Commentary On The Green Book: Revolution Of The Working People

Consists Of Lectures By The Brother Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi And The Contributions Of Other Writers And Thinkers

Volume I
Commentary On The Green Book
Revolution Of The Working People

Why working people?

The interest in workers’ attention more than any other social sector, so why focus most attention on the workers more than others from the productive sectors in society? The workers historically and realistic. They are the only class in society that contribute to the effort to provide real and direct production to complete vital projects. , Striving always in production sites, from ports, to the construction work to land reclamation for agriculture, or in factories and production facilities different.

The effort is the production workers.

Nonetheless, the neglect of powdered layer digestible rights and stolen effort together, where they are to exploit the economic institutions of public and private. Those that harness the workers who are doing their best to complete the projects undertaken by them. Return for payment only, due to production workers to all those institutions exploitative. Which created the phenomenon of serious economic and social levels in contemporary societies. And arranged a political force majeure conditions for workers who steal their best and take advantage of their production by the exploitive institutions in the modern world ..

How to steal the effort of workers?

I thought codified the traditional social phenomenon of exploitation tended to have the force of law in order to give legitimacy to all the processes of exploitation under the capitalist economic system, which employs state institutions of liberal political, economic and social gains in the accumulation of stealing effort of workers. The labor laws that have been formulated for these precious, but to be behind the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the capitalist class on the dominant liberal society. When the capitalist state holds the licensing trade and licensing the use of workers, they do allow, in fact, for individuals Altsalin such permits, the practice of acts of exploitation and the theft of workers’ effort in light of legality. The state capital grant licenses for exploitation of its practitioners. And then give them the areas of exploitation that they can monopolize the wealth of society through their hands, and deprive the rest of the society of the basic necessities to the need. When someone wants to practice it resort to the exploitation of the capitalist state, which gives him under certain conditions a special permit to ensure that his state and the appended seals and signatures of the texts of laws and the ministers and their officials. Concentrates his main concern then in the search for projects that can make profit of them, but perhaps the different projects were announced under the urging of thieves and their request.

Even if the announcement of the project, has been awarding the particular individual, his main concern, the focus this time in the search for workers makes them subservient to the completion of the project. It would be both easy for him to get the numbers and abundant of them because of their need to sell their best for taxi reservations alive. Here again we find ourselves faced with laws that have been formulated to determine the relationship between the employer and the worker as a relationship between master and slave. Valogerh determined by the employer of the worker according to the law is not equal to his effort, and not equal to productivity. But that the worker produces more and receive less. Thus, the difference between the production workers and their fares up as profit for the benefit of the employer exploited. While the workers are forced by the need to bow to the harsh conditions imposed by the employers, represented mainly in reducing their reward, so that employers usually obtained on nearly half of the production workers as profit for them. And not to the workers but to approve the employment contract concluded between them and employers. Two locations that “the phenomenon of theft,” practiced by the capitalists against the producers. Destinations of the legal and political institutions so that the capital engaged in exploitation and theft away from any accountability of any kind. But it can in the event of accountability is to obtain positive results in their favor, as the practice of stealing it is a legitimate practice, sanctioned by law and granted the capitalist state through its official formal permission Bmzaweltha. Thus, the traditional legal thought, has codified the phenomenon of theft and he called (entrepreneurship) to a donor Mzaouliha commercial licenses are not, in fact, only licenses. Available to those who practice the theft when its conditions. When the bids are announced, the thieves are Bgathm have found their work to exercise their licenses, which allow them to Bmzawelth. That any declaration of a tender but would mean in fact alert thieves to the presence seize the opportunity to ask to make a profit at the expense of production workers. Shall not be operative unless the announcement of the tender so on. “All thieves who meet the conditions there. And thus permits have been granted an official to do stealing workers’ effort and make a profit at their expense .. The opportunity before you now is your opportunity to practice this .. as well as the project has been decided to implement it.” Have been able to employers through unfair relationship established legal thinking from the traditional control of the workers and impose the domination of the means of production. Although employers from a statistical point of a tiny minority in productive enterprises, “and do not represent anything at all in terms of productivity, while workers are in the majority, absolute and are the real engine and the only one of the production process, but the workers are subject entirely to the control of employers in them” and perhaps undergo by those, and this control on the part of those will continue in the absence of revolutionary culture “that achieve the awareness of workers’ historical injustice caused to them, at the hands of the exploiting classes in the societies of exploitation, abuse material and moral. the revolutionary culture is to be paid to the workers to revolt. to carry the revolution tremendous knock relations, unjust and crash communities exploitation of collapse after that capitalist institutions and relations unfair sheltered and sponsored by the laws of class exploitation, to open the door then for a new life lay the rules of justice in the lives of individuals and groups. where return rights to them in full, according to a new equation obtained in which each producer productivity sectors. due across every effort to owner, who his undiminished. which shall be repealed so old equation based on the principle of contradiction between (Group employee) and (the employer the owner) to show the presence (Associate Producer), according to the philosophy set by saying, “The producers are partners to the action) The values ​​of ancient life and relations of production which have disappeared permanently from the lives of producers, meanwhile, replaced by the values ​​of the era of public relations, which frees producers from the constraints of staffing and labor laws, to have each product Bntegh.

Factors of production:

All economic institutions based on “production process” its elements the three basic, namely: producers, the raw material needed for production and production tool of any machines that require producers to perform their work and the achievement of production, represented in the structure of enterprise productivity the same component of the building and machinery used in production Kalmsna or workshop or others. As the production process stemming from the interaction between each of the three elements of production and some of them, so that if one of them and lack of disruption of the entire production.

And by virtue of the full participation of all elements of production in the base logical and scientific entitled to the fair to have all of those elements to the right to participate fay Makiya enterprise productivity itself evenly between the three elements mentioned above. So that each element of which the share in accordance with the size of his grandfather and his contribution to production. Dividing the production – which is the return on the production process – the three elements, each of which one third. Finale third of the producers, the second third is due to raw materials is part of the wealth of the people, Faúl to the people. Including the producers themselves through him back to the general budget of the community. And return the last third of the structure of the institution itself productive, Faúl to the party that provided the organization of productive people are the owner of factories and production facilities of different, because it is the one who bought it from its budget to provide the general areas of work for the producers.

The Department of Enterprise productivity and organization are the responsibility of all employees in the form of “management of the popular” check the actual control and direct the workers to their organization by choosing the “Committee for the popular” among them, its weight factor specialization as entrusted with the task of either related to the institution of productivity and production issues or personnel . And solve this administration replaced the popular tool of capitalism or government department bureaucracy realized a boost to increase production. And increase its value. And guidance about what is useful lives, and satisfy their needs, and to maintain uniformity of work organization productivity. The verification of this thesis scientific solve the crisis of freedom in the most complex aspects of the economic side, so that the end of the contradiction the historic wage-earners and owners a result of the emergence of social power, political and economic new of valuable partners – which covers the map demographic of the whole society in the various sectors of economic, but canceled the class struggle, the traditional forms of multi – politically, economically and socially through the resolution of the contradiction of class between workers and employers decisive radical elimination of theft and exploitation – the destruction of the labor laws and the destruction of fare – which is a model of forced labor and forced human oppression and pressure need to accept the humiliation and delivery in their economic explicit that is what makes the force that defeated the workers through history to fade completely liberated workers from Georha and conquer .. Without being replaced by another force a new exercise the same position to dominate the workers, child, but the workers themselves take the place of employers in the administration Fimarssounaa collective administration of conferences productivity which has been decided, and chosen from among whom the popularity of the implementation of their decisions within the organization of productive work.

Liberation of working people:

With the fall of employers, and destroy the laws that allow them to exploitation, freed working people from the shackles of taxis and forced labor, and liberated their needs the return of their produce to them, will collapse the rules of society reactionary building on the exploitation and monopoly, and established rules of society, a new free of oppression on the basis of culture, the new revolutionary, which is the culture of freedom, it establishes an new community living in which all individuals are free and equal after their recovery and for all factors of all exploitation and oppression. A society like this would be the freedom of its members, is the absolute goal, who leads all of its objectives, but continue to exist depends on its members constantly emancipation of all taxis and rent restrictions and trafficking. Stsudh culture and create a revolutionary scientific working people from the beginning to fight a battle and then edit, then prepared to cut the road to the final exploitation, and the establishment of community partners are aware of their interests free. Schemes and the enemies of freedom of employers who have imposed their tyranny to the dark ages laboring through long monopolized the needs of people and Samoahm abuse and degradation of the investigators behind this massive profits at the expense of everyone. The main factor in the liberation of working people is the consciousness by the injustice that was produced by relations unjust reaction against it in a society of exploitation and the fare means that use the forces of exploitation – of the bourgeoisie and capitalism and feudalism – to be used to subdue the working people psychologically and mentally to bow to injustice and exploitation. The absence of awareness of the working people is the goal sought by the forces of exploitation to achieve by all means that can put out her hand. In the introduction to these methods comes religion as one of the most important means of historical worked the forces of exploitation on the warping and used to the absence of awareness of the working people and serve their interests and defend its privileges and Sergadtha even reached the matter to the falsification of statements and religious dimensions of religion than the basic, as happened in the Middle Ages, when they turned the church into an institution feudal exploitation practiced by truncated owned vast tracts in various parts of Europe, which led to the reactions of anti-religion and the church together and reached the limit of atheism and the denial of religion, belief and expression responsible for the practices of the Christian church and clergy survey. Although religion is not the only means of exploitation, which is used to resist the forces of progress and justice, but most important of these means are all due to the influence of religious emotion and the power of control over the behavior of the faithful of working people and the rebels. Until we find the reactionaries in Libya when they decided to resist the emancipation of working people and thwarted resorted to religion again Fozvo some of the Senate to defend the interests of working people that are threatened by a revolution which was then violently knock their doors. They called on mosques to fight against freedom, social justice and workers to control their production, and claimed that these things are contrary to religion, in an attempt to alienate the working people against the real interests and against the just cause, by exploiting the powerful religious passion and ignorance Progressive substance of religion. Therefore, the working people with maturity and awareness of the Revolutionary Atahtm rules of injustice, but it frees religion of lies and forgeries, and canceled his reactionary role, which tied him, and offering to humanity as a message with the role of progressive and revolutionary ideal. If it succeeds in Libya working people to achieve this, it will provide to the world of religion as a message of justice and brotherhood and equality in the era of distorted from flocking material and alienation and alienation. Mission will be laboring to punish the forces of exploitation and not reactionary because they reduced to slavery and needs only a monopoly, but because it tried misleading and falsified Alodye the face of religious belief. Awareness that the issue of working people, is not an issue related to a temporary stage on the previous working people Butortha, just as the revolutionary consciousness is a necessary condition for the bombing of that revolution, it is also a necessary condition for the continuation and success .. To enable working people to win the victory full and sustained against the forces of exploitation, which remains Mitrbesh Balchgalh even after the detonation of the Revolution in search of flaws are exploited, and what their weaknesses used to prove the inability of working people for self-determination, and failing to take responsibility for their freedom, and thus subject them again and returned to the restrictions that came out just about . The forces of exploitation of traditional and reactionary forces in the knees drifting Sottaghd itself for loopholes exploited by producers to destroy the revolution and discharged their contents from the revolutionary, progressive and democratic, the justification given for the return of oppression and slavery again. Therefore, the task of working people in the province on the revolution and the consolidation of emancipation from all constraints is a difficult and arduous, the need to score by a considerable care in management of institutions and facilities economic, Bhaj to double its production, and increase the organization of work and Atradh to prevent malfunction or disabled would pave the the way for the revolution producers relapse and the return of employers Bzlmanm and invincible for working people again. The awareness of the revolutionary working people is the one who will prevent relapse producers and revolution without the destruction and theft gains, because the awareness of the revolutionary working people is the one who avoids falling into the Elms Take and errors that have fallen in some of the experiences of contemporary revolutionary experience Nasiriyah, especially in Egypt and the Chilean experience. It is well known that the revolutionary regime in Chile has to retrieve people’s money from employers thieves and distributed to the poor masses of the people, and nations of the foreign companies for the benefit of workers, but the awareness of the poor masses, especially the workers was simple or non-existent, while the revolutionary regime to take steps that on their behalf and without it being clear to them, was able employers and bourgeois and all members of the exploiting class of the people that hit their interests, to attract workers and the poor other Ikhrjohm to the streets chanting the fall of the revolution in Chile, was not to be the fall of the revolution, and the return of exploitation by choosing the workers and the poor result of lack of revolutionary consciousness. As I stood masses of workers unable to Musran maintain the gains achieved by the revolution of Nasiriyah, when the progress train the forces of anti-revolution to crush the achievements of the decisions of a revolutionary is not to the masses of working people a hand in the take, has been the inability of those masses to protect the gains of the ignorance of the absolute justification of those gains that are not manufactured, but which made ​​her the secrets of their awareness of what has happened and is happening. Hence, the community is happy is the one who liberates the masses of working people on their own enslavement and oppression, without acting them one at that, even if the MP is enabled the working people of the awareness of reality and, opening the way to completely emancipated, on the grounds that what is needed is the bombing of a revolution producers to correct course of human history, and not just a government decision to cancel the manifestation of exploitation. The community is happy that erupt when a revolution producers do not have the room for exploitation .. Not be a place for dealer monopoly on the needs of individuals to Isawmanm them to steal their grandfather and the confiscation of their production .. There is no place where the contractor or employer harnesses and drain the abilities of individuals for unfair wages or false charity to achieve from behind the theft of huge profits over the bondage of producers .. That arises after the producers and control the productive establishments Stnadm strikes and labor unrest by the working people in all parts of the contemporary world. There is no meaning because the strike or rebel against the product in his institution owned and directed and produced entirely controlled by the .. Because the meaning of that arises against the sovereignty and against the freedom that transforms across from employee to partner disposer is free from all fetters that hinder it was .. But if he wants to restore the restrictions to his hands, and advocate for employers exploited against himself. The socialist society is a happy dream of the oppressed throughout history, from the workers and peasants who are under the control of capitalism and feudalism, and the oppressed and Mtahonin control of the capitalist state bureaucracy, which has replaced capitalist employers. But getting to achieve this dream can not be done if there is no awareness of the revolutionary workers and organization. Revolution emancipation by the working masses explode like the military operations carried out by the army of plotting to invade the city. It Isttalaaha first to collect, information that is of strategic importance for him .. Then proceed after that attack. The Astela any working people on the goal must be orderly and carefully thought-out improvisation and recklessness that caused the failure and harm the primary purpose for which the pool itself and the masses of working people exposed to risks to achieve.

Types of socialist production:

A society that produces a happy revolution producers human beings enjoying freedom is a society which eliminates the producers of exploitation and injustice .. And prosper in the shadow of justice and equality among all people .. And where everyone receives their rights. Thus, the economic system is scientifically defined in three types of economic activity complement each other, namely: –

First – your production – which is practiced by the individual himself in order to satisfy his needs, achieving about the way his personal property to the source of his living to make fun of anyone without a divorce in this area.

Secondly – socialist production – and Atthml in the activity that his partners in the production facilities owned, including joint ownership, where the combined factors of production to achieve the production, and thus, the production factors of production owned by the three combined did not like meeting in the production process itself.

Thirdly – the public service: – It is provided by a number of individuals for the benefit of all members of the community service in the necessary Kaltalb, education or public administration .. Etc. .. And solidarity in the society as a whole to provide the guarantee to satisfy the needs of these individuals to be able to offer their services to him. That the masses of working people blown up after the revolution and achieve victory responsibility regarding multiply, and grow their duty to increase the willingness to confront its enemies, and to increase their vigilance to defend their interests. The battle of the working people can not be completed as soon as the victory of its revolution, but that he enter an open battle soon to resort to revolution against the forces of exploitation in the community until the end of these forces drastically and became it since then to resolve this battle, there is no one Fiallogod can run this battle on her behalf. And became also to determine its course and had to know the power of its allies and its enemies .. It has entered the arena of a bloody conflict will end.

Game in which a crush feuding and the survival of the other. That working people can not evade the responsibility regarding the fight in the battle, as it can not be compromised by enemies who put their plans to abort the revolution and emancipation foil and returned to the restrictions of exploitation and oppression over again.

وإذا قررت الشغيلة غير ذلك، فارتضت لنفسها الاستعباد والاستغلال ومص الدماء، فذلك قرارها وحدها، ولن تجد لنفسها نصيرا، غير أن تعيد حساباتها وتشحذ همتها لتدخل معركتها بحزم وجد، والا كتب عليها أن تظل في القيود دهرا لا يدرك مداه.

إن قضية تحرير الشغيلة هي قضية الاختيار بين ان يكون الفرد عبدا أو يكون حرا، ولا يمكن للعبودية أن تسقط إلا بسقوط مجتمع الاستغلال بقيمه وعلاقاته وقوانينه الظالمة عن طريق ثورة المنتجين.. أى ثورة المظلومين أنفسهم. ويظل ذلك اختيارا متروكا للشغيلة نفسها بعد أن توضع أمامها كل الحقائق الجوهرية عن قضيتها التاريخية.

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