Commentary On The Green Book: Property and Productivity

Consists Of Lectures By The Brother Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi And The Contributions Of Other Writers And Thinkers

Volume II
Commentary On The Green Book
Property and Productivity


Came the Third Universal Theory change the structure of society, and to lay the foundation for building a new society, in which power, wealth and arms, however, the people .. A mass society, in which human relationships are based on the natural rules that are considered standard and the reference and the only source of human relationships.

The premise of this theory is the intellectual basis for the process of change which specifies features and trends, and so should this theory be very clear in her answer the following questions:

What is the image of the community after the success of the process of change?

What is the nature of the property system in this society?

What is the form in which the economic system?

How to be productive relations?

The Third Universal Theory eliminate the need for the disappearance of all economic activity is the exploitation of the results from human to another human being. Therefore, this theory requires the abolition of rent and the liberalization of the human Abboudatha and the disappearance of profit, “the recognition of profit recognition of exploitation.” Invalidate the legitimacy and the need for extra savings. The savings in excess of the need for another human being is the need of the wealth of society. As a result, become a free-trade economic activity is not consistent with the arguments of this theory. Free trade is exploitative phenomenon should disappear disappearance of taxis and the profit system and the need for extra savings.

What is the kind of economic activity which is consistent with the rules of this theory of natural?

The understanding of this subject requires a thorough familiar with the nature of the property system, and relations of production in the new society which is achieved as a result of the application of categories of the Third Universal Theory. The practical application of categories of the Third Universal Theory creates a society in which power is, however, the people, exercised through its conferences and its popular roots. Valmatmrat the People to decide what the policy of the community, and People’s Committees are to implement this policy, thereby achieving a democratic form in application of the argument immortal “No democracy without popular congresses” and become a people, as a result, a sergeant himself able to handle every deviation from his law review by the natural democracy. But true democracy is not complete until the completion of the democratic content in which people of wealth, however. And arms in the hands of the people. The contents of democratic checks the application of the categories which Ahtwaha the second chapter of the Green Book, where they become the land belongs to all, used by everyone to satisfy their needs within the limits of their best own, without the exploitation of others in return for payment or otherwise, where the distributed production contributed to the composition, according to the base of natural, which says “that each element of the production share in this production,” and where the protection of these gains become the responsibility of society itself.

This is the image of the new society, after the success of the change process. In light of this society are social relationships based on respect for human freedom, the right to life, to use all the good things that can be provided from the wealth of society without the exploitation of others or deprive them of their right to this wealth.

The application creates a natural rules. Ideal economic system better than those of existing economic systems in the world, this system is what the Third Universal Theory seeks to achieve.

The nature of the system property:

Property is divided, in the public system, to the three types of ownership: private ownership, and ownership of socialism, and public service. The first thing that should be explained is the standard distinction between these types of property. Does not support the standard distinction between the types of property to cancel the relationship fare, nothing to do with the employer workers, because this relationship is not normal, a relationship based on the division of society into owners and non-owners, Vamalik is the employer and the owner is working and where that wealth is the property of all . However, because the wealth of the people. The division of society into owners and non-owners, to employers and workers, it becomes essentially unsound in mass society. There is no man in the new society works when another human being.

Aware of the workers in this new society that their work at another human being means slavery, and therefore reject this, slavery after their revolution and liberate themselves from the oppressive relationship that was between them and the employer.

Can no longer human in this new society to become an entrepreneur, workers also use any number as a measure has to implement a particular project, as a paved road, or build a school, or other projects, because the relationship that was the kind of economic activity is on the basis of which no longer relationship recognized by society.

This man, if the contractor submitted a request to the Secretariat of Transportation, for example asking to give him the same “license”, which was used to exploit others in a society of exploitation, will discover that all the models that were used for that purpose may be torn apart, because they are models of private exploitation. The law that regulates the relationship between masters and slaves, between employers and workers between contractors and workers who give a person a portion of its production in favor of his master, no longer exist in this new society.

The commercial law, who was organizing a relationship of exploitation, which was allowed to open shops and stores private, use traps to fool consumers, to achieve the traders for their way of profits without doing fruitful work for the benefit of the community of this law, which was produced by actually exploitative and put the legislator to regulate corruption that exists, no longer presence in the new society, there is no longer there for those dupes of consumers in this community.

It was the rules of exploitation is placed as a basis for interaction between people, taking advantage of consumers and merchants in accordance with the rules of exploitation, and the needy are forced to buy the equivalent of twenty dinars, ten dinars, according to the rules of exploitation, organized by the Commercial Law.

The exploitative society, which is the most prominent of these rules unjust, and the development of its laws that give the right to exploit each other is capable of exploitation, a society in which the revolution was to change out of these communities. There are other communities continue to suffer the same exploitation of the rules until the present day all over the world.

The revolution in the society are exploitative unjust to destroy this society, but come the rules of sound and new relationships. The law, then organizes these rules and relationships, which are among the free people. Revolution liberated society of masters and slaves, a society of exploitation, class society, a society of injustice and oppression, and build a society intact. Every where people are free, then comes the law to regulate this new society.

Private Equity:

The property in the new society became the ownership of non-exploitative. Exploitative monarchy that existed before the revolution does not fit into the normal rules governing the movement on the basis of the new society.

Wealth is becoming in light of this community belong to all its members, every member of this community has the same share of it, is not entitled to any individual, regardless of the economic activity that does, no matter the amount of his quest, to abuse the rights of others in the wealth that the revolution destroy all types of property exploitative.

He who takes from the earth, without expense, to take advantage of others by running for his own account for rent under the pretext of reclaiming the land, or he’s right where he had done so productive work, no longer his argument acceptable after the discovery of natural rule governing the division of the wealth of society “land does not belong for one, but each one is entitled to benefit from the use and cultivation of a constant and Raeia over his life and the lives of his successors within the limits of his own without the use of other paid or not, within the limits of satisfying his needs ”

The ground in the new society become the property of all, every member of the community to work in agriculture is his children and his wife, without using other, and has grown to where he wants, such as wheat or barley. And instills the trees, and that keeps the animals, there is no one stop him from that. And ownership of this property is sacred and no one to approach them.

This type of property does not exist in any country in the world, in the capitalist system no individual property exploitative.

Ownership is not limited to allowing a person to use the others, and to seize all economic activity so that he can become a sole proprietorship. In the community Marxist anti-capitalism, this property are forbidden to individuals. Ownership of any state of the ruling Communist Party. And the people all of a workers of the Communist Party.

The private ownership of the sacred show, for the first time in the new society. No one has the right to be touched, which is linked to the condition of the use of others, due to lack of the possibility of the existence of accept that sell you his own in return for wages less than the right to production. It is the right of every individual in this new society to take the land needed to satisfy his needs, and work for himself to ensure the physical needs. Vavrad community have the same right to the ground. Therefore property becomes private property owners based on the effort, without exploiting the effort of others, and are used only to satisfy material needs.

The new society allows the individual to choose the type of work he or she prefers, which is consistent with the talents and abilities, which is free from the exploitation of others if the man known as carpentry or mechanics only has to open a store runs when his effort on, and make this shop a sole proprietorship. Does not interfere with the other, has the right to be assisted by members of his family, though he has no right to use his other slaves.

This property is the ownership of a new show for the first time, a sole proprietorship, ownership of the world’s known to permit its owner to use the other to extend ownership to satisfy his needs, and then seize on the needs of others and Ictenzea. Thus we find the one person in the bank account along with his other activities in excess of his needs, he is farmer and has a car lease to someone else, a merchant and contractor, and so on. This activity is in excess of the need is only the hoarding plus the satisfaction of needs, after full this person needs from food, drink and Markob be he can seize on the activity of another effort of others, and to seize the land of another and ragged after you have that money buy a car, shops and barber shops, and others. Everyone who has this type of activity, in fact, may be seized on the effort of others, and have the money that was able to Aktnazh is the right of others who were Aktnazh Money is the need of another human being from the wealth of society. And every individual has the same right to use the wealth of society to satisfy its needs as the rest of the people, and more than satisfy the needs not be considered private property to him it is a property of all people are distributed them all, because beyond the satisfaction of needs remain a property of all members of society by virtue of the rules new Socialist.

Socialist property:

The production to satisfy the physical needs of man may lead to the growth of production units based on the production process. As a result, cooperation becomes the individuals in the production process is essential. Valmusna a people who need to provide the needs of the community may need to be a hundred workers, can not have one factor alone to manage this plant, and as long as this is the nature of why the plant is owned by one individual to run the hundred workers?

The workers in the new society are aware that they have the same right as others in this factory, Valmusna has been built from the wealth of society and therefore not entitled to a member of society to monopolize ownership of, The land, which was constructed in which the plant belongs to all members of society, the material on which the plant belongs to all A individuals of society, and therefore becomes the factory ownership socialism, it belongs to the people, and the production is divided by the workers who work in and to the people themselves, because the plant is made ​​up of raw materials, machinery and workers, and these elements are the elements of production in this factory. As the natural rule in the new society, says that every element of the production share in this production, the production is divided on these three elements, takes workers’ share in this production, the rest, it becomes a share of the people, because of the material and machinery is in the final analysis part of the wealth of society, and this wealth belongs to all members of society, and due share of material production and the share of the machine all of them. Vallat factory and production materials have been purchased from the general budget, ie, the wealth of society, people are, then, is who owns the factory. The understanding which is managed by the workers who are his masters, and production up to them and take their share of raw materials as the machine takes its share.

The property is socialism, then, regarding this type of economic activity, any economic project large can not be done by one person by himself shared by all of the process of production, not one of them works at the other, nor is any one of them an employer of the other, everyone Partners , and this type of property is the property of socialism.

Public Service:

There are some activities carried out by individuals, which are necessary for society, but it can not be located in the circle of private property (private) can not be located in the Property Department of socialism as well. The teacher and the doctor and engineer services are needed by the community, these services are provided to all members of society, ie they provide as a public service in the new society. Humans or who does not want to work in a sole proprietorship, and does not want to participate in the institution of socialism to work with the rest of the producers, the right to submit a public service to the community, and ensures a society to satisfy its needs match doing this service, and because his job depends on providing satisfaction of needs production of the material provided by others, against the rest of society.

The teacher who is teaching our children can not continue in this task only if we provide a physical needs, if we abstained in the provision of these needs, we do Nghebrh to look for other work the way for a full physical needs. The doctor who treated the patients can not do its job unless we have provided his physical needs.

All of the assigned community to provide a public service to all its members can not continue to provide this service only if he provides for his community needs material, as provided by him either in the form of salary (pension) is enough to satisfy his needs, either in the form of my eyes, as if offers a Almarkob, food, clothing , or appoint a place to take him to his needs for rendering the public service. He who offers to take his share of public service that is sufficient to satisfy the needs of the public ownership of the society, because society has a share in the production being done by individuals match their use of production factors Olney is a social wealth owned by all members of society.

The rights in the new society, then, either to work for himself to ensure the physical needs in a sole proprietorship, or a partner to work in production in the ownership of a socialist or that the public service to the community, and ensures his material needs of society. The overriding principle in the new society requires that “the result is the one who consumes,” but members of the community may not be able to output all of them may be among them who is unable to discharge the production process, whether permanent or temporary disability. Therefore, these individuals must be an exception to the general rule

“Which is produced is consumed.”

Social Security :

The elderly who can not work for themselves to ensure their material, and who can not afford the performance of joint work and to do public service, these ensure that community needs Social security means in the new society have the right to anyone who does not estimate the performance of individual service, and can not do the work of the joint , can not provide any public service to the community.

The right to life guaranteed to all individuals in the new society. As the helpless can not satisfy the physical needs by himself. , It means that the deprivation of satisfying these needs, such as the need to eat and drink will lead to his death and in the end this means a death sentence on that helpless without the right.

But that man, as long as able to perform work of any kind, even if a particular button is pressed, the right to work to live, it is the duty of society to provide him with the work Ikdralih. If this man is completely unable to have the right to rest, it is the duty of society to ensure a living until the end.

Form of economic system:

This is the form that be the new socialist society. Humans or in the new society that works either for himself in the ownership of a private and sacred and satisfy his needs by himself, without exploiting the other. Or to work in the ownership of socialism and be a partner in the production and satisfy its needs from its share of this production. Or that the public service to the community, and enable him to satisfy the needs of society in exchange for this service. Or unable to be guaranteed that the community has the right to life as a human being.

This economic system, based on a realistic view, and humane, productive life. He is the founder on the rules of a natural constant, about the specter of exploitation and check to ensure fairness of distribution and right of individuals to the wealth of society.

Why was the choice of this form of economic system?

There are several other forms can be reviewed and discussed, and these forms differ in their origins, and in the results of the work by its rules for the form of economic system, which derive from the Third Universal Theory. Economic system which is the product of categories of application of this theory is radically different from other economic systems prior to him.

The Marxist economic system, which is based on Marx’s theory, all the people turn to take a taxi workers. And working under the control of the Communist Party, in which all property of the State, any of the Communist Party. And the state is in the process of planning and resource allocation and guide the production and identification of needs.

There is no doubt that there are several applications of Marxism, but these applications to graduate from the framework of the idea that the foundation from which Marxism, a workers’ state, which means practically the State of the Communist Party. Workers turning to action in this state, and turns to a higher output for use by the state in achieving the policy determined by the party.

Marxism and start applications usually nationalization which converts the property to the ownership of the State, any property of the Communist Party of agricultural land is, for example, to include some of the Marxist regime, has called cooperatives, or collective farm. The collective farms are the management led by a Communist Party members. Nevertheless, the Communists say, “The administration elected by the peasants.” But what happens in practice is the intervention of the party in the election system in order to ensure control of this farm, and ensures that harness the peasants to work for wages that are given to them at the end of each month The production of farm Vtakhzh Assembly or the State and sells it to the people, has been sold are cost five dinars ten dinars At the end of the year the President of the Assembly, which of course is one of the members of the party, the statement of accounts of the party where that party can be seen. Reviewed that account for the progress of the Assembly and its development, may be able President of this Assembly, if proven, it is run for the Central Committee of the Party or of the Political Bureau of the party.

Where I come from winning the Assembly?

This gain has come from the sale of production Assembly of the people. Did not benefit the people of that, but the association is benefited. If the money nature of the State, the State is benefited, and this is the justification given by supporters of this system, they say, “This system is better than the capitalist system, because the gains in the capitalist system goes to the capitalist class alone, but under this system gains back to the state that use it for the people of the same “used in the preparation of weapons and satellite industry, and financing of research corn, and build schools, roads, etc., and so back to the people again.

Whatever the case, this economic system prevents workers in the cooperative societies to make, have waived their production of the Association for a salary particular take all of them, and the Assembly sell their produce, and as a result we note that these workers Atkaslon, and refuse to work, because they take their pay, whether Achtglu Astglua or not, because this property is public property of the state, as if they were so they say, “This is the livelihood of income the government.” All workers under this system do not work only for fear of the Government, If the eye watching them fear the government are engaged, but if left to their experience, they leave work because their salaries are guaranteed.

إن العمال في ظل هذا النظام قد تقاعسوا عن العمل بعد أن تحولت الجمعية إلى بيروقراطية، وبعد أن صاروا ينتجون للدولة، بالرغم من كون الانتاج يعود إليهم في النهاية بشكل غير مباشر. فالشعور العام عند العمال بأن الانتاج يعود للدولة، يجعلهم يتقاعسون عن الانتاج، إذ يتحول العمال إلى موظفين في الدولة، وعندما يتحول العامل إلى موظف يميل عادة إلى الكسل، ويهرب من العمل لان راتبه مضمون.

ولا تجدى العقوبات التي تفرضها الدولة لمعالجة هذا الوضع نفعا،وذلك لعدم إمكان استمرار رقابة الحكومة على العامل. فالعامل يعمل مادامت هذه الرقابة موجودة، ويتوقف عن العمل عند اختفاء هذه الرقابة. لذلك نجد ظاهرة تكاسل العمال وتقاعسهم عن الانتاج، ظاهرة ملحوظة في ظل هذا النظام.

وحيث إن الدولة الماركسية قد فشلت في معاقبة العمال. وحيث إنها لا تستطيع أن تتراجع عن فكرة المزارع الجماعية، فان هذه الدولة قد حاولت إيجاد نوع من حوافز الانتاج، كأن تعطي كل عامل نصف هكتار من الارض ليكون ملكا خاصا له ولأسرته إذا ما قام بالعمل وأنتج لصالح الدولة، ولذلك فان البلدان الماركسية بدأت تأخذ بهذا النظام، لأنها جربت المزرعة الجماعية فوجدت أن العمال يتقاعسون عن الانتاج لانهم أجراء يتبعون الدولة.

والمصنع لا يختلف نظامه عن نظام المزرعة، فالعمال فى المصنع أجراء يرأسهم مجلس تابع للحزب. ويزعم أنصار هذا النظام أن ذلك المجلس قد كونه العمال، بينما هو في الواقع قد يكون بمعرفة الحزب، فرئيس المجلس لابد أن يكون من أعضاء الحزب حتى تتم سيطرة الحزب عليه. وبهذه الطريقة تتم سيطرة الحزب على جميع مرافق الدولة، من المزارع والمصانع إلى المدارس والبلديات ودوائر المراقبة والادارة، بالاضافة للجيش والشرطة. فالحزب هو الذي يعد قوائم المرشحين في كل مرفق. ويترك للناس حرية اختيار مجالسهم من بين المرشحين في تلك القوائم. والحقيقة التي ينبغي أن تذكر. هي أنه لا يوجد أحد في هذا النظام بدون عمل، ولكن لا يوجد كذلك شخص غنى في نفس الوقت. فكل الذين يعملون إنما يعملون للحصول على أكلهم وشربهم على الأكثر، أما السكن والكهرباء والمواصلات وغيرها من الحاجات الضرورية فتوفرها الدولة مقابل أجرة تؤخذ من الراتب.

إن المصنع الذي يعمل وفقا لهذا النظام لا يتقدم، وذلك لان العمال فيه أجراء يتنازلون عن إنتاجهم للدولة مقابل أجرة.

إن النظام الماركسى تقتله البيروقراطية. فالعمال لا يشتغلون بكل طاقاتهم لانهم يتنازلون عن إنتاجهم للدولة مقابل أجرة. كما أن أفراد المجتمع الذين يعملون فى القطاع العام يشتغلون لحساب الدولة، وليس لديهم باعث على الانتاج، ومن هذه الناحية فإن هذا النوع من النظام الاقتصادي مرفوض لأنه لا يحقق وفره في الانتاج. فالعمال عندما يشتغلون في ظل هذا النظام، لا يهمهم إلا المحافظة علي رواتبهم فقط، دون نظر إلى تقدم الانتاج أو تأخره.

وإذا ما أردنا أن نبحث عن الاسباب الي أدت إلى هذا الوضع في النظام الماركسي، فاننا نجد أن السبب المباشر في انعدام الحافز وعرقلة الانتاج يرجع إلى نظام الملكية (ملكية الدولة) وعلاقات الانتاج، الذي حول أفراد المجتمع كلهم إلى أجراء، وأوجد الادارة البيروقراطية.

أما النظام الرأسمالي، فإن نظام الملكية و علاقات الانتاج فيه لا يختلف جوهريا عن النظام الماركسى، فالاشياء التي تملكها الدولة في المجتمع الماركسي يملكها فرد في المجتمع الرأسمالى.

ويقوم الرأسمالي.. رب العمل الذى يملك المزرعة أو المصنع بتشغيل العمال مقابل أجرة يتفق عليها وفقا لقوانين السوق التى تجعل من العامل سلعة تباع وتشترى. ويتنازل العمال عن إنتاجهم لذلك الرأسمالي الذى قام بتشغيلهم مقابل تلك الاجرة التي يدفعها لهم في نهاية المدة المتفق عليها، ثم يقوم الرأسمالي ببيع إنتاج العمال لكى يحقق الارباح لمصلحته.

وإذا ما حللنا تلك العملية التي يقوم بها الرأسمالي فاننا نجد انها تنحصر في استغلال جهد العمال وحاجتهم إلى العمل. وعن طريق هذه العملية الاستغلالية تنحرف القاعدة السليمة “إن الذي ينتج هو الذي يستهلك” عن طبيعتها. وهذا العمل الذي يقوم به الرأسمالي لا يستند إلى حق طبيعي ولا يوجد له أي مبرر.

إن الرخصة التي يستند إليها الرأسمالي، والتي تمكن من الحصول عليها بعملية مناقصة بينه وبين الرأسماليين الآخرين، هى التي تمكنه من سرقة جهد العمال الذين يستخدمهم لتحقيق الارباح. وذلك باعطائهم أجرة لا تساوي إنتاجهم، فإذا كانت ساعة العمل تساوي دينارا فان ما يعطيه الرأسمالي للعامل مقابل جهده هو أقل من ذلك، حيث إن الرأسمالي يقوم بعملية حسابية. يتمكن عن طريقها من استغلال العامل، فالربح الذي يحققه الرأسمالي نتيجة لتلك العملية الحسابية هو من حق العمال لأنه أستقطع من جهدهم وعرقهم، وهذا الربح هو الذي تمكن الرأسمالي عن طريقه من تكديس الثروة وتوسيع حدود ملكيته وتركيز سيطرته على علاقات الانتاج.

وقد تصل سيطرة الرأسماليين على علاقات الانتاج إلى حد يقف فيه العامل ضد الثورة التي قامت من أجل تحريره وتمكينه من السيطرة على حاجاته، وأخذ حقه في الانتاج. وهذا مثلا ما حدث فى تشيلى، فلقد تمكنت المخابرات الأمريكية من إخراج المغفلين من الناس هاتفين بسقوط (اللندي) الذي وزع عليهم ثروة الرأسمالية الاستغلالية.

وقد يلجأ الرأسماليون، في سبيل تحقيق هذه السيطرة، إلى كثير من الحيل كأن يتبرعوا للجمعيات الخيرية. أو أن يقوموا برشو أصحاب النفوذ، أو بمساعدة العمال أنفسهم فى الاعياد والمناسبات.

وقد يقوم الرأسماليون، نتيجة لوطأة الإحساس بخطر الثورة الاجتماعية، بتهريب أموالهم إلى الخارج، إلى المناطق التي وطد النظام الرأسمالي فيها دعائمه وأركانه. وهذا هو الوضع الذي واجهته الثورة الاجتماعية في ليبيا، حيث وجدت أن الرأسماليين (الطيبين)! قد قاموا بتهريب أموالهم إلى بريطانيا وإيطاليا وغيرها من الدول.

إن الاموال التي تمكن الرأسماليون من تكديسها وتهريبها ووضعها في حساباتهم في الخارج، قد تكونت من جهد العمال فى كدهم وعرقهم. فالعمال هم الذين قامو بالانتاج، وهم الذين قاموا ببناء المدارس وتعبيد الطرق وبناء المستشفيات، وغيرها من الأشياء النافعة، ولم يفعل الرأسمالي غير شيء واحد هو جني الأرباح من تلك المشاريع التى تم إنجازها عن طريق العمال. ولذلك تعتبر الاموال التي كدسها الرأسماليين حقا للعمال أنفسهم وليس للرأسماليين أي حق فيها.

إن من حق العمال أن يأخذوا حقهم كاملا في الانتاج، ولا يتحقق ذلك إلا بتغيير وضع العمال ليصبحوا منتجين شركاء في الانتاج فتنتهي علاقة الاجرة وعلاقة الربح، لتحل محلها علاقة جديدة هي العلاقة بين الشركاء في الإنتاج الذي يقسمونه بينهم، وفقا للقاعدة الطبيعية في توزيع الانتاج التي تقضى بأن “لكل عامل من عوامل الانتاج حصة في هذا الانتاج” وتحول العامل من عبد ينتج لصالح سيده إلى إنسان حر ينتج لصالح نفسه وهو بعد ذلك حر في أن يتنازل بارادته عن جزء من إنتاجه لكي يستخدمه فيما يحتاج إليه من تسليح وتوفير للخدمات الصحية والمواصلات وغير ذلك من الحاجات العامة للمجتمع. إن هذه القاعدة إذا ما طبقت في المجتمع. فلن يكون هناك مقاول على الاطلاق، وسيختفي كل أثر لنظام الارباح، ونظام الاجرة. حيث ينتهي وجود أرباب العمل، ويتحرر الناس بتحرير حاجاتهم من سيطرة الآخرين.

إ ن قيام الثورة الاجتماعية إذا، لم يتوقف على فهم العمال ووعيهم. فعندما يفهم العمال في بلاد العالم كافة أن العلاقة القائمة بينهم وبين رب العمل هي علاقة فاسدة وأنها تنتج نظاما اجتماعيا واقتصاديا فاسدا يكرس الاستغلال ويحول الانسان إلى عبد ينتج لمصالح السادة الرأسماليين. وحين يدرك العمال أن نظام الملكية وعلاقات الانتاج عندما تنحرف عن الوضع الطبيعي المنسجم مع القواعد الطبيعية في الانتاج والتوزيع والعامل الذي يكمن وراء عملية الاستغلال فانهم يقومون بالثورة محطمين كل أساس فاسد يعتمد عليه نظام الملكية وعلاقات الانتاج.

وعندما يدرك أفراد المجتمع، كل الناس أن أصحاب العمارات لم يتمكنوا من بناء تلك العمارات إلا باستخدام ثروة المجتمع، متمثلة في مواد البناء اللازمة لعملية البناء واستغلال جهد العاملين، وحين يدركون أن صاحب العمارة ليس له حق في هذه العمارة أكثر من حق غيره فيها الذي لا يتجاوز حاجته إلى المسكن، لان ثروة المجتمع ينبغي أن تقسم على عدد سكانه. وحين يدركون أن من حق كل فرد أن يكون مالكا لسكنه، سوف يقومون بالثورة مطالبين بأن يكون “البيت لساكنه” وأن تكون ثروة المجتمع ملكا لجميع أفراده، وأن تكون “لارض ليست ملكا لاحد” هي قاعدة نظام الملكية وعلاقات الانتاج، وسيطالبون بتمزيق كل القوانين التي تبيح عملية الاستغلال والسرقة.

وحين يدرك أفراد المجتمع أن من حق كل فرد أن يشبع حاجاته المادية من ثروة المجتمع وأن ما زاد عن هذه الحاجات يعتبر تعديا على حاجة إنسان آخر من ثروة المجتمع، وأن ذلك الوضع سوف يؤدي إلى عودة نظام الاستغلال، وأن ذلك لا يحدث إلا في غياب القواعد الطبيعية فى الانتاج والتوزيع، تكون الثورة الاجتماعية التى تحدث هي الثورة التي تعتمد على هذه القواعد الطبيعية في عملية التغيير.

ان الذى يحدث فى المجتمعات الاستغلالية هو قيام المستغل بأخذ حصته ليشبع منها حاجاته وأخذ حصة الآخرين لادخارها وتكديسها واعتبارها ملكا له يستخدمه في استغلال الآخرين..ولذلك يعتبر نظام الملكية في المجتمع الاستغلالي نظاما ظالما ومرفرضا، ومن حق أفراد المجتمع أن يقوموا بالثورة الاجتماعية ضده لتحطيمه، وإعلان أن “الارض ليست ملكا لاحد” وأن من حق كل فرد أن يستغل هذه الارض بجهده الخاص لاشباع حاجاته دون استغلال لجهد غيره.

هذا التحليل يستند إلى ما جاء في الكتاب الأخضر، وهو تحليل للمعطيات الموجودة في العالم، وهذه المعطيات أدت تلقائيا الى اكتشاف أن الارض ليست ملكا لأحد. وأن من حق كل أفراد المجتمع أن ينتفعوا بها لاشباع حاجاتهم دون استغلال لغيرهم، ودون تمكين غيرهم من استغلالهم، وأن الارض لابد أن تعود لاصحابها، وأن يتم توزيعها بحيث يأخذ كل فرد من أفراد المجتمع منها ما يستحقه. وكل وضع اجتماعي يتناقض مع هذه القاعدة هو وضع لابد من الثورة عليه.

إن الثورة هي رفض للظلم والباطل، فعندما نكتشف أن المجتمع قد انقسم إلى أغنياء وفقراء، مالكين وغير مالكين، يعني ذلك أن الغنى قد صار غنيا على حساب هؤلاء الفقراء. ويعنى ذلك أن الثروة في هذا المجتمع غير مقسمة بالتساوي على أفراده. فنجد من يكون نصيبه صفرا، ونجد من يكون نصيبه مائة وحدة. كما أن فرص العمل فى المجتمع لن تكون متساوية، حيث نجد من أخذ مائة فرصة عمل، ومن لا فرصة له على الاطلاق، ويصبح وضع نظام الملكية وعلاقات الانتاج بذلك وضعا استغلاليا ظالما تجب الثورة ضده.

الحل الطبيعي :

لا يوجد حل بديل لهذا الوضع الاستغلالي الظالم إلا حل واحد، وهو الذي يضع، ثروة المجتمع في موضعها الطبيعى، حيث تقسم على جميع أفراده. وبعد ذلك يستطيع كل فرد من أفراد هذا المجتمع أن يطور إمكاناته ويطور حصته. فإذا كان نصيبك العادل من ثروة المجتمع هو خمسة هكتارات. وكان نصيبى أنا أيضا خمسة هكتارات، وكان إنتاجك عشر وحدات، وكان إنتاجي ست وحدات فقط نتيجة لكسلي، فإن التفاوت بيننا ليس ناتجا عن استغلال أى واحد منا لجهد الآخر، وقد يعتبر ذلك قضاء وقدرا مسلما به، ولذلك يحق لكل واحد منا أن يحتفظ بانتاجه ولا يجوز له، في نفس الوقت، أن يقوم بعمل من شأنه أن ينقص نصيب الاخر من ثروة المجتمع، وهي الخمسة هكتارات.

لابد أن تفهم الجماهير الأسباب التي أدت إلى ظهور الكتاب الاخضر الذي يعلن أن “الارض ليست ملكا لاحد”. وعليها أن تفهم أن الحل هو تحرير حاجات الانسان من سيطرة الآخرين، وأن يملك كل إنسان حاجاته من مركوب ومسكن ومعاش ومواد استهلاكية. وأن تفهم لماذا تكون الثورة ضرورية عندما تدفع الجماهير مرغمة ثمنا مضاعفا للحصول على هذه الحاجات، ولماذا تكون التجارة الحرة ظاهرة استغلالية وعملا غير إنتاجي. ولماذا تجب تصفية التجارة الحرة والعلاقات الاقتصادية التي تجعل أرباب العمل يكسبون من جهد غيرهم، ولماذا لا ينبغي لاي إنسان أن يبني أكثر من منزل واحد لسكناه ولسكنى أسرته، ولماذا لا يصح بناء المنازل وتأجيرها، فالارض ملك لكل أفراد المجتمع، ويحق لكل واحد منهم أن يقوم بنشاط اقتصادي لاشباع حاجاته دون استغلال لغيره.

ان على اللجان الثورية أن تعي هذه الحقائق وتفهمها وتعمل على إيصالها للجماهير إذا ما أرادت للثورة الاجتماعية أن تنتصر. وإن فى مقدمة مهام اللجان الثورية ترشيد اللجان الشعبية، وأمانات المؤتمرات الشعبية، وتحريك المؤتمرات الشعبية، وتحريض الجماهير على ممارسة السلطة. ولا يمكن للجان الثورية أن تقوم بهذا الواجب على أكمل وجه إلا إذا فهمت هذه الافكار الثورية فهما صحيحا. وتحولت إلى قوة عقائدية قادرة على قيادة الجماهير نحو الزحف المقدس، الذي يحقق سلطة الشعب ويبني المجتمع الاشتراكي الجديد على أساس من الحرية والعدل في كل مكان من العالم.

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