Commentary On The Green Book: The World Has Not Changed

Consists Of Lectures By The Brother Leader Muammar Al Qadhafi And The Contributions Of Other Writers And Thinkers

Volume I
Commentary On The Green Book
The World Has Not Changed

Have been achieved among the data gathered in the existing model now. Capitalist society and the community Marxist, and matched almost all of the terms of this data formally and substantially. There are also significant between the two communities intertwined the two models. We look at and through the development of societies .. We find that these data still remain in all their requirements of formal and substantive, which assures us that the world has not changed really fluctuates. Data that the total political, economic and social be – the fabric of society .. It is found in the beginning of the capitalist society as the first model .. Then he got it by the Marxist coup. Has tracked the evolution of Marxist community .. Also trace its composition, is it the same combination of capitalist society? Is the data that existed in the first community, located in the community second? If lost, replaced by new data, has changed society. If we found the same data found in the second society, namely, that the basics of capitalist society (model I) present in the community Marxist (model II), even if differently, the meaning is no change in the world. If we analyze the political structure and economic and social development of the first model – a structure of nested overlap is severe, making it difficult separation and fragmentation. We see that there has been an economic coup by Marxist Fbthalilna the second form of economic structure, we found an extension of the economic structure of the model first. It means no change, because the structure of the first is not over not disappeared. The same applies to the social structure that must be to analyze the initial foundations that form the basis of society and include the following points –

1 – the nature of economic activity.

2 – relations that govern the parties to the forces of production.

3 – economic management.

Who manages the villages in this economic community or the other? What role? What rights? .. It is well known. The economy does not automatically spins, but managed by management, what is the difference between the two communities who Ndershma model of capitalism and Marxism on the subject of administration? Is one of them is zero, in the administration? Or different .. Or is it the same administration? Production is due? Of consumed, from the right holder? If we take the earth for example – Kmattiyh data of economic activity – it is owned by? And how to exploit? It is exploited? Where to go and use the result?. Coup on capitalism by the Marxist society, but you got rid of the problems that humanity faces in the capitalist society, or is it still faces the same problems fare differently? To answer this question, we analyzed the second model of the new society to know the composition of economic, political and social. Through the measurement has the old society the first model, we discovered that the second side of the same social structure .. Capitalism and Marxism are two sides of one coin, we can reach the heart of one of them the same position without moving to a new position .. Without searching for another position with a different value and a different form .. When we learn to capitalism is not on us to see what the Marxist only to turn what is in our hands to get directly to Marxism .. Even if we compare our hearts capitalism currency on the face of capitalism without the second highlights the trouble they are two sides of one coin. Thus the world today, are two sides of his face the face of capitalist and Marxist, but he has not changed. Economic activity in communities symmetric completely, that with the forces of capitalist production repeats itself in the production Marxist When the parties to the forces of production in the capitalist model is a procedure and employers, that the same is repeated in the community Marxist regardless of the difference the formal question of the employer in that it one employer or multiple employers. But fundamentally nothing has changed, The procedure are wage-earners in the two models together .. They are working people were taken from capitalism to Marxism Bogerthm unchanged. However, it happened in the coup, the issue of the Employer, Employers capitalists in the form of capitalist profiteers ousted in a proletarian revolution, replaced by a new employer is the state of Marxism. This means that the capitalist class, which was leased workers ousted to be replaced by the capitalist state or a system of state capitalism which Marxist Arschh form. Also, the administration in the capitalist model is a special department exercised exploitative owners of companies and economic institutions as employers have the right to manage their staff. It is in the form of Marxist administration and also the properties of the administration of capitalism and the only difference between them that the administration is Marxist government department by the government as an employer to employees. I mean that working people in the two models together is still managed by others, and are not, which manages, in the capitalist model is managed by the owner of the private capital as an exploitative company and factory, etc. .. It is in the form of Marxist managed by the new employer, which is the state of Marxism. Productive effort and effort working people back in the first model to the employer of the individual or company. And back in the second model to the new employer, which is the state of Marxism. Is there is a change in the distribution of production for the working people? There has been no change production is produced by working people is taken either for the benefit of the capitalist class or for the benefit of the capitalist state. And invested for the benefit of employers, capitalists, owners of companies and factories and invested for the benefit of the capitalist state in the Marxist model, although he does not invest for the benefit of an individual exploited in projects for and achieve on the way his own interests, but that the amendment that has occurred in Marxism slight and non-radical, where he became a production invested by the government and under the its direct control. And the earth in the form of capital owned by Squires and employed wage-earners as factories owned by capitalists and employed wage-earners under the domination of the capitalists. In the Marxist model of state-owned land on farms, whether collective or cooperative farms, and if there are private farms in a number of them are regarded as property of individuals in a temporary way to the finish .. The procedure works in the land of the government. And trade in the capitalist model is especially shops and business purpose of private profit at the expense of the consumer, and the profits accumulate in the pocket of his own stores. Abolished private trade in the form of Marxist and was replaced by general trade, the government came in place of Marxism became capitalists and traders shops are run by their staff in the rate of profit added to their salaries. What is the new thing caused by the Marxist revolution? We have transformed the procedure from your employer to make the state, and denied that was oppressive or unfairly. The procedure instead of being under the domination of the capitalists and profiteers Astglaliyn must be subject to state .. The output should return to the community to (state Marxism) after it was taking advantage of a monopoly in the interest of the feudal and capitalists and the state-owned land, rather than owned by Squires .. Thus coup on capitalism, but not a change at all. What are the benefits of this change for the workers?

– Nothing has changed for the workers they are still working a few hours and deducted a great deal of these hours of them, regardless of the beneficiary of this deduction, and how to invest after that. But salaried worker is still working a number of hours and hours of his return is less than that Achtglha and is still managed by others. The people under the Marxist model can not dispose of the land, but the government is put her hand on the ground and solve the problem the way you see, then you can cancel your farm and turned into cooperatives or collective farms or farms belonging to the transformation of the state .. And can be kept intact. And all means of production are owned by the state capital instead of the capitalist class, and more precisely, all what they were doing the capitalist class in the capitalist model has become by the State of Marxism. It also will have the same fate as the Marxist state capitalist class .. Why? Marxism because the state has inherited the capitalist class in all the qualities and duties and the same behavior .. And improve the state of Marxism as the heir to the capitalist class Vhaktha Mathltha quite reaching even to what we have reached in Poland and Czechoslovakia and in the number of sites in the Soviet Union. The same confrontation popular (or revolution of the working people) – by the workers’ party in the primary productive forces – and faced by the capitalist class began now facing the state capitalism in the Marxist model. The parties to the forces of production in the first model found in the second model has not been abolished, and continues as a concerted multilateral relationship among productivity is intact, thrown parties for the forces of production is not at all. Entrepreneurs that work and the government administration. At the time managed the power of the basic production by others. Nothing has changed between the two models, although it is not who made ​​the coup Marxist themselves again to capitalism in another of its aspects, and do not consider their coup a step back, but insist it be considered in accordance with a progressive and forward movement as thought they were directed blows final against forces exploitative in favor of the socialist state, and destroyed the self-interest selfishness achieved through capitalist economic activity to a specific category at the expense of society. And laid the program educationally sacrificed interests of selfishness and kill the motivation of self-interest of individual expediency in man, thinking that this will culminate in the coup Marxist victory and resolve the interests of the state replace the self-interests of individuals, but individuals cling to their own interests of self with all the force, then you must fight the instinct in man, and work to exhaustion Heritage of springs – as they say in China – even cut off all educational and psychological roots of human Vinvsal them and accept the new situation – which state Brsch Marxism. They believe that this mop-up from the roots of human adaptation makes easy to adapt to the Marxist model. A man who loves the property and wants to achieve self-interests inevitably clash with the state to want everything to their advantage, but if he kills this aspect in humans will create robots completely. And put a finger on the button moves a particular human robots to collect production and Akdsuh in the place specified exactly like ants! Robots do not eat or drink does not like? Nor dreamed nor hoped not comfortable .. Not outperform or shine. The result is that this solution has encountered serious difficulties since he, and was credited with the survival due to the finite non-violence. Which proved that the solution Marxist consequent need for an iron fist over the heads of people in the community continue to provide this solution. Though I feel that these people have raised their fist to the back to achieve their own interests. Thus, the Marxist tendency in society leads to a strong state has the power, wealth and arms, a strong government hand power, wealth and arms so you can force all people to waive their own interests and work for communism. This has resulted in the situation in the political side to the governor and one tool is the Communist Party, in order to ensure that the community strongly arrest, and herded in the new trend toward communism. Most dangerous thing to society is Marxist political freedom because it leads people to be extracted power and hold the driver’s seat of government control thus destroying Marxism .. It was here working on the creation of communist parties to ensure a strong control of the community and considered a rival of the Communist Party in any country of Marxism rose and labor-imperialist. They even fought against those countries which objected to Marxism in this matter and considered it a gateway anti-Marxist society exploited by imperialism against the progressive forces. Fauguslavia been ostracized because she refused this solution seriously .. And China is now fully rebound in the eyes of Marxists .. In Poland there is a union of events is very dangerous in the independence of trade unions and direction to create a labor entity rejecting the domination of the Polish Communist Party is a real dilemma for all of Marxism?. Events which can explode also in Romania and Hungary but also in the Soviet Union itself. Thus, the State – the government – to replace the capitalist class in control of the economy and harness the economic activity of interest ..

– The state capital mocking everything to their advantage and act as if they are the same as the capitalist class.

The government in light of the functions of the capitalist class to protect capital and preserve its security and existence of that which does not allow the establishment of a Marxist society in America or Britain. The government in a society of capitalism retain political power and economic service of the capitalist system and can not be neutral between him and any system can be established on its ruins are committed to maintaining the political structure and economic and social development in society of the capitalist class to ensure the continuation of economic interests and investment of economic activity in the interest of capitalism.

The role of a Marxist government, mission is to prevent the establishment of an alternative system of Marxism, and the fight against the forces against them in addition to its installed state capitalism and protection, which makes creating a political tool to achieve this necessary. And here arose the dictatorship of the Communist Party of the community. The result is that there is no regard for democracy in the two systems both. But the account the whole focus is to emphasize the economic interests of the party mainstream, which is the capitalist class in capitalist society and capitalist government in the community Marxist and if we examine the political side in the two models, we find that they same global wholly apart from some differences of form example, we find in the first model of the people and Government as well as we find in the second model people and government, as we find great similarity with respect to the police and the army and Gbr from government departments .. Even if the government in the form – the first manufactured by the capitalist class to serve its interests and preserve their investments. The government in the second model is also not created by people, but is the government of the Marxist party .. Even if we believe as a government unions, the workers their manufacture, the presence of government makes the community structure similar to capitalist society, the existence of the Government and people, the capitalists themselves are talking about serving the people and its interests and defend it, but that does not mean only the capitalists who exploit the working class to serve their interests. Clients the task of protecting the system to the institutions of the army and the police that they created to ensure the continuation of the capitalist system. In the community Marxist, the capitalist government controls the capital after that taken away from the capitalist class revolution, claiming that they do so in the interest of the people, which means here those toilers who created them an army ideologically loyal to her and a protector of its existence under the pretext of it to their advantage, and even if we believe that the role of these hard-working no more than the role of the army, which owes allegiance to the Government of capitalism and fighting wars in order to achieve the interests of capitalism, then, the situation had not changed in the two models of capitalist and Marxist, in the light of both societies there are people and the government, army and administration of public and private .. And others on the political level, but on the economic front, tell the wage earners and employers, and the capitalist class and the capitalist government, and the workers Ventjohn in both societies and goes part of their production for the benefit of the individual capitalist or for the benefit of the capitalist government. That if there was a trade-off between the two models, which Ndershma for them and there is no third alternative, the Marxist model is better than the capitalist model, it serves the interests of the state, despite all provided by all members of society of a great sacrifice for the benefit of the state.

Employment opportunities:

As for the unemployment and employment in the two models

– Field of study – so we can clarify the difference between them if like us jobs in the first model – capitalist society – a line graph crispy start from scratch sometimes and climb with him sometimes, Viozaa it working randomly not obtained all those who signed the ranking from zero and the numbers near it, on any a chance to find work, while the others obtained a chance or more .. What we notice is when some of those who have lost their chances to work on the streets of capital cities and are demonstrations against the capitalist system that unjustly deprived them of their right to have the opportunity to work, what you get reward others. We can realize how the injustice done to these, if we have an example that you get more chance of depriving others of any chance the capitalist architecture containing thirty apartments .. At the same moment in which there is a family thirtieth of its citizens without any shelter. The share of the wealth of society had their homes looted by the monopoly owner of architecture to the opportunities of their own.

Another example: – Suppose that arable land can be divided for a number of farmers so that the area of each farm one hectare, for example. If you took one of them on the farm area of ten hectares, this means depriving nine farmers from its citizens their right to own farms, and thus depriving them of their livelihood and Mkadthm of unemployment, if repeated the other members the same done, many farmers will not be able to get on the farms where they work for themselves . Often those who monopolized the opportunities to work of others and looted their Btagerhm to work at the same sites that Antzaaoha of them and they accept that forced out of poverty and the need for creators of this capitalist class and the other slave to it. Graph of employment in the capitalist system: –

Opportunities Summit – Summit Summit Summit no chances – zero zero zero zero

(Perigee opportunities)

We also represent opportunities to work in the second model – the Marxist society – a straight line, ie, to extend the graph above horizontal wavy Decree, Vtaatsawy opportunities for all, unemployment has been lacking .. Either we are all the opportunities zero or be another number equal for all workers. The extension of this graph horizontally on integrity down to those who are at the top of the opportunities and rise to those in the gutter, Visawon all in jobs, but they live on the minimum until they provide jobs for all able them. This is caused by the Marxist coup in this area has focused on the equality of mental work to working muscle there is no difference between the doctor and the engineer and laborer .. And others .. They are all Athsalon on equal employment opportunities.

Example for clarification:

If we want to divide the one hundred dinars to ten people, we give each person ten dinars, and this fair share, if represent us capitalist society, these percent dinars, are distributed in the form of unfair, we will find that one of the ten may get fifty dinars and one-twentieth and three each you get ten .. And the remainder received the zero .. Why do you get these to zero did not they get something of the wealth of the community? Because their shares taken others .. Instead of obtaining one of them took all of his fifty and the other twenty .. That means the direct acquisition of the share in the wealth of others .. And receives one-twentieth means you get another zero .. That you get fifty or twenty or thirty is rich in the capitalist system but he sang at the expense of the poor scores of others who took their share in employment and the wealth of society.

– And boasts the owners of the capitalist system that has been found to have the essential factor, but they ignore the poor, who became rich because of this factor, who took their share of jobs and wealth of society.

– Marxists and boast that they have spent on unemployment and provided job opportunities for all capable of it .. They ignore this in their inability to achieve well-being of employees and satisfy their needs to provide sufficient jobs for all of them, have to achieve this end, to deprive each product part of a production cut of it for the state of Marxism .. They must determine the degree to which every individual consumption and even take a measure of output toilers Mlzimainhm living on a minimum standard of living while continuing to work .. The end at this stage of Marxism is not prosperity, but end of toil is the transition to communism .. So .. The mass murder permissible for those who fail to production .. And the looting of property .. And killing instincts .. And live a subsistence existence, and not to think about living necessities and luxuries prohibition of thinking .. All of which are permissible in the transition to communism .. But must work our utmost and the largest number of hours with the deduction a large part of your production for the benefit of the communist state .. But why? To reach the state of Marxism to achieve the theme from each according to his best and to each according to his need. But when? .. When investigating the production of plenty, Wejtkds maker a real paradise.! Is it really crammed into production? Will not be crammed into a thing of the production is consumed at the time, could not retain any state that has no low-spirited to Communism, after decades of application of Marxism. Was that there was a new trend is to think of providing necessities to the people and to provide luxuries to them after it became clear the impossibility of the existence of humans produce tens of years and satisfied the minimum of their production to live it to the minimum standard of living for giving up a large part of their production in favor of communism and giving up their freedom are all in favor of Communist Party! This new approach is the one who created the resistance of the Chinese revolution, prompting Mao then to declare what is known as the Cultural Revolution. And the payment of all States to introduce the concept of Marxism incentives that make them go to study the institutions of capitalism in America and Western Europe, trying to introduce a system so similar Moved institutions of capitalism and its application in the institutions of Marxism. If so, the last strand of hope in Marxism considered to have ceased once and for all. And ends just to ordinary coup occurs within the capitalist state, the result of one party takeover of power in the forces of the capitalist state, That is the Communist Party, which he has to eliminate private property, and is used to hold people to the government-made .. These same government division of production, and how much savings you want it is compelled, after all, to provide part of the effort of working people to the extent that meets the expenses of a modern state and raise its defense capability in the face of contrary .. Which is the capital .. Thus they arrived at a dead end there is no way to get out with him, but inventing pedantry philosophical content impossibility of communism and the impossibility of investigating ambitions (the great), unless the capitalist system the whole, appeared to the direction of intellectual and practical in the Soviet Union, and then in the rest of the organizations Marxism is preparing to eliminate the system capitalism and imperialism in the world, and sees the owners of this trend is that the presence of half of the land under the domination of the imperialist power will not make up the other half of communism at all, by the need to engage in a conflict simulation and competition never ends. Has taken control of this idea in the Soviet Union until the reign of Khrocserv and took control in China during the life of Mao and Hwayn Enlai and the emergence of a group Ning, Pong, was the prevailing doctrine then is that war is inevitable between capitalism and Marxism, to the level of nuclear war, and they were working on this basis to prepare themselves for war inevitable unavoidable, but that they considered any state that does not prepare itself for this war in twenty years the State of traitor to the cause of Marxism-Leninism. In the early eighties has provided Chinese new analysis had a significant impact in the whole world .. China has declared that the promise to the world saying the corruption that makes the inevitability of war between capitalism and Marxism, and that this statement has been proven wrong and false, and became the world have the right to live in harmony. It was Khrushchev believes Russia should be a strong country in the face of America’s other strong state, believed that Russia, which defaulted on that mimic the U.S. and opens them and deal with it. There has been a large opening at the time feared Marxists be followed by apostasy from Marxism and beliefs, and they shoot down Khrushchev, but the simulation of the capitalist system the U.S. has continued secrecy and continued with the same policy-based co-existence with the global capitalist system with a reservation – of course – on the rationale that led to the fall of Khrushchev .. Vaqat reduction of strategic weapons such as the Convention Salt A and Salt 2 and the meetings of the Helsinki frequent meetings to engage in dialogue where the two greatest on the distribution of weapons, arms control, or those known in the periods of late reconciliation of international detente is only a continuation of the policy of coexistence that undermine the belief Marxist traditional basis, imposing itself in spite of all theoretical viewpoints that have been formulated in previous periods. Those views and became a Marxist theory is like plowing the sea! Or charting his finger on the sand! Why? Because there is a capitalist system poses a challenge to Marxism. Marxists believe that the Hatf nose will fall a long time ago .. But he did not fall, and continued to struggle against him, and continued to take the working people of the greatest effort to meet the programs imposed on them. Thus vanished the hope of achieving communism, leaving nothing in its favor can be supplied after that consumed everything in the building of a modern state that can confront the powerful modern capitalist state. If we wanted to strike the state such as Germany for example, Eastern, for example, it can not accumulate its production in favor of communism as long as West Germany to present its side is getting stronger every day and occupies fourth place among industrialized nations in the world. Forcing East Germany to spend effort Jabbar in building a modern industrial able to remain steadfast in the face of West Germany, and become obliged even to emulate the things that are considered bourgeois logic Marxist such as setting up radio visible color and Gardens Entertainment, etc., as well as projects of armament and defense spending and manufacturing projects , the imposition of bourgeois behavior itself and necessitated that the Marxist government to spend what you take from working people on the areas of military and space programs, plans propaganda and administrative spending. And to build a powerful modern state. I really hope faded in the realization of communism is impossible accumulation of production, but they want to find a way out of this cycle Brfhm the logo (the destruction of capitalism first, then we can then accumulation of production). But is there really a trend towards a war with capitalism? The trend to the destruction of capitalism contrasts with agreements to reduce strategic arms (SALT one) and (SALT two) and the Charter of Helsinki.

Indeed, the biggest fear of society Marxist is war, Russia is not never accept a war with America can not be initiated under any circumstance or in response to any consideration, it was the official opinion of the Soviet Union has always been that the war must be excluded between the two countries have each and every one of them enough to destroy the earth ten times. And small countries are advised to take into account this fact, which they do not want war, but Ikhavunha .. Thus, there is no way to destroy capitalism and cut off the hope of second road too .. That slogan, which raised him to the realization of communism, there is not only through the co-existence between capitalism and Marxism. However, the Marxists are able to get out (Marxists) of each crisis intellectual and scientific fatal fall as a result of new data or scientific analyzes sound like we have made ​​here. Although what we have is enough to blow up the treatises that only Marxism Marxist Marxists always will stay .. ! Why?

First: – Because Marxism is the basis of their presence no matter what they can not declare failure, they have worked for what they have worked Marxists and Communists.

Second: – Communist back in every time the infected really disappointed enough to blow up the beliefs that justification comes to keep him alive (a Communist) .. Thus providing Takrigathm constantly at each position can not be bypassed to their beliefs. Marxism has become like capitalism at all, the more false reality and refute the Marxist analysis of the direction of the charge accusing him of not understanding the application of Marxism, and not laws that are not wrong at all! Which had taken refuge when it interpreted the workers’ movement in Poland, when they said .. They made ​​a mistake in understanding Marxism and let them pay the price .. And must pay the price of non-respect of the laws of Marxism. They point out that it is responsible for the unrest, which ended with Poland to the emergence of a military government is the elements of Marxism, which did not adhere to Marxism! But why did not declare that since the beginning? It was (Gerecke) – in their view – the best fighters Communists, who is said to them that they are walking by Marxism-Leninism. Did not make him any money at any caucus, including the recent conference of the Polish Communist Party, held prior to outbreak of the situation with the workers. But they soon branded with violating Marxism-Leninism as soon as an explosion of the situation and his disappearance from the political scene. In this way, dialectical formal logic-based Marxists can maintain the survival and the continuation of their movement. Thus, Marxism also continue to use different means and continue to the part of capitalism that can not hope to eliminate it was inevitable coexistence between the two models. And had to be for the simulation of Marxist capitalism to assert that analysts do not usually if they are in Russia or the United States or in East Germany or West because all aspects of life similar to identical. It is difficult to distinguish between the institution Almaarkisihmthelha top institution of capitalism. Here you will find striking workers and workers on strike there demanding an increase of wages and all of a revolution against the administration in controlling their necks in the two models together. In Britain, Czechoslovakia and find dissidents demanding freedom. And when we have these two models, which we Bdrasthma here. How can we say that the world has changed! Have been repeated all the features that we found, in the first model to be found are the same or slightly modified in shape in the second model as well. We have to finally decide that what happened was just a formality only coup.

Nature of the changes:

Must say that the struggle of man for freedom and progress did not stop at the two models, referred to, but has become in our hands put third established himself as a fact lie on the lives of our contemporary world and we need to examine this situation, the third and analyze its structure, to decide in predatory up whether humans may able to finally reach its end after the struggle of a deep, waged to achieve freedom and happiness, and I mean that it has been possible to finally bring about the desired change in human society, and if possible to extract the new changes this, satisfaction of human her and his desire to achieve and realities, thus win the final on factors of oppression all at once. If we dealt with the study of economic activity in the Third Universal Theory or under, this situation is the third recently emerged on the ruins of the former two models, and we found the relationships that the parties to control the forces of production has crashed completely. In the new economic order that disappeared when the parties themselves, leaving only the producers Revolution converts by producers. Partners in the production of each of them has produced private property is sacred. Has just poured out of the elimination of employers in control through their conferences on the management of their premises productivity productivity also creators of the popular committees carry out their decisions that they made ​​in their conferences productivity.

If we find that we are we will know for sure that what happened is a real change and not a coup .. Where the administration has disappeared, and disappeared for good employers. Disappeared and the forces governing the relations of production with different Salaaha those who created these relations to steal the production of producers for their own benefit or for the benefit of their party. The working relationship between the state and among the working people, which we found in Marxist society where the state controls Balchgalh we specify their working hours. And their shares in the profits, and their participation in the administration. This relationship crashed in the revolution of the workers and partners to Btholhm .. And died arbitrary and exploitative relationship between workers and between any other party, and have become indispensable in all parties .. And ended with a final production relations between the parties to the forces of production. As for the issue of governance has completed the takeover based workers in all production facilities, both government-administered or administered by the private sector. And became a labor administration and the form of workers ‘productivity in each plant productive conference, has the power production decision, and chose the workers’ committee the administrative work of the Executive .. The producers in the factories where the application of the system of co take their share and give to the community share.

There is no other party in the factory. Stress of work. Relationship or the administration or production. So ended the conflict within the plant because the workers had marched to the factory and took it completely and set up their conference in which the popular production and formed the Popular Committee for the management. Got rid of the taxi and became partners in production. Thus, we find that a new situation has arisen and that all the old features of the situation may have disappeared altogether. As for the issue of investment production is no longer a problem at all as long as each product takes your production .. Receive any share of productivity in the production facility where he worked, which is free after that is invested. The problem of land ownership that were fluctuate in the hands of feudal times and in the hands of the tyranny of the capitalist state at other times has solved this problem by becoming the property of all the earth and not the property for one. Because the real property is the ownership of the land use. This means that every member of society has the right to exploit his effort to satisfy your needs. Fgab feudalism and thus missed the master of the land which was divided into collective farms into cooperatives or private methods and ended the monopoly of all the earth. Emerged and how the new sound you select. Saying “the earth belongs to all.” As for the very economic activity is no longer as it was in previous models (the capital increase control over the society), but has become a very economic activity is to satisfy the needs of individuals, there is no one who owns the means of production output, which has become divided by elements of the real producers, a .. And tools of production and raw materials used in the production process. So what have the product produced by his effort. And return the share of machinery (production tools) and the share of raw materials to the community. No one has the right to distribute the jobs in the new society or who has the right to distribute the production, people in the new society are free to seek each of them to satisfy his needs, without making fun of others in this and uses it without the others. Thus, the productivity of working people work, Ihtervunha freely, without pressure from any outside them.

But it protects the public:

We have seen that when the capitalist class is the master of the situation, the economy that are harnessing the community to increase its capital How has making a political tool to protect the capitalist system. As we have seen when the capitalist state in Marxist societies have possessed wealth after it seized from the capitalist class have had to make its tool for the protection of the political system, which depends of state capitalism. In the new society – mass society – Where is no longer one and the same lady from the community of the situation alone, but held a genuine democratic system, which has the same wealth of society, it became necessary to have the community itself is the tool the dominant political power too .. And so can all the people if taken over the wealth actually control the power that can be harnessed then for his own that he can not have democracy in a society that does not divide the wealth of the people equally, if the controlled side of the community in wealth managed the same side of the create a political system to keep employees on their interests, thereby reaffirming governed by the people, and thus the establishment of a dictatorial regime, no matter how described subsequently in violation of the false description of reality. If we look to any country in the modern world – which facilitates us study – we will find that any point of a strong community can not allow the establishment of a political system that does not serve its interests, merchants for example, Squires and contractors, brokers do not allow at all the fact that the system does not serve them, but despite the nose, and we found that even those governments that are formed by groups of revolutionaries such as the Free Officers Movement make up the majority of governments of members of parliament from the merchants and landlords, capitalists and brokers. These layers and then jump to the government and would soon engulf the revolution itself. If we take the Arab countries as a model study in this particular point, we find that this has happened and all its details, Vantekst change movements and revolutionary uprisings, without having achieved nothing of its purpose.

وقد استطعنا في ثورة الفاتح العظيم أن نخرج من هذا المأزق الخطير بصعوبة بالغة، وباصرار شديد على أن يتحكم الناس في مصائرهم. فدفعناهم دفعاً للاستيلاء على السلطة ومنحناهم الثقة في أنفسهم وقمنا بحمايتهم ضد الطبقات الرجعية المعادية للشعب، حتى وثقوا بأنفسهم واكتشفوا قدرتهم على حكم أنفسهم. رأينا في نظام رأسمالية الطبقة كي

كيف يستثمر الإنتاج؟

ف أن المنتجين يستهلكون جزءاً من انتاجهم فقط، أما في نظام الدولة الرأسمالية فإن المنتجين يستهلكون الحد الأدنى من انتاجهم.

ورغم أن الانقلاب الماركسي على الرأسمالية كان يستهدف تخليص المجتمعات البشرية من كابوس الرأسمالية، فقد اتضح أنه لا يفى بذلك، حيث لم تأت الماركسية بحل جديد، وصار هم الماركسيين الدفاع عن انفسهم تحت مظلة الماركسية التي تورطوا فيها، في عالم سيصبح في النهاية برجوازياً، بفعل تسلط الحكومات والأحزاب على الجماهير الشعبية- بالمعنى الجـماهيري-. مما يحتم قيام الثورة الشعبية التي تحطم الحكومات وتفتك السلطة وتنتزعها من الأحزاب، مشكلة مؤتمرات شعبية تقرر ولجاناً شعبية تدير، مدمرة المؤسسات الاقتصادية الرأسمالية، التابعة للدولة الرأسمالية أو التابعة للطبقة الرأسمالية. محققة ملكية المنتجين لإنتاجهم، فيتمكن كل منتج من استهلاك ما ينتج، حيث إن الوضع العادل يشترط أن الذي ينتج هو الذي يستهلك انتاجه. وهكذا يتمكن المنتجون من استثمار انتاجهم لإشباع حاجاتهم، خالقين بذلك عالماً جديداً حراً.

إن نتائج النظام الاقتصادي الرأسمالي( الحر ) هي الاستغلال وظهور الطبقات، وبروز الفوارق الصارخة بينها.. والحروب والاستعمار،

* ففرنسا مثلا تصر على البقاء في افريقيا وخوض حروب متواصلة في كثير من البلاد الافريقية.. لماذا؟.. ذلك أن 75% من موارد فرنسا تنالها من افريقيا، وحين قلنا إن ذلك نهب وسرقة، لم يكن رد فرنسا سوى أن لنا أن نفسر كيف نشاء، وأنهم ليسوا مجانين ليفقدوا 75%. من المواد الخام التي تردهم من افريقيا. بل أنهم حاربوا من أجل ذلك ورتبوا الانقلابات. واجهضوا حركة الثورة والتقدم والتعليم في افريقيا حتى لا يفقدوا هذا المورد.

أما في المجتمع الماركسي فلا يوجد أي اهتمام بمسألة الديمقراطية بل إن الاهتمام كله منصب على حماية سلطة الحزب الشيوعي لضمان بقائها في يده، ويعتبرون أي محاولة لتخفيف الضغط عن الجماهير في الدولة الماركسية خطأ وعملا برجوازيا، واتجاها ليبراليا مضادا للاشتراكية، وهم يصرون أن تشكل المجالس الشعبية( السوفيتات ). من أعضاء الحزب فقط دون غيرهم من أفراد الشعب.

لم نكن لنعطى اهتماماً في حديثنا هذا للرأسمالية باعتبارها نظاما فاسداً متعفناً، ولكننا نهتم بشكل خاص بالماركسية باعتبارها الانقلاب الذي أريد له أن يخلص العالم من شر الرأسمالية غير أنه لم يحقق ذلك كلياً، بل إنه أدى إلى قيام دولة الحزب الواحد التي تعتمد الدكتاتورية أسلوباً وعقيدة. وسجلوها بوضوح كامل في دستور الدولة أيضاً، كنص ثابت لا يقبل التأويل.

ويضيفون بأن تلك الدكتاتورية المعترف بها دستورياً هي ديكتاتورية العمال، ولكن حينما اندلعت مظاهرات العمال في بولندا. اتضح أن الدكتاتورية القائمة هي دكتاتورية الحزب الماركسي وليست دكتاتورية العمال بدليل اصطدام العمال بالحزب الحاكم، إنها دكتاتورية الحزب على العمال، تلك الدكتاتورية التي فرضت على العمال أن ينتجوا أقصى ما يستطيعون متنازلين عن أكبر قادر من هذا الإنتاج لصالحها.

وهكذا فإن الحزب بجيشه وشرطته وحكومته يمارس الدكتاتورية على العمال وليس العكس.

وهم لا يسمحون للعمال بالإضراب ولا بالاعتصام. وقرروا لهم ساعات عمل والزموهم بالعمل خلالها. وحين استطلاع العمال أن يقولوا رأيهم طالبوا بتخفيض أيام العمل إلى خمسة أيام رافضين الأيام المفروضة عليهم من قبل الحكومة الماركسية فاتضح بشكل نهائي أن العمال لم يقرروا شيئاً.. لا أيام العمل ولا ساعات العمل. وأنهم يتنازلون عن انتاجهم غصباً بل إنهم ينتجون غصباً أيضاً.

وهكذا تكون الثورة الشعبية هي الحل الحتمي نتيجة وصول العالم إلى طريق مسدود بفشل الحل الماركسي في تقديم بديل عن الرأسمالية.

إذن فإن ما حدت كان مجرد تقلب عادي..

فالبيت كان لصاحب العقارات الرأسمالية. تحول ليصبح لحكومة الحزب الماركسي ممثلة بالبلدية.

والأرض التي كانت للإقطاعي صارت لحكومة الحزب الماركسي.

والسلطة التي كانت بيد الطبقة الرأسمالية، صارت بيد الحزب الشيوعي.

وحل الجيش الماركسي محل الجيش الرأسمالي، وبقى الإنتاج ملكاً لرب العمل الجديد وهو الدولة الماركسية بدل الطبقة الرأسمالية..

وحلت الإدارة الحكومية محل الادارة الخاصة.

إنه مجرد تقلب عادي من وجه إلى الوجه الآخر.

إن ماركس نفسه أعلن أن الفلاسفة قد حللوا العالم وفسروه ولكنهم لم يغيروه، وكان يعتقد بأنه قادر على تغييره، فاتضح لنا أنه هو أيضاً لم يفعل ذلك.

إن التغيير هو هدف الانسانية لتحقيق حريتها وسعادتها وبناء عالم افضل. ولكن البشر كانوا قد اختلفوا دائماً في تحديد الأفضل بالنسبة لأي منهم.

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