Commentary On The Green Book: Worker’s Revolution

Consists Of Lectures By The Brother Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi And The Contributions Of Other Writers And Thinkers

Volume III
Commentary On The Green Book
Worker’s Revolution

Problem of work:

The workers all over the world has not yet set free, and still Aredkhoun to violence and injustice and tyranny of the employers in spite of the important historical developments that have taken place mL level of the problem of work and wages of work … Ie determine the relationship between workers and employers, between owners and producers, including: Working hours and wages of labor, and annual leave and hard to recognize minimum wage, and workers’ participation in the profits, management and prevention of unfair dismissal, the right to strike and the right of social security, and the formation of labor unions … why did not solve the problem yet? … Because the rule governing the relationship between the employee and the employer provides the worker Winter Ajbon more, and receive less, whether the employer is a natural, as in the capitalist system or a legal person, “for example, the state” … As long as this rule in place, if the issue did not affect the essence, the problem still exist and are urgent and require a solution …. But why attention to workers than any other sector of interest? … Why focus the bulk of the attention of Marxist and capitalist systems workers more than other sectors: social, other? … The workers historically and realistic are the only class in society which are hard productive real and direct, ie, the production, all production is located in the market and rolling among the members of society is the effort of workers: In spite of this, the workers’ class crushed, digestible rights and stolen effort together, where Atardolasnglal economic institutions of public and private .. that harnesses the workers in order to make every effort to Inga projects that promised to them for wages less than their best effort, due to production workers after all, a treasury exploitative institutions … . That the parties to the forces of production in the capitalist system is a procedure rang and employers, and that match perfectly, and the system repeats itself Marxist, regardless of differences in the formal issue of the employer where an employer is one and multiple employers and tired. But something fundamental has changed, The procedure Wage-earners in the two systems together Marxist and capitalist .. They are working people were taken from capitalism to Marxism Bogerthm without change, but he got a coup on the issue of the Employer, Employers capitalists were overthrown and replaced by a new employer is the state … This means that the capitalist class, which was leased workers ousted to be replaced by the capitalist state or a system of state capitalism which Marxist Arschh system … He became the procedure from your employer to make to the state. And denied the latter to be oppressive or unfairly, The procedure from the standpoint of Marxism rather than be under the domination and exploitation of the capitalists Alastfilalian must be a state … And production must go back to the community “The State” after it was taking advantage of a monopoly in the interest of the feudal and capitalists … But the reality of the matter is that nothing has changed for the workers, they are still paid less than conducting work regardless of the beneficiary of this deduction and how to invest after that … And that the worker is still wage earner working a certain number of hours and return to productive hours, which is less than Achtglha, and the worker is still managed by others … Is the reality of Tver the workers of the States of Marxism than in capitalist society? … The administration in the capitalist system is exploitative management practiced by owners of private companies and economic institutions as employers have the right to manage their staff … It is also in the Marxist system management specifications in the same administration of capitalism, the only difference between them is that the administration Marxist government department by the government as an employer for workers … This means that the working people in the two systems together are still Idaron by others, but not the ones who run the … Understanding of capitalist society by ~ love Idaron capital company and the owner of the factory, they are in society’s Marxist Idaron by the new employer’s uniform is the state of Marxism … Effort and productive effort for working people, who returns to the employer of the individual or company in the capitalist system, due to the new employer, who is the state of Marxism in the Marxist system … Is there is a change in the development of Alhvilh for the distribution of the two systems of production in capitalist and Marxist? … There has been no change .. Production, which produced Alhvilh be taken either in the interest of the capitalist class or for the benefit of the capitalist state … and invests e Saliha employers Yen owners of companies and factories … It also invests in the interest of the capitalist state in the Marxist system … Although it does not invest for the benefit of individual projects Istvlh in private and on the way to achieve its own interests, but that which happened in Marxism is that production has become invested by the government and under the direct supervision and Hatrtha … However the fact remains is that the Imams i workers in the two systems produce and go Their production for the benefit of the individual capitalist or for the benefit of the capitalist government. With regard to unemployment and job opportunities we can clearly note those who have lost their chances to work on the streets of capital cities, and are demonstrations against the unjust capitalist system which he considered redundant to the needs of society, and deprived them of their right to have the opportunity to work … We can no doubt be aware of the injustice suffered by these people lost ..

Revolution is the solution to the problem of work:

The rule governing the relationship between employees and employers is that the worker Winter more and receive less, whether the employer is a natural person or legal entity, and that those who cling to this situation and defend those laws are thieves who steal the effort of others and want to servitude to serve their interests and put them under their supervision and their management to forever … However, the revolution is the solution that undermines such an unjust situation They explode as a result of the discovery of those rules unjust governing people and Tskm to serve the interests of the powerful in society, and proceed in the destruction of a living instead, the rules of fair social free from injustice, abuse and exploitation … that all the forces of reaction and community exploitation will fight this trend, in a bid to keep the exploited, but the revolution will be resolved this conflict in favor of the new values ​​of fair, and will the masses Alhvilh the slogan: “Partners do not hold”, it may not be in the era of the masses to make fun of another person to person service, or be placed under administration or under the supervision of the work … The relationship built according to this rule is an unfair relationship .. It is clear theft. Therefore, the law which permits such a rule, and allows the relationship between the resulting worker and the employer, is the law of a corrupt and reactionary and unjust and must Ontstahedvh revolution. The social situation allows such a Light workers retroactive law is put behind the revolution must be destroyed. Factor should run his own and not to give up his administration to any other. Thus, for producers to manage productive enterprises that employed by the Department of popularity, because it is based on their efforts in production, so they are more deserving of its management from any other and should not give up that right at all. It will be among the reactionary forces which cling to the status Alastfilal and the injustice of some clergy who are trying to stop the new revolutionary values. And trying to Tesfaa revolutionary statements like: “Dshrkae not hold”, “lies in the need for freedom,” “Winter, who is the one who consumes” and Mharepett harnessing the emotions of religion and the exploitation of the working masses of the faithful to stand hostile attitude of the workers’ revolution. Such are those who have this attitude of the workers are not free Soie quacks defending the interests of the class name of religion. LeBron Theft, which they exercise the right of the masses of Alhvilh the name of religion, but they are not in the religion thing. Any religion that can justify the theft, exploitation and injustice? .. The religions are fighting injustice, exploitation, and theft. Exploitation, but to justify the use of factor ten hours to steal it Employer-four of them.

Religion is apt to be ordered to cut off the hands of the employer who is not only a professional thief , And therefore the workers ‘revolution is a decisive and final solution to the problem of work, and that this revolution had erupted in Libya and its liberation from the bondage of workers’ wages and transferred from the check to partners marginal wage-free production sites in which they work. This jump, which is a great historical movement of workers from an action to partners will not be the subject of a decision of the party political system or an international conference Omatmr a local, but is the cause of freedom, and human freedom was not to decide on his behalf, but the decision is self-determined man himself. The revolutionary culture that are being pushed to rebellion and revolt against the employers, where workers revolution disrupting their relations, unjust and crash communities exploitation of collapse after the institutions of capitalism exploited and relations unfair that sheltered and sponsored by the laws of class exploitation, to open the door then for a new life lay the rules of justice for individuals and groups, where a given full rights to their owners, according to a new formula gets them every product on the production sector, and through it back every effort to his companion, who his undiminished. And canceled so old equation based on the principle of contradiction between (Group employee) and (Lord of the Aer owner) to show the presence (Associate Producer), according to the philosophy set by the saying: “The producers partners do not hold” The values ​​of the old life, and relations of production which have vanished completely from the lives of producers and replaced by the values ​​and relations of the era of the masses, which frees producers from the constraints of the owners and Qguaniralaml unjust, and has all the product produced.

Revolutionary consciousness:

Many seek the enemies of the workers are all that remains for the workers to make and the poor and needy of the taxi and sympathy, Ihsan Rabab work. These enemies are the financiers and venture Almallowalbergoizion, and Squires, and religious puritans, and the successor public sector bureaucracy. These enemies unite together in their own interest and in their conflict with the workers. If they were victorious returned the workers forcibly returned to the fold of slavery, humiliation fare, and if victorious workers are the cause of freedom has prevailed and a new era has brightened the sun on the working people in return for payment and without them in all parts of the world. The correct logic of the role of the revolutionary is to analyze the relations prevailing between the people and research in the relations existing discovery corrupt them, and the dissemination of scientific awareness of these relationships so that people can destroy themselves and bring other new social relationships and just replaced .. The other social relations of the relationship linking the employer the worker is not an invention or a new fad as it is a matter of analysis of the reality experienced by the people. That when looking at the relationship need freedom and in the sources of threat to this freedom, guided to the relationship unjust that bind the employer the worker and the rent the owner is clear to him that she just theft and fraud and monument protected by law and permitted by society of exploitation. The duty of the revolutionary leadership of the masses of the workers is to detect rules unfair and corrupt, which is built upon the relationship between the worker and the employee and the employer the owner, and inciting the masses of the workers to destroy the building rules are correct and fair for a revolutionary society in the interests of all groups. If leadership is revolutionary for the workers is a tool for the dissemination of revolutionary consciousness among the workers to carry the revolution to Alastfilal and domination exerted on them. They are not canceled or replaced by the masses or by the fir … It is easy until the arrival of a revolutionary leadership to power on the ruins of an unjust system retroactive to issue decisions Have the force of law does power. Even when. Be These decisions in the interest of the masses, the masses do not know. In the issuance, and will not recognize the results to be achieved through them, and therefore, any power it can issue its decisions opposite to erase the achievement has been the decision of any authoritarian. That is the problem that occurred in some systems with human tendencies that made ​​the decisions of authoritarian achievements and victories of the great masses of the workers regarding the right to participate in the profits and management and the number of working hours and social security and other … But the slip which took place in which they are not the owners of the issue involve workers in the decisions that made ​​these achievements. For example, without limitation, the achievements made ​​in the era of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian people as made ​​in the introduction of so-called Third World peoples. However, the counter-revolutionary forces Nasiriyah after an absence of Abdel Nasser miscarried, but these achievements stolen. It also Light masses of workers shackled and made ​​her stand by and watch in front of a train made ​​the counter-revolutionary forces of Nasiriyah, which crush those achievements and revolutionary decisions which do not in the hands of the working people to take. It was the inability of those masses to protect the gains evident in the ignorance of the absolute. Justifications that the gains that were not manufactured but made ​​her what the secrets of their awareness of what has happened and is happening. The awareness of the Workers Revolutionary is the one who will prevent relapse revolution producers and without theft and destruction of their gains, because the awareness of the Workers Revolutionary is the one who avoids falling into. pitfalls and mistakes that killed some revolutionary experiments.: contemporary experience, especially that of Nasiriyah Zkrnaha and revolutionary experience in Chile. It is well known that the revolutionary regime in Chile was recovering the money of the people of employers thieves and distributed to the poor masses of the people, and nations. Foreign companies for the benefit of the workers. But the awareness of the poor masses, especially the workers was simple or non-existent, while the revolutionary regime to take those steps on their behalf without it being clear to them. Was able Conversely employers and bourgeois and all members of the exploiting class and the people that hit their interests, were able to attract workers and other poor groups to Ikhrjohm to the streets chanting the fall of the revolution in Chile. There was no need of the fall of the revolution, and the return of exploitation of workers and to choose the poor result of lack of revolutionary consciousness.

The grave mistake committed by the revolutionary leadership the right of the public while making the people watching and make them the same vice. Correct is to lead the process of revolutionary leadership transitions through all of the masses themselves. The masses of the people will not hand over the revolutionary achievements in which to live has, but it will not be interested in any thing to check Wen you know and understand its content without … It is if it is satisfied that the employers of workers may Sergohm evidence, all the workers will realize this fact and their revolution on the employers. And the workers will take over productive enterprises, and refuse to stay as a measure, and be impossible to rent them back again after they become, their own partners and a full awareness of the content of their social and economic development. This proves to us the fact does not differ by two, is that the freedom is not a given and are not a gift from one, but taken. Forcibly, and he thinks it gives the most important because it has not reached the stage of awareness and revolutionary consciousness after. But who knows how to: fight for freedom and how Antzaaha, it should free life precious, that is, the shift of the check procedure to partners Liberals and the division of revenue production to equal shares between producers, raw materials and machinery, factory management, through the Committee popular chosen by all producers in the productive professional conference, all of these gains can be is giving one of the workers, but achieved only by Workers’ revolution resulting from the growing revolutionary consciousness among the workers, then Just can not any human being whatever his job, Whatever the physical abilities to clinch the factory run by the producers Committee popular stepping up by all the producers, can not be taken over a share of the revenues of producers and production And bring them back to action after that they became partners. All this can not an individual or a system that cancels because it resulted in Harar and manufacture of revolutionary will of the revolutionary … And know who revolted from him how to preserve it and how to die without him ….

Trap, not action:

But do stop the human struggle for freedom from the old equation based on the principle of contradiction between wage earners and employers, between the worker and the employee and the employer the owner? Must say that the struggle of man for freedom does not stop this, but now in our hands a new situation has imposed itself fresh life in the contemporary world, and have to study it and Nhllah to decide ultimately whether man was able to finally reach its end after a long struggle waged by in order to achieve freedom and happiness, and I mean that it has been possible to finally bring about the required changes in the composition of human society, and if possible to extract the new changes this consent rights by the desire to achieve a reality experienced, thus defeating the final on factors of oppression all at once .. . If we dealt with the study of economic activity in the Third Universal Theory or under the principle of “Partners do not hold,” which emerged recently on the ruins of the two systems collapsed: the capitalist and Marxist, we found that the relations unjust Altyotgm the parties to the forces of production has crashed completely in the system. New economic is not a capitalist, not Balmarkssa , did not Converts only producers left by workers’ revolution to the partners in the production of each of them has the ownership of private production Sacred. Has just poured out of the elimination of employers In control and productivity through the management of conferences Their facilities productivity, also two components to implement the popular committees. Decisions that they made ​​in their conferences productivity. This, we found we will know for sure that what happened Hongar Real and not volatile on the line as in the Marxist revolution, where the administration has disappeared and disappeared Rabab work for good … And disappeared relations controlling the forces of the product with different manufacturers of those who created these relations to steal the production of producers in their own interest, class or party … The working relationship between the state and workers, which I found through the Marxist regime where the state controls the workers we specify their working hours and wages of labor and the percentage of participation in management … This relationship has crashed a revolution of workers in Libya, where shift workers to the partners in the production and the relationship ends arbitrary and exploitative of the workers and any other party, and have become the indispensable parties, and spent Nmaúaa the old ties between the forces of production and replaced a new relationship, more just and equitable to producers .. The with respect to the issue of management, cash ended altogether seizure workers at all facilities productivity Soaokant of governmental administration or Nlk run by the private sector, and management became Amalbo where all the form in each plant productivity conference productive has the authority to decide productive, and chose the popular committee doing business executive. The producers in the factory Pttalbaiq participate in the system of production that take their share in it, and brought its share of the community, and there is no party in the factory work or stress management or production relationship. Thus ends the conflict within the plant because the workers had marched to the factory and fully Satroaalah their conference and set up the People’s faithful productive, and formed a committee to manage it popular once and got rid of the rent and have become partners, not action. Because there is no longer who owns the means of production, which has become divided by production, according to which elements of the real producers and production tools and raw materials used for the production process .. So what has the product partner His effort, and return the share of machinery (production tools), and raw materials to the community …

Factors of production:

But what are the factors of production, which is much talk about? “Production process” its elements the three basic are: producers, the raw material needed for production, then the tools of production of any machines that require producers to do their jobs and achieve the production goal in the good produced by the factory … and the production process stemming from the interaction between each element of the production three, so that if one of them and lack of disruption of the entire production. And by virtue of this full participation between the elements are all in production, the rule logical and practical fair had to be made ​​for each of these elements are all right to participate in the ownership of the company productivity itself equally between the elements of the three mentioned above so that each element of which the share in accordance with the size of his effort and contribution in the production . Dividing the production _ which is the return on the production process Three elements each of which ideals Finale third of the producers, the second third is due to raw material, which is part of the wealth of society, Faúl to the treasury of the society where they are spending it on public projects that benefit the entire community including the producers themselves. And return the last third of the structure of the institution itself and formed productivity of the building and machinery used in production Kalmsna workshop or other .. Faúl to the institution which provided the productivity, which is the society, because it is the one who Bought factories and production facilities of the various public Mizanina to provide jobs for his sons producers. The Department of Enterprise productivity and organization are the responsibility of All employees in the form of management control of the actual popularity of check and direct staff to their organization through Selected for the popularity of the Commission, including the Atamn worker specialization in the functions assigned to it, whether those tasks related to organization productivity and production issues. Workers in, or the issue of providing raw materials for producing goods … And solve the people’s administration of capital a place of management or government department bureaucracy unrealized Qoana us to increase production and increase the Value and improve the quality of, and guidance as useful life of the community and satisfy its needs, as well as maintain the regularity of work organization productivity … and that if these producers absorbed the revolutionary philosophy, which aimed at eliminating the production parties and rules Unjust, the meaning of this is that the era of the masses has already begun and the foundation stone has put the economic system the new world, and that the world has begun to change already … but the victory of workers’ revolution, continuity and non-relapse unconditional and unrestricted consciousness revolutionary in workers and their leaders revolutionary, and conditional and restricted the ability to control in economic institutions, and increase the productive capacity and a good selection of popular committees, which holds the management of factories and production units, as well as the lack of variation of workers among themselves on issues of production and relations within the production unit … All this is the basis of the success of the workers’ revolution, and the basis of continuity, and thus provide the production process in the society and its development. And that the disruption of any condition which makes the enemies of the workers Iktanson the opportunity to intervene between the workers and the dissemination of rumors and lies about the progress of the economic process as a whole and thus create a favorable climate for the return of the existence and exploitation of various forms of new …

The revolutionary experience which is experienced by workers in Libya Ka focus of attention of all workers of the world, because they want to Onajalo including the beginning and a model for the world workers ‘revolution that liberated from the bondage of the masses of workers’ wages, and to eliminate capitalism and bureaucratic ogre grim. The workers’ revolution is the liberation of workers from the bondage of rent control public capital and private sectors, but how the answer is that workers become partners rather than action and must be managed in the popular committees, factories, and production is divided equal between the three elements …

The most important asset of the human person is his freedom, it would be naive to link human freedom as much as it has a value or income of it The material. How much is his income, how to spend, and how to get Melih?

These are things relative to human life, but the core issue, which should give the bulk of human interest in it is the cause of freedom itself. The liberation of workers revolution moral value of labor is not matched by one eighth if measured physical values ​​in human life. The disappearance of the employer Bjbroch and older than him and his arrogance and tyranny, and the fare is made ​​and Abboudatha, and bureaucratic Basvha and oppression is in itself a benefit to workers not only offset by the lives of the workers themselves. However, these gains are the great moral and material can only be achieved revolution. And the revolution is the decision taken by Alai rights in order to be free. Freedom Is not just a word but are the responsibilities and obligations And implications for the rights. The free man is the one who feels that he is responsible and costly, and belongs to the other the rest of the members of the community, feel their sense and suffer their pain. When liberated workers from the bondage of taxis and become partners, these factories, enterprises and farms to become the secretariat in their necks, and become responsible for them Kmsiolathm for their own property in their homes. Because these plants in the production of the lives of others and their needs, and “in need is freedom.” In the production of farm food for Mojtmr whole and or defect in the software production process entails that people blame the workers who have fallen to them responsibility in the production units, and that the enemies of the workers from the bourgeoisie and the feudal and bureaucratic Mstvlh stand lookout for Ts errors workers, Iktanson opportunities to question the Qaddo workers on the production of needs of the community without supervision employers, without work and without individual management and planning of production according to Hui moods of the bourgeoisie. how workers can ensure that the revolutionary success of the program, has permitted control of the factories in order to gain The right to participate in the production program without prejudice to the production itself? … After it is limited to the factories and inventory of all the producers in which, are quietly and complete freedom and Baalmah at the conference vocational productive, which consists of all producers in the production unit, policy-making overall productivity of (immunizator, taking into account the ability of plant productivity, and the needs of the community to Article productivity produced by the plant, and the abundance of raw material, which consists of Muslah to be produced. are then escalate the People’s Committee of specialized factory management, which should run the factory in accordance with the policy adopted by the Conference vocational productive. the People’s Committee in terms of administrative and technical replace the managing director who was appointed by the public or private sector . if this committee should be the administrative specialist and engineer the plant and the technical and the accountant and the product in the production line? so that the decisions of the Executive a sound and based on scientific principles in management, so there are no gap is trying to enemies of the workers access them and to challenge the ability of Workers on good governance, planning, provision and requirements of society.

Theft Effort Workers:

How is stealing effort of workers? But why give workers fare? Do you pity them or treat them in order? … Given to workers wages because they carried out the production for the benefit of Others, who hired him to produce a production for taxi … If E does not consume their production, but had to give him in return fare … The base sound says: “which is produced is the one who consumes.” The action – no matter how improved wages – they are kind of slaves. The employee is a semi-slave to the master who hires, but is a slave bondage temporary list and the fact that his work for his reward the employer … the traditional social thought has codified the phenomenon of exploitation giving the force of law in order to legitimize Alyba exploitation under the capitalist economic system, which employs institutions of the liberal state, political, economic and social, in the accumulation of profits Stealing effort of employees … The Qoutyin work, which were formulated for this to an end, but to be from behind the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the capitalist class dominates the Liberal community. When the capitalist state shall grant licenses to use the workers, it would allow in fact for individuals obtaining such licenses the practice of acts of exploitation and the theft of workers’ effort in light of legality … Under this license owners can get the numbers of workers they need and most of them because of their presence in places of sale effort, “office work” Because of their need to sell their best fare for reservations and keeps them alive … Here we find ourselves once again in front of the old relationship, working relationship with the employee, the employer … the owner Valogerh to be determined by the employer according to the law for a worker who hires are not equal to his effort, and not equal to its production. Rather, the results in more and receive less … This is the bedrock of the relationship between employer Mr. and employee in need … and so the difference between the production workers and their fares up as profit for the benefit of the employer exploited, while forced labor by virtue of the need to bow to the conditions harsh imposed by employers, mainly in the loss of their fares, so that the employers have nearly half of the production workers as profit for them. And not to the workers, but to approve the employment contract concluded between them and the employers Megrine so, “the phenomenon of organized theft.” Exercised by capitalists against the workers. That the contractor licensed by the state worker uses a work contract in accordance with applicable law in the state, and agree with him on the price of his work, “his” full and sets him a time to work a day, Fask ten hours complete and be a fare equal to six hours only and, hence, the factor is produced. Hours a day for the benefit of the contractor to obtain the interview without Avama gave the contractor a worker eighth six hours, a Agreed to the worker such as rent, it stays has taxi, the other four hours, which mocked during which the employee without giving him the reward, and this is what is known as a profit contractor. The employer “contractor”, based on the law by making the outset that the work factor value of six dinars a day, but he uses it tenth Hours. And be a taxi time of one Dinar each, the dinars six, which takes factor is compared to only six hours, and lose at the same time pay hours the other four, which did not want the employer to give him the reward. That a factor like stealing from your employer every day four Nanar have lost value “400” dinars if he worked a number “100” on the contractor. If the contractor has the number “100” factor, it Saserg of them during the period of “100” on an amount of “40000” dinars, without making any production in the contractor only if we consider the result of theft effort … However the employer shows himself as a human being compassionate and loving, and good for workers, while hard-working “kind enough” for them to annual increases in wages or some gifts Vyalmnaspat public … But the reality of the matter and the revolutionary logic of science, who does not know courtesy and flattery, the employer this is a professional thief and insidious because it does not suffice to steal hard-working effort only, but intentionally misled and deceived by force and in public … All those who cling to this situation and defend the laws enshrined in thieves stealing effort of others, and are working to mislead them and servitude to serve their interests, and thus placed under their supervision and their management in accordance with their wishes and their own interests .. is that the revolution is that undermine such a situation is unjust. They explode as a result of the discovery of those rules that govern the unjust people and Tskm to serve the powerful and the rich Massah in the community … The goal of the revolution is to detect errors that hinder the freedom of workers and destruction, including the law, which allows the exploitation and Iguennh, and the employer, who practiced all of the gloss on it. That workers today at a crossroads. Either do a revolution labor massive check the people’s administration committees popularity and win the public sector, private and disappear taxis and become partners obtain their share of full Aaúdalanteg, and either workers remain slaves to the employers sold in the labor markets also sold all the tools and other production materials … It is a battle of freedom, can not be a victor only be free. Either the victorious workers revolution and remain free forever, and either fail and win enemies and remain slaves forever …

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