Commentary On The Green Book: The Value Of Human Society

Consists Of Lectures By The Brother Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi And The Contributions Of Other Writers And Thinkers

Volume I
Commentary On The Green Book
The Value Of Human Society


The value of the rights in the contemporary world is measured by what he had .. That the value of any rights in the contemporary world is measured with his money, it has a lot of wealth, the higher its value if he is poor and has no value.

The value of the rights issue closely related to Bembges ethics and the subject of the arts, and all three explanatory themes rather than the process of things. But it explains the scientific side of life, as interpreted Date particular area because it is a history in some ways because of their relationship to the training of national community, that the factor of national and social worker are the engine history, mainly the movement’s positive group humanity, which is a close relationship with the subject of national unity to the nation .. And subject to external challenges faced and colonialism .. A scientific explanation goes a way to do imperialism, Bdhoudh interpretations of material to justify the phenomenon of neo-colonialism which is what the system tries based on the state-capitalist resistance, but offers instead an alternative to imperialist is also determined by the call to ignore the factors of national and religious basis for the movement of meeting humanitarian law.

If capitalism was that it had reached in the exploitation and domination to the global stage, so that it dealt with the global economy as the private property of Lucan, limited to responding to the requirements of its own, achieving what is known as the international imperialism, internationalism, the thesis is objectively new imperialism.

When discussing the issue of internationalism without Nnhaz emotionally to ourselves or to others, and Ntamq boldly in the discussion of issues Kalammah religious, political or economic, we get to that internationalism is the imperial emblem .. Achieve a new imperialism, rather than those generally accepted in the past ..

Imperialist expansion is the lack of respect for the limits of others .. Geographical, national and religious .. Order to achieve the gains can not be achieved the highest wider. Capitalism thrives when the institutions of capitalism and exploitation operations of large-scale capture, during which the wealth of peoples without interest Badaanha or ethnicity or geographical boundaries.

The argument was offered by capitalism in the hands of aggression against the people, the people who have wealth and can not use to his advantage, he must be able to deliver to the use of the capitalists. But that capitalism has reached the farther the level when put that capital active can not take into account the net worth zombies who can do something useful, they were convictions of Hitler and Nazism that the Earth is for all, and Ambrr for one to retain for himself any piece thereof, for any reason the National or religious or other. German people are active right to expand to the borders of its vital, without taking into account anything else. It would be naïve to watching people active on the people of the last untapped wealth without Akedzha to take advantage of the wealth that he has. This means that the powerful should simplify their influence at the expense of the weak. To exceed the limits of exploitation of one nation that arises exploitation UN horseshoe-border ethnic, religious and political, which used to be called imperialism.

Also, ignore nationalities and religions by calling for the UN, would lead to the destruction of civilizations and yard entities .. And the emergence of conflicts, regardless of the intellectual content of the call the UN a religious or non religious, Valommah not respect the boundaries between ethnic groups, religions and political entities will create a situation dominated by the law of the jungle, where control of the powerful are able to vulnerable people unable to impose their beliefs and achieve their own interests without regard for anything else.

That can not be a situation properly because it is not a situation in a natural, and therefore lead to a complete breakdown of peace in the world, contrary to the claims of the advocates of internationalism as a theory of peace between human beings on the grounds that it anti-imperialist when threatened interests of the peoples and nations and religions .. The owners of these national and religious interests will fight for their interests and seeks strong imperialist position to impose it on them .. Which creates a situation in volcanic and volatile among those who damaged their interests threatened and their respective entities and those who are harming them without justification to pay attention to the theory that justifies this situation. As the justification that there is only an attempt to justify the new imperialism.

It is obligatory to put a new theory rid the world of tyranny and exploitation, leads to real emancipation of peoples everywhere, Vtantsr freedom to exercise direct popular democracy to be achieved for the human person, without that fall into the clutches of imperialism new.

We do not call for the establishment of a public one in the whole world, we do not believe that this can be achieved, but we call for the establishment of a public life of freedom everywhere on the unit.

According to geographical divisions and political on the world map drawn by the forces of exploitation, dictatorship and imperialism can be established Jmaheriaat popular to replace the era of the masses rather than the ages of dictatorship and fascism, meanwhile, by the age of true peace between people, where will disappear regular armies and disappear individuals who issue orders to the armies to invade the territory of others and pass their borders .

The prevailing spirit meanwhile, the Democratic People’s armed people instead of the regular army. That the armed people of course would be defensive on the opposite of the regular army, which is the appropriate tool to attack due to the limited size and the right of the movement and equipped to carry out military exposures that promote the invasion and occupation, and pass the limits of non-aggression.

Perhaps the threat of all peace and all types of aggression has been committed by the entire armies, without hearing about the people went out of his land fully invades and occupies another people. Only in the known historical migrations, leaving some of the tribal lands of the arid going to be as fertile, the stage is over, but from the memory of history.

Key indicators:

The ethics and the arts and thus the value of rights are directly affected by three things are important is politics, sociology, and revolution. Therefore it is different when subjected to the impact factor of them without other workers, or every time he looked at it from the angle of these different angles. Should each of us to understand the value of those rights and values ​​are all over every corner of these angles, as ignorance is weakness leads to defeat and ideological theory, which in turn lead to the defeat of a political, economic and military. It is the angle of sociology to look at these values ​​unchanged, but he knows the meeting is not studying the possibility of changing these values ​​are not what they should be, but as it is studied achieved in reality. It does not come, but reveals nothing new about the social reality of uncertain existence. The con revolutionaries who study those values ​​if they are not socially aware of the political and revolutionary, as the study does not eliminate the social value judgments issued against the social phenomena under study, she does not have to define good and evil or Halal and Haram. That is not the field of sociology, which deals with the naturally occurring without change it, he is studying the phenomena that may have witnessed negative developments to rot and spoil material fermented, then depart after the result of fermentation.

That the value of human society in exploitative or controlled by the backward capitalism and reactionary social classes have to be based on client money ..

Where the social system in such a society decides that the value of rights to be as much of his money, Faaterv this community by all means of looting and exploitation for the money to make a value.

When the prevailing law of the jungle, the more individuals value is the most vicious and brutal, and therefore, the fraud, theft and exploitation of effort others are things permissible in such a society to reach Mottagnoha to the occupation of space from the value appropriate for their intelligence and Hzgahm and their ability to collect the most money.

Those who live in a society that practiced hypocrisy of political know that more people capable of lying and hypocrisy and demagoguery are the ones who always pray to power, because they know how to jump on the ropes all unharmed.

I have learned in the third world the extinction of the liberation movements in real and the emergence of groups of clients of European colonialism place, without being interpreted deep How did the movements, reactionary stand until the end to reap the fruit did not make an effort in germination or maturation, but who Asrōha or knew what they realized that the movements of reaction not only groups of customers like the hypocrites herd of cats walking on ropes or climbing the walls, without Ejrabhm to carry in a bit of national values ​​or progressive, and without that one day you hear that the cat had broken because it is climbing a wall.

That sociology does not make moral, and social reality, but his character is made, hence the conditions of exploitation have made ​​the effort of others and looting Astgvalhm invincible and act morally acceptable in which, authorized by law and permitted by the political authorities and provide a special effort to protect it.

That everything in the communities exploitation announce untapped Vallavtat, streets, buildings, announces the presence of thieves and looters of the construction and contracting companies and shops that have legal licenses to practice the use ..

That any citizen of the world can read hundreds of advertisements that are ethical and legitimate in the world of exploitation of those shows houses for rent or land for sale or specifications for the domestic worker, combined with the phone the advertiser or the mailbox where obliged thing to disappearance and cover up, society is not considered realization of such outrageous morally or legally prosecuted! ..

That every society exploitative in the modern world includes a layer of the exploiters and looters who have got over its wealth and material possessions and capabilities are and then determine the relationship unjust unfair link between them and the rest of the individuals, without feeling embarrassed moral or face the resistance law in that all that is permissible and is acceptable in terms of moral force and accordingly Bamojtmat of exploitation. They even declare that the legitimacy and legality to bear licenses allow the exercise.

That the value of rights in the world meeting to Attenbina for its true value, which was before him of corruption or human societies have after the destruction of these communities. Also, the policy does not give us a true picture of the value of rights. It is also the arts in communities exploitation impact the existing drop of a hat, the image of him and you Ptbrerh through all art forms available.

As for politics, it does not present things as they are, but interfere with the view to exploit politically, Vtnolh social phenomena take a fake, it is not good policy to make things as they are, especially those that are harmful to policy Vtkevha to their advantage Btzaifaa and so on are all social phenomena to falsification by the policy. Governments exercise counterfeiting social phenomena to exploit them politically Vtkhadda members of society that positive change is being set in the community in a time when the political counterfeiting operations of the social reality with a view to employment in the interest of the existing political system.

Analytical confusion that occurs between the counterfeiting of the political and social reality of scientific research in the social phenomena. Caused by the loss of the curriculum idiosyncratic revolutionary who sets standards of scientific analysis of the social reality, Absent Principles of scientific revolutionary control method counterfeiting political in social analysis and was able to prolong the life of dictatorships fascist anti-popular masses, mixing visions of intellectual and unloading struggles of the popular content of the Revolutionary radical bound to the destruction of social structures unjust built by the reactionary social forces in human societies ..

Thus, the presence of rebels armed with a revolutionary scientific jurisprudence is what should be available first and foremost to cancel Altazyevy approach in the interpretation of social phenomena, as well as to expose the falsehood of combinations of anti-social progress, freedom .. And false traditional contemporary democracy .. With a formal concept in dealing with the problem of political freedom in general and with particular individuals. To uncover the truth of dictatorship and tyranny, exploitation and neglect in contemporary human societies ..

They start inciting the masses to revolt against this reaction for the destruction of communities and the establishment of a mass society. Free from injustice and underdevelopment.

That accordingly a revolutionary scientifically studied by a group of rebels and teach the masses is the most serious faced by the contemporary global exploitative system, because the only factor which creates a serious confrontation with the system to radically Ansfh blown up in the interest of peoples and in the interest of freedom, progress and socialism.

That the reactionary social forces to defend the existing social reality and keep it on the way to justify their existence and their interests. It takes an argument and pursuant to resist and abort the change processes that target their interests, they also use a tool suppression of the revolutionary forces in order to prevent the occurrence of revolutionary change, but criminalized as a work illegally which leads to the collapse of the social whole and therefore the lack of security and order, They take as evidence that that society as a single unit , can not tip it without prejudice to other parties affected. He has built a cohesive community in whole process so that any change no matter how simple dragging behind them collapses in a row that will quickly be changed completely change the society .. Therefore, the reactionary social forces do not even allow a change part in social relations and economic and political situation because they know that it will lead to deeper changes in all social structures related to it.

They do not allow at all for a change in property relations, for example an important change was that simple .. use the reactionary values ​​and morals prevailing reactionary societies to justify the unjust relations that take advantage of the powder in which the rights of these communities .. It is also resistant to the new values ​​and relationships just as criminal behavior, anti-society, values ​​and relationships .. And innovations as a stray .. And harmful social life and public interests ..

And use the reactionary religion also, according to their interest to fight for Tarif processes of change, as expressed in two words that differed attribute to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which read “Every innovation is misguidance and every misguidance .. into the fire …

If the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has said that I just wanted to fads religious harmful doctrine, projection prayer or fasting or jihad in the path of truth or otherwise of the switch and distortion was invented innovator that prayer once a day, or that fast ten days per year instead of month “But the social forces of reaction skew talk about the themes and Tsk of the enslavement of human beings and install the exploitation eradication initiatives of individuals and groups to get rid of the fact the oppressor, who suffer from it, they try to make of the words such attribute them to the Prophet or Azjohnha in the book of the books of different religions text categorically criminalizing Any attempt to break free from the dominance of the reactionary and enslavement and oppression of human beings, Fbtgremm each new freedom became a crime and socialism crime and public offense while continuing the reactionary forces in inventing all new to exercise Agramha historic conquer the human, it falsifies the religions and deformation values ​​and create relations of injustice without interruption, Mohma people that This was so since ancient times, to the absence of public awareness of Vchl thus their ability to face exploitation.

The reaction to defend its own interests and start the consideration of social reality, which created a sound basis to be respected is not entitled to one entry.

The under the social reality that counterfeiting is also exploited for the benefit of its political system, not only Valrdjaah only to exploit the social reality, but it is in the process of screening for molecules of this social reality, and remain on the parts appropriate to their advantage, and falsifies the other parts, including suits.

That sorting this and counterfeiting, which accompanied the particulars of social reality, followed always certain modifications in the social aspect suggests superficially to non-intellectuals revolutionary that significant changes occur at the social level provides for the movement of social progress appropriate to the aspirations of the masses and perhaps systems dating people to be described as progressive is the mother appropriate for that from where it is expert at falsifying the social reality and exploitation for the benefit of their political systems, to prolong survival in power .. Where they talk about socialism and the consolidation of capitalist reality .. Talking about freedom and imposing a repressive dictatorship .. The decomposition of the Democratic People’s minority regime and impose dominant in every way.

The multiple systems in the Third World raise the banner of progressive operations not does not falsify the social reality of pension adequacy with political interests, and the operations of the switch and the amendment carried out by not only fabrications and Trgiat discover which of the gaps in the wall of its political system, trying to fill them .. And compensation, to prevent a radical change as the operations of the radical change if signed Vstqzv these political systems to the circle outside the oblivion the memory of man .. While they seek political systems to prolong life only in line with the composition of the basic systems in that they combine Tlviqih falsified social reality, and the stolen signs to exploit the revolutionary Msalehya .. Systems is not revolutionary and progressive, but she found herself compelled by virtue of interest that resulted in frequent operations fool, and engaged in counterfeiting and deceiving the masses Frckpt traditional fad, which requires adoption issues downtrodden and oppressed masses .. As was the case not only claim left in front of the revolution .. And socialism .. And progressive.

Even those parties that came to power on behalf of the dictatorship of the proletariat sought to counterfeit the political depiction of the conditions of downtrodden workers fare restrictions representation contrary to fact, where it is called capitalism freed them from slavery to them .. And the rest of the world’s workers that the workers catch the countries that established the dictatorship of the proletariat, where workers dominated everything and took control of the state.

The forgery here lies in the photograph to capture their party to power as a victory for workers and liberate them from the yoke of relations unjust which is not achieved for workers after due to turn them into slaves to owners of new work, and suffering humiliation taxi again, and the control of one-party state and the conduct of his interests political Mtstra terms of democracy and popular .

Material value to humans:

The ethics and the arts and before that the value of rights is not possible depending on the interpretation of scientific sociology or politics in that sociology offered as if it does not accept the change in politics, as when provided for in its best Oanha which should not exceed.

If morality is always permissible to prevailing and the prohibition of new social forces control as a result of reaction to the community, and employ them according to his social and economic interests, the arts are the expression of direct and indirect on the prevailing situation in a manner aimed at an intellectual justification and consolidation and resist change.

The value of the rights in capitalist societies, both those that are subject to a capitalist class or the capitalist system that implements the Government is the value of purely material no more. In the capitalist class system is valued as individuals have a wealth of Real Estate.

In the capitalist system of government, the measured value of each individual, including offers of his own for the benefit of the government. As much as its production is determined by its value, similar to a bee hive of all the working people of a particular role assigned to him by producing an estimated value of, any provision of any material benefit of the cell. No value for those who do not produce materially productive they present to society.

Thus, both the capitalist society, individuals are forced to seek continued to possess the physical ability in order to obtain the value for themselves.

In the capitalist class system every individual seeks to accumulate as much property and which can in various ways, including theft, fraud, bribery and other methods of damaging the lives of individuals and peoples, make society a forest monsters, not a place where there is a fierce, who are able to eliminate

On the other Pavtrashm, and the seizure of their property and their rights. In the system of capitalist government, every individual seeks to make of his power to be able to live in a society of human beings, without anticipating any kind of human ambition to climate and his God, but the community will recognize his humanity, otherwise disposed of, under the pretext of lack of interest and lack of value because he لم يساهم في تكديس الإنتاج ليتمكن المجتمع من ان يصل الى وضع يقدم فيه كل فرد ما يستطيع من جهده لينال من الثروة حسب حاجته.

وهو وضع كان كافيا لالهاب حماس الشغيلة للتنازل عن اكبر قدر من انتاجهم لمصالح الدولة الرأسمالية لتتمكن من مواجهة الطبقات الرأسمالية الغنية والمالكة للقدرات التقنية المتفوقة، والمنظمة في احلافها الاقتصادية والعسكرية. والناهبة لثروات الشعوب في جميع القارات.

حيث تحظى مواجهة الامبريالية بالاهتمام كله لأنها النقيض السياسي لنظام رأسمالية الحكومة وهى الخطر الأساسي الذى يتهدده ولذلك فإن الدولة الرأسمالية مضطرة للدخول في برنامج تقشف طويل الامد تتكبد ثمنه اجيال متعاقبة من البشر تقتطع من قوتها واحتياجاتها المختلفة لتجعل المواجهة ممكنة فقط، دون ان يتكدس شيء من الإنتاج، فليس هناك قدر يمكن ان يبقى كفائض ليشكل في النهاية وضع الوفرة ويخلق الرخاء والرفاهية. بل ان العجز مستمر ودائم نتيجة استهلاك الانتاج كله. وحتى لو تضاعف الانتاج أضعافا أخرى، لتبين ان نقصا كبيرا ينبغي تغطيته في تكاليف برامج الدولة العصرية في ظل النظام الرأسمالي بشقيه، فلو اطلعنا على برنامج واحد من تلك البرامج الباهظة كبرنامج الفضاء مثلا أو برنامج تطوير الصواريخ، أو تكاليف العمل العسكري في حوض البحر الابيض المتوسط فأننا قادرون على ان نستنتج منه الأفق الذى لا نهاية له والسراب الذى تتجه اليه اعناق الشغيلة الظامئة لبعض ما يمنونها به من رخاء، وبالتالي استحالة ما تطمح إليه من قيمة فردية وجماعية.

القيمة الاجتماعية للانسان :

إنه إذا لم يكن للانسان الا قيمته المادية، والفائدة التي يمكنه ان يقدمها للمجتمع، فان الطفل العاجز عن تقديم ذلك يكون آنئذ لا قيمة له، لانه لا فائدة له. فالطفل لا ثروة له ولا يمتلك عقارات ولا أرصدة، وليس قادرا على تقديم انتاج مهما كان قليلا، بل انه يحتاج اشد الحاجة الى رعاية مكثفة، ليبقى على قيد الحياة. وبهذا فان الطفل يفقد أية قيمة وفقا للمنظور الرأسمالي بشقيه- رأسمالية الطبقة ورأسمالية الحكومة.

الا إذا تعلل الرأسماليون بان الطفل في واقع الأمر هو نوع من الاستثمار، أي انه مشروع قيد التنفيذ، فهو سيكون يوما ما قادرا على تقديم المرجو منه بالشكل الذى يناسب الطريقة التي اعد بها. وحين تكون النظرة الى الطفل هكذا فانه لا قيمة له الا قيمته المادية وفي هذه الحالة فان عالم البشر- هذا سيتحول الى جحيم حقيقي.. وسيكون الناس جماعة متخلفة حتى إذا قيسوا بالحيوانات في الغابة تلك التي تربي صغارها دون ان تعتبرهم سلعة مربحة. وإذا استطاع أحد ان يتعلل بان الطفل مشروع استثماري، فمن يستطيع ان يقول ذلك في العجزة؟ ان العجزة لا فائدة مادية ترجى منهم لا أجلا ولا عاجلا. فوالدا أي إنسان عندما يهرمان ويعجزان لن يطمع ان يجنى منهما أي فائدة مادية، وهما لا يستطيعان ان يقوما بأي إنتاج يكفيهما. ولكن الإنسان لا يستطيع التخلي عن والديه وأقربائه العاجزين وهو مشدود الى رعايتهم والعطف عليهم والرأفة بهم، انه يرتبط بهم بشكل ما، ويحس بان لذلك قيمة كبيرة. أنها القيمة الاجتماعية للإنسان. ويمكن لأي منا ان يتحدث مليا عن القيمة المادية المرتبطة بالمال والملكية، فيقول ان مالك العمارة ذات العشر شقق، قيمته تكمن في تأجيره لهذه المساكن لعدد من الآسر، يستغلها ويؤجر لها سكنا. ومالك الأرض التي تسع مائة فلاح قيمته تكمن في تفضله على المجتمع بتسخير مائة عبد لديه في أرضه يكدس انتاجهم لمصلحته. و صاحب المركوب قيمته في تفضله على آخرين بحملهم الى وجهتهم أو تأجيره المركوب لهم.. وهكذا يعتبر متيسرا لنا ان نقدر القيمة المادية للإفراد، فصانع الكراسي وصانع الصواريخ وصانع المشددات وصانع الحاسبة الإلية، “وعتالو” المواني، نستطيع ان نقدر القيمة المادية لأي منهم بسهولة ويسر، كما نستطيع ان نفاضل بينهم وفقا لذلك بتحديد الوزن أو الطول أو الثمن لما يقدمونه من فائدة مادية، لكنا لا نستطيع ان نقدر القيمة الاجتماعية لأي فرد مهما كان. فالقيمة الاجتماعية لا يمكن قياسها بالوزن أو العملة أو غير ذلك من المقاييس فهي لا تقيم ماديا. ولعل البحث في تحديد قيمة مادية لها هو متاهة لا يخلص داخلها الى نتيجة مفيدة. غير ان البحث والدرس يجب ان يتناول القيمة الاجتماعية في ذاتها، من حيث اهميتها ومؤثراتها. وهو أمر معقد وهام أيضا، ويحتاج ان يتناوله الباحثون بالدراسة الجادة على ضوء الطرح الفكري الجديد للنظرية العالمية الثالثة.

فوفق منظور هذه النظرية نجد أن قيمة الانسان والأخلاق والفنون مختلفة اختلافا جذريا عما وصفناه آنفا. فليست الأخلاق من منظور ثوري مطابقة للأخلاق من منظور اجتماعي. كما انهما معا لا يتطابقان مع الأخلاق من المنظور السياسي. فالأخلاق اجتماعيا هي تحديد لقيم الواقع الأخلاقية بما هو موجود. والأخلاق سياسيا هي الواقع الاجتماعي المزيف لمصلحة السياسة. والأخلاق ثوريا ترفض جذريا الواقع الاجتماعي الفاسد والتزييف السياسي، دون ان تتجاهل الواقع الاجتماعي.فعلم الثورة يتناول الظواهر الاجتماعية بالتحليل والتفسير ليكشف الفساد الذى اعتراها أو التزييف الذي شوهها، ليصل من وراء ذلك الى القضاء على الجوانب الاجتماعية الفاسدة وتدمير التزييف السياسي الذى افتعلته الانظمة السياسية للمحافظة على مصالحها. هادفا من ذلك الى بناء القيم الحقيقية والصحيحة. التي هي قيم الثورة. ان الذين يدمرون القيم الفاسدة ويبنون قيما سليمة انما يقومون بالثورة ليحققوا القيمة الحقيقية للإنسان، حيث يكتسحون بالثورة كل رواسب التضليل والتزييف السياسي والفساد الاجتماعي الذى تولد عن الاستغلال والعسف. فحينما يتحكم الاستغلال في رقاب الناس وتسيطر مجموعة قليلة على ثروة المجتمع، وتكدسها لحسابها الخاص وتستعملها في البناء والاستثمار، فإن قوانين تلفيقية كقانون الإيجار أو وضع حد ادني للأجرة هو مجرد تزييف سياسي.. وحينما يتمكن الرأسمالي من استخدام العمال لصالحه فان العلاقة بينهما هي علاقة السيد بالعبد، فإذا قدم السيد أجرة لعبيده فانما ليبقيهم على قيد الحياة ليستمروا في الإنتاج لمصلحته، وهذا هو تفسير الأجور في النظام الرأسمالي بشقيه، وبالتالي فان وضع قانون يمنع الفصل التعسفي.. أو يبح التمتع بالعطلات هو مجرد تزييف سياسي للواقع الاجتماعي البشع لتلوينه وزخرفته حتى لا يضر بالنظام السياسي القائم. وهكذا فإن العمل الثوري هو الذى يناط به تدمير هذا الواقع المشوه، ليخلق الوضع الذى تتحقق فيه آدمية الانسان وحريته وكرامته.

ان الفعل الثوري التاريخي الذى هو نقيض التزييف والديماغوجية هو الذى يحقق القيمة الفعلية للانسان بتحرره من جميع القيود التي تحد من حريته، وبالتالي تطمس وجوده الفعال.

الخلاصة :

ان الخضوع للواقع الاجتماعي مرفوض ثوريا مهما تشبث الناس به، أو اعتادوه. فإذا كان الواقع الاجتماعي فاسدا فإن الثورة كعمل إرادي يتدخل عمدا لتغيير الأوضاع القائمة وتكييفها وفق مصلحة جميع أفراد المجتمع. وهو نقيض ما تقوم به السياسة كفعل ارادى ايضا يتدخل لتزييف الظواهر الاجتماعية وتكييفها وفق مصلحة النظام السياسي القائم. وفي ظل ذلك تعكس الفنون الواقع الاجتماعي الذى زيفته السياسة وتكون صدى له. ان السياسة لا تسعى الى التبشير بشيء جديد ولا يهمها أن تحرض الناس على شئ مفيد، ولكن همها كله ينصب على المحافظة على الواقع السياسي، وتزييف الواقع الاجتماعي بما يحقق ذلك. ان الرجعية تحافظ على الواقع الاجتماعي القائم وتبرر استمراره، بقصد مقاومة تغييره. حفاظا على مصالحها. ولكن الثورة تكتشف فساد النظم القائمة وتقدم البديل العلمي عنها، وتقوم بتحريض الناس على تدمير الواقع القائم وتبشرهم بالبديل. ويقوم الفن الثوري بمهمة كشف التزييف السياسي والفساد الاجتماعي والسعى الى تدميره وبناء الحياة السليمة للمجتمع ببناء مجتمع جديد، حر وسعيد. إن الفن الثوري ليس صدى عن الواقع القائم ولكنه تمرد عليه وتجاوز له، وتحقيق عملي لتكامل الفعل الثوري ونضجه بتجسيده فنيا. إن الفن الثوري هو نقيض للديماغوجية من حيث انها اثارة وتزييف يقصد من ورائها استغفال الجماهير الشعبية، في حين يكون الفن الثوري معلما للجماهير يبشرها بغذها المشرق ويحدد لها طريقها الى النصر، بتقديمه الأمور على حقيقتها، وبتقديسه للقيمة الحقيقية للانسان.

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