminate the conditions of exploitation and slavery experienced by wage-earners, and so once again issuing a new law, decide to increase the fare for the workers, and sets a minimum wage.

This series of measures Allviqih is what are some regulations that considers itself revolutionary and progressive actions, which determine the minimum wage for workers considering themselves to have achieved a great miracle, but they find workers has continued to claim their rights, comes and they’re to raise the minimum wage again and again, and prevent unfair dismissal, but all this is not enough, workers will continue to claim their rights, but they do not know the happy ending of their struggles for justice, so we here in Libya Ptharidahm and education for clear vision in front of them, it took us a whole year to explain to workers the statement partners do not perform and how it can be applied .. We explained to them the ways that are done her way stealing effort of workers, even if it woul all that they have the revolution, and seized the productive establishments and became partners do not hold, and took over the administration, and took their right to production, after it canceled a profit because it does not mean only the exploitation and theft by the employer effort for the workers ..

Where it comes from profit?

The worker who works ten hours a stolen where the employer deduct from the production of five hours for himself and call it a profit, and deliver the production of only five hours. Despite the clarity in this matter, but the reformist regimes Allviqih then enact a law for workers’ participation in the profits, ie, that obtained workers to proportion of their produce stolen from them.

Worker who stole from employer five hours might bring him an hour of them, which is a false solution does not have a positive impact on the workers’ struggle for their right, which will continue until there are no any theft to the effort of workers, there should be no employers at all, and so that which produces is the one who consumes its production.

Nor does it make sense to all those laws enacted for the prevention of arbitrary dismissal of workers, it is only a dead and Orka when the employer be able to find legal justifications for its actions to separate the workers working with him. FRP work is able to make the separation of workers legally and is not arbitrary if the declared bankruptcy of his company, and expressed his inability to they fulfill the dues or if the non-type activity of his company to another type, it is not in front of the workers but the withdrawal and endure unemployment and acknowledgment of the will of the employer, who was working as a contractor and then willing to become a dealer, who shall liquidate its past and in accordance with applicable law, and is heading for a new job, leaving the workers who have worked to their fate unknown, after Istrdém some gifts and meet them at a ceremony organized by them on his own account! Indicating they felt compelled to end its work in this area due to old age, or because of lower profits .. Etc..

If the workers refuse to abandon their work, and even ventured to take over facilities in which they work. Providers proof of the lie claims of the employer, the capitalist government, in accordance with the applicable law is that by taking them out and ensure the implementation of the will of the employer.

The laws that determine determine ownership and income determination does not have any meaning, as long as the activity of exploitative permitted originally, and the taxes that are imposed on a special access, which is that progressive taxation, which are meant to limit the income of the hand in the community, to contribute to the zoom levels economic for its members, will not be effective, because the exploitative economic activity knows no borders, nor can the laws that require him in a specific or a certain level.

The use of this long series of laws is a form of fabrication to address the fundamental problems of society by identifying the income and property and determine the minimum wage and determine the use of labor and profit-sharing system in the establishment of consumer associations and trade. We can not be called any of these methods a solution, but rather attempts to reform and Tlviqih scientific experiment to prove false return quickly to the problems of the interaction is more severe.

Societies are consumer not only stores a normal, where a group of people the establishment of a shop run by some of them, while continuing to them their ordinary, check out their association consumer profits from consumers, then they engage in private trade exploitative and take advantage of consumers, through your collective exploitative is the Assembly consumer cooperative, that did not solve the problem of exploitative trade.

The reformists Allviqion when establishing national joint-stock companies, which is a mixture between the government and other funds provided by the rich capitalists. Their purpose is to establish the dominance is limited by the government on the private sector exploitative that they might be able to Aljammeh and trimming of tyranny, but that does not happen, and keep this fabrication method is not a substitute for an abstract solution.

Abolition of capitalism:

The existence of capitalism is a problem threatening the progress of society, regardless of whether they are capitalist, national or foreign private or government .. The fundamental solution and the only sound is the abolition of capitalism in all its forms, whether capitalist exploiting class or state capitalism.

Capitalism is a capitalism in which there is no difference, there is no difference between workers who work the employer of the individual capitalist and the workers who work the employer represented by the capitalist government of capitalism .. They are all suffering the same circumstances, and who suffer from exploitation and demand in both cases to improve their situation and to increase wages and reduce their working hours .. In both cases, they revolt against the administration, beaten and SIT .. And pretend .. Did not show any difference between the worker who works for a private company and the worker who works for a government company, though it is a false solution thrust pairing between the two systems capitalist class and the capitalist government, in the sense of public and private sectors together to try to co-exist, but that does not soon take the form capitalist normal allows engage in economic activity without Borders, and leads to large corporations to swallow smaller counterparts, and soon established monopoly capitalism, it is not able to withstand a long small businesses in the face of large companies, not coexistence in nature .. It is impossible not to be available between the public and private sectors .. It is essential for one to swallow the other and finally Ataiwih under conditions of capitalist competition and conflict that arises between them as soon as they were trying to share the field of exploitation is possible for them.

Thus the attempts of the reformist workers’ participation in the profits and their participation in management, and business hours .. And adoption of a minimum wage, and the development of pricing on the goods handled by the private trade is not merely manipulative attempts to be doomed to failure Tlviqih scientifically and practically.

It has become that we can listen to the theme hesitate in many countries, says: “We must crack down on greedy traders.” This is not the only complaint made ​​explicit because of the injustice done to people as a result of exploitative private trade, which has no cure but to cancel this type of economic activity that supports exploitation and contrary to the rules of the socialist productive economic activity. But while acceptance of the existence of such activity, consumers can not under pressure to comply with their needs, but the influence of exploitation against their will, Visrvon against their interests, even though they were aware of the damage caused by their actions that, while they were being exploited, but they justify that always does the trick for them.

The needy is not free in his decision and his choice, lies in the need for freedom, which is paid under the pressure of the need for acceptance, the exploitation of others for him.


When they are in need desperate need of a piece of land owned by another and the government has set pricing for the price of one meter from this land one dinar, for example, but the owner refuses to sell by pricing and decide to sell on the black market at a higher price times the times, will accept purchase it as he wants?

The needy are always accepted, and you see them Aredkhoun of the methods of exploitation unreservedly under the pressure of their needs.

When land is divided among a number of capitalists, the pricing has put an absurdity does not make sense .. When we allow the ownership of agricultural land to a person or group of persons, the determination of the maximum and minimum of the agricultural land is not a solution in a matter of fact .. When we allow capitalism to work, the attempt to make coexistence between the different models and the development of conditions. Have a legal will not be a solution at all ..

When there be workers and employers, any law Nnoh not only the organization of the relationship between unfair and Abdel-Sayed .. It’s just a fabrication by saying, and when Ndkhmha attempts to reform can not be upgradable to the radical solution, which are systems reform are far with him because of its political system Allviqi.

The correctional systems are the best systems of capitalism, which found the correctional system because of the revolution.

Most systems now prevailing in the contemporary world is the reform of systems solutions Tlviqih, no doubt it has made ​​an effort for reform, but the whole effort is located within a spin, which makes them temporarily shaken systems, live. Exploitation, abuse and are forced to, it is not. What pay is treason or not honesty in the face of the problems that plague their communities, but renewed her illness the fundamental failure of vision to it, and there is no alternative to capitalism that was rejected and rebelled against it, and Marxism, which was accepted by and considered evil last must not fall into the Braúnh.

And became a must fabricate and fluctuate between different orientations fabricated solutions, superficial, often resort to find them to capitalism and Marxism in an attempt to pair the two, though destined to find an alternative to them of what led to this confusion and chaos plaguing the result of inadequate solutions Allviqih that has been adopted.

Even in Libya after the outbreak of the Great Revolution took recourse to some of the solutions Allviqih because of severe rejection of capitalism as a backward at all, and because of dissatisfaction with Marxism in that they are no longer a solution.

.. ولكن التلفيق لم يكن ليستمر، فقد كان البحث يجرى عن حل جذرى، ظهر بعد ذلك في الكتاب الأخضر الذي تجاوز بطرحه الفكر المطروح رأسماليا وماركسيا، وانفسح المجال بالكتاب الاخضر لظهور فكر ما وراء الماركسية، وما وراء اليسار.. وانفسح المجال لاكتشاف امكانية قيام نظام جديد ذي حلول جذرية نهائية يتجاوز كل الحلول المطروحة في العالم المعاصر.

ولعل النظام الجديد كان نتيجة الازمة في العلاقة الجدلية بين. الرأسمالية والماركسية، فكان لا بد من البديل الثالث.

وحتى وفقا للمنطق الجدلي” الديالكتيكي” الذي تعمل به الماركسية-حين نسلم به- فإن الازمة في العلاقة الجدلية بين المعطيتين الرأسمالية والماركسية تكون نتيجتها حتما شيئا ثالثا يحل بدلا عنهما. إن هذا كاف لاقناع الماركسية تماما، ولكنه من الصعب قيام النظام الماركسي بهدم نفسه عند ايجاد نظرية جديدة.

إن أزمة حقيقية قد وجدت في العلاقة الجدلية بين الرأسمالية والماركسية بسبب أن الرأسمالية لم تحقق الحل المطلوب لمشكلات الانسان ومعاناته المزمنة وإنما أدت إلى قيام نظام استغلالي عبودي متعفن، كما لم تقدم الماركسية التي كانت رد الفعل للنظام الرأسمالي أي جديد سوى نظام عقيم، قتل الديمقراطية الشعبية وأقام دكتاتورية أبدية للحزب الماركسي، الذي تسنى له- إذا لم تتبدل الظروف- أن يهيمن على المجتمع الماركسي إلى الأبد.

ولكن، لماذا نقول يهيمن إلى الأبد؟!

لأنهم يقولون إن هيمنته ستستمر حتى تتحقق الشيوعية.. الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والسياسية، فتختفي الدولة ويسير المجتمع ذاتيا.. الأمر الذي لا نرى بأنه سيقع إذا كان طريقهم إليه هو الحل الماركسي، ولذلك نجزم باستمرار الدكتاتورية التي يفرضها الحزب الماركسي، الذي يرى بأن أي حديث عن رفض دكتاتوريته هذه إنما هو ردة باتجاه الرأسمالية والبرجوازية وجبت مقاومتها دمويا.. ويرى عدم الثقة بالجماهير ما لم تتحقق الشيوعية.. فيجب ألا تمنح أي قدر من السلطة، ويجب أن تقام المجالس التي يسمونها شعبية”السوفييتات” من اعضاء الحزب الماركسي وحدهم.. لأنهم موثوقون. لدى الحزب، وقادرون على تنفيذ تعاليمه الماركسية اللينينية التي تقود المجتمع باتجاه الشيوعية!..

وهكذا ستظل الجماهير الشعبية محرومة من أي ممار للديمقراطية إلى الأبد أيضا!

أما الانظمة الاصلاحية فإنه ليس بمقدورها الاستمرار في تذبذبها إلى الأبد، فهي إما غلب عليها الاتجاه اليساري وقادها إلى الماركسية، وإما انتكست باتجاه اليمين وعادت ادراجها لتلتحم بالرأسمالية.

إن أولئك الذين لم يقتنعوا بالماركسية كانوا قد ثبت لهم أنها تسير في طريق مسدود، ولا يمكنها أن تكون الحل المرجو.

وإذا استبعدنا الجانب الديني في الماركسية من تقييمنا فنحن نرفضها لأنها تفرض دكتاتورية أبدية على الجماهير الشعبية التي لا يكون لها أي دور إلا أن تنتج كمثل خلية النحل حيث تعمل الشغيلة جميعها لصالح الملكة. يقول الشيوعيون” بأنهم يبنون مجتمعا من النحل هدفه الوصول إلى الشيوعية، إننا نقف طابورا واحدا ليس له أي قيمة.. إلى أن تتحقق الشيوعية..”.

ونحن لا نقر هذه الدكتاتورية، بل ندعو إلى أن تمارس الجماهير الشعبية الديمقراطية المباشرة بشكل فعلى.

كما نرفض المذهب البيروقراطي الذي يكدس الثروة في يد الحكومة فتنفقها بمفردها- متجاوزة الجماهير الشعبية- بالصرف على برامج لم توافق الشعوب على تمويلها من مثل برنامج الفضاء أو البرنامج النووي، مع أن هذه البرامج تقتطع تكاليفها الضخمة من جهد هذه الشعوب التي لا يكلفون انفسهم حتى عناء استشارتها، حيث تصدر القرارات بشأن هذه البرامج من جهات فوق الجماهير، مثل مجالس” السوفييتات” ويعتبرون ذلك منتهى الديمقراطية حتى انهم يسمون انظمتهم بعد ذلك”بالديمقراطية الشعبية(.. حيث ان نظامها قـائم على المجـالس الشعبـية(السوفييتات). ولكنهم لا يسمحون للشعب بممارسة حياته بحرية بحجة احتوائه على البرجوازيين والرأسماليين والتحريفيين، الذين يتوقع منهم الانحراف بالمجتمع خلافا لما تراه الماركسية.


إن الحل الذي ينقذنا من النظام الرأسمالي المتعفن والمتخلف.. ومن النظام الماركسي البيروقراطي والدكتاتوري.. ويخرجنا نهائيا من دائرة، الانظمة الاصلاحية ذات الحلول التلفيقية.. هو أن نتجاوز إلى ما بعد اليسار وما وراء الماركسية، لنقضي على الازدواجية التلفيقية والثنائية الاصلاحية، ونجد حلولا جذرية مباشرة لكل المشكلات المستعصية التي نبحث لها عن حل.

فمشكلة الأرض: يمكن حلها نهائيا عندما تصبح ملكا للجميع وليست حكرا على أحد، فيمكن لكل محتاج لاستغلالها أن يستغلها لمنفعته.. وليس له الحق في تملكها ملكية رقبة.. فحين يقوم مزارع باستغلال أرض زراعية فإنه إذا مات أو تغير نوع نشاطه يترك الارض الزراعية ليستغلها مزارع غيره، ويتجه هو إما إلى المقبرة أو إلى قطعة أرض تناسب نشاطه الاقتصادي الجديد.

فحين تكون الارض ملكا للجميع وليست ملكا لأحد بعينه، فإن لكل إنسان حق استغلالها بجهده الخاص لإشباع حاجاته، دون استخدام غيره بأي عذر، ويكون هذا الحل جذريا، وقابل لترسيخ نفسه دون حاجة إلى رقابة أو منح رخصة في استخدام الأرض.. ودون الحاجة إلى سن قانون يحدد مساحة الارض التي لك أن تستغلها، حيث يقوم جهدك الخاص بمهمة تحديد هذه المساحة، فحين تأخذ محراثا وتتجه بنفسك إلى قطعة من الأرض، ويأخذ كل المزارعين مثلك محاريثهم، فإن كلا منكم سيقف عند حد معين لا يمكنه تجاوزه وفقا لجهده، في الوقت الذي لا تكون فيه الفروق بارزة.

إن الصراع والتدافع سينتهيان على الأرض حين يكون على كل فرد أن يبذل جهده فقط دون أن تتاح له فرصة استغلال غيره، وأن تكون الفرص التقنية متساوية من حيث الحصول على الآلات التي يجب أن تتوفر للجميع عندها يصل المزارعون إلى حدود كل منهم تلقائيا حين يعمل كل منهم حتى يصل إلى نهاية ما يستطيع.. ويصل في نفس اللحظة إلى بداية الارض الأخرى التي يعمل فيها مزارع آخر.

إن وجود الأرض وتساوى الفرص بين المزارعين واعتماد كل منهم على جهده الخاص هو ما نشترطه لتحقيق العدالة النهائية في شأن قضية الأرض.

أما حين تتوفر هذه الشروط فعلى كل مزارع أن يجد ويكد ليشبع حاجاته، فالذي يعمل ليل نهار سيحقق انتاجا اكثر من ذلك الذي يعمل نهارا فقط.

أما إذا لم تتوفر هذه الشروط وتحصل المزارعون على امكانات مادية متفاوتة فإنهم سيتصارعون وسيظهر الاستغلال وسيعرف لديهم الاستحواذ على أرض أكبر مما يحتاجه بعضهم فعلا مما يؤدى إلى استحواذ هؤلاء على حاجات غيرهم، وهى عندهم مجرد كماليات لكنها لاتلبث أن تكون عندهم حاجات أيضا من جراء تعودهم عليها واستخدامهم الدائم لها.

ومشكلة السكن: حيث يجب أن يكون لكل اسرة بيت، فان مقولة “البيت لساكنه” تنهى ظاهرة الاستحواذ غير المشروع من طرف الاستغلاليين على ثروة المجتمع، تلك التي يجب أن تقسم على عدد السكان بالتساوي ليتحصل كل محتاج على حاجته، فإذا زاد بعد ذلك فائض معين فهو ملك لجميع السكان، ولا يحق لأحد الاستحواذ عليه. إنه حين يتمكن مواطن من بناء عمارة تحوى خمسين شفة ويقوم بتأجير هذه المساكن لمواطنين في حاجة إليها، فإنما قام بسرقة مباشرة لحصتهم في الثروة، واستغلهم بها، وتكون هذه البيوت المؤجرة هي ملك مؤجريها، بدليل حاجتهم إليها وسكنهم فيها. فلو كنا عشرة أفراد، وتقاسمنا عشرة أقلام، فأخذ أحدنا قلمين، فلا شك أن أحدنا سيظل دون قلم، إن صاحبنا الذي أخذ قلمين هو الذي أخذ حصة زميلنا الذي لم يجد قلما. فإذا طلبنا منه إعادة القلم إلى صاحبه أصر أن القلم ملكه!

-“إني لم أتناوله من جيبه.. لم اسرقه ولم اغتصبه، وإنما أعطى القلم لي فأخذته.”.

لكن الأصل في هذه المسألة إن الأقلام العشرة ملك لكل المجموعة لكل واحدا فيها حصة، فإذا تجاوز أحدهم حصته بقى غيره بدون حصة حيث أن الذي تجاوز حصته قد يكون أخذ حصة غيره.

وهكذا هي ثروة المجتمع ملك لجميع المواطنين مقسومة بينهم بالتساوي فإذا نال أحدهم أكثر من حاجته فإن معنى ذلك هو نيله لحصة آخرين، وما ذلك إلا نوع من السرقة.

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