RCM News: Evo Morales, Symbol Of The Bolivarian Revolution

Evo Morales: Symbol of the Bolivian revolution; 30th January 2006; 12:00.

The revolution draws its truth from the oppression and the shameless exploitation of the capitalists inebriated of money and richness. If there were revolutionists in the world, there was also more skilful and finer in their style. From day to day and vis-à-vis of the rise of American infernal capitalism, there are individuals who break the taboo and political mysticism imperialist.

One will never forget Ché Guevarra, Thomas Sankara, and for alive Fidel Castro, and Moammar Al Qaddafi. After the Latin-American wind of Hugo Chàvez in Venezuela, the rebirth comes from Evo Morales in

Bolivia.Sunday January 22nd, 2006, Evo Morales becomes first Amerindian to be reached the supreme office in Bolivia and its official nomination marks an end of intensive exploitation of the American power in this country of the poorest Bolivia of Latin America “Obviously very enthused, it took part in the ceremony of his investiture at 19 hours, French time, in front of the Congress in LA Paz at the presence of eleven presidents of Latin America and Europe and more than 500 guests coming from about fifty country. “Evo”, as call familiarly it the farmers of the Andes, swore on the Constitution before receiving the official nomination symbolized by three collars of which one belonged to Simon Bolivar, emblematic figure of the fight of the Latin-American countries at the XIX century for their independence of the Spanish crown.

Saturday, the new president had already been established “supreme head of the Indians of the Andes” during a religious ceremony in the pre-incas ruins of Tiwanaku, located not far from the crowned lake of Titicaca “writes LE MONDE.

Few time after his investiture, the Bolivian revolutionist values his promises of the pre-election by reducing through decree its wages and while ordering to the members of the government to re-examine with the fall and to its equivalence their own wages. What means that its monthly wages (salary) will be thus of 15.000 boliviano (1.700 dollars, 1.397 euros) per month instead of 34 900 boliviano is 3 900 dollars, 3 204.07 euros monthly for its predecessor.

“Evo Morals satisfied with the support of Qaddafi for the Bolivian people according to AngolaPress.

The Bolivian president, Evo Morals, expressed Friday during a cable conversation, his gratitude to the guide Moammar Al Qaddafi for the support that he brought to him in his political path until his election to the presidency of the republic on last 19 December, an event which also means, according to him, the covering of the sovereignty of the indigenous people of Bolivia and Latin America.

According to the Libyan News Agency JANA, president Evo Morales made share with the guide Moammar AL Qaddafi of his will to consolidate and intensify the profitable co-operation between the African Union (UA) and the Union of the Latin America, for the realization of the aspirations of the populations of the two entities by in particular stressing the deep historical bonds between the two continents.

The Bolivian president also affirmed his will to support and promote the relations between his country and Libya, inviting on the occasion the Libyan leader to visit Bolivia.

The president Evo Morals, as underlined, is prize winner of the Qaddafi Price of the human’s right ”

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