Urgent Call For The Formation Of The Party Again

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دعوة ملحة لتشكيل حزب مرة أخرى

By Muammar Al Qadhafi

The sinners rejoiced, and the defrauders have shaken hands. Every oathmonger has now become happy, every lowborn hinderer of the good. They thought that they were not responsible, and that the gullible ones would lose. They did not realize that justice is never vanquished in the end; they thought that they had got away with what they had plundered – that justice can become obsolete over time; they wade with the waders. They became content with what they stole and said that Judgment Day will never come, and said that it was a lie.

He who joins a party betrays Chapter One of the Green Book. The politically forbidden party is a tool of rule which the authorities use on behalf of the people. The party is authority, which belongs to everyone. This is the line of the poem: authority is for all. This sentence is the justification for the call to form a party.

Yes, because authority is for all. In applying the Green Book, we see the necessity of forming a party in order to achieve popular democracy and finally free ourselves of all of the tools of dictatorial rule which plunder the capabilities of the people, and drain the masses of all of their energy and effectiveness. We are in the most urgent need of forming a party, without any delay. Parties are made up of those sharing either the same interests, or the same vision… the same cultural background, or the same place and the same ideology.

Those people form a party to achieve their interest. It is not possible in democratic terms for any of them to rule an entire people. The party is a minority of the people, and as long as this is so, then a party must be formed to do away with the rule of a minority over the people.

There is absolutely no contradiction in this logic from the political and revolutionary standpoints, but there is only an apparent contraction in terms of terminology. In order to understand this formal problematic, and become convinced that it is inevitable necessary to form a party to achieve direct popular democracy, we must submit to reality and analyze it.

Today, it is a party and not the people who rules. There are no popular conferences! Therefore, we must crush this tool, which does not represent the people, so that the people can rule. But what is the people? In revolutionary ideological terms, the people is a vague ivory tower term, no clearer than the phrase ‘the people are the lord of all’. For who is this ‘all’ for whom the people act as lord, and is it true that ‘the people are the lord of all’?

We are now addressing the problem of the meaning of the word ‘people’ (the people is ‘all citizens’), and this is the correct and proper meaning of the word. In this way, we may arrive at the truth, and at the problem that we wish to solve.

Citizens, the totality of which form the people, are peasants, workers, merchants, whether former or current, and former or current middlemen! Black market merchants, former and present employees! Students, government workers, officers, health workers, popular committee members. Traveling salesmen, freethinkers, and smugglers! Illiterate mosque preachers and passport officials and their friends, men – and women – of the customs department, airport and guest lounge employees and their friends, soldiers who obtain their pay, and those who do not – all of them make up the people.

Added to this are those receiving treatment abroad, and those who are not allowed to receive treatment abroad, for non-health-related reasons! Also, those who have received telephones and those who have not received them, due to lack of information.

The people is also made up of those who are abroad to undertake certain missions, and those who travel abroad several times a year, and have no business to undertake. This definition of the people does not distinguish between those, when abroad, who stay in Intercontinental Hotels or sleep in Libyan embassies until their mission is finished, and then return home.

This entire mixture makes up the people, with the exception of Moroccan, Ethiopian, and Filipina servants, since ‘people should do their own housework’ and ‘the child is raised by his mother’.  The definition of the people also includes military, political and revolutionary leadership, their relatives and friends, the friends of their friends, relatives, and the attendants who follow them in kindness  until Judgement Day.

In order to produce a fair and scientific definition of ‘the people’, we should note that it also includes university professors, doctors, teachers, people living in Ghout al-Shammal, Abi Salim, al-Fallah, Sirte, Tobruk, al Joush, and Mazzada, with exception of the Dao people, for they are of Korean origin, and natural healing nurses, for they are of Slavic origin.

This definition of the people includes all of those with suitcases full of clothes, and those without. Those who pass through inspection lines, and those who do not. A citizen is a citizen, whether or not he can import a car, whether or not he has [a] chauffeur, and as the saying goes, ‘the car belongs to the driver’. You are counted to be a citizen and part of the people, whether or not you have a swimming pool or a yacht. Whether or not a tailor comes to you or you go to the tailor.

This, then, is the definition of ‘the people’. It means every citizen who lives in the Idris housing project in Abu Salim or still lives in a tent in the Bi valley, or those who live in Abu Nuwwas neighborhood, or those who go to Switzerland with their spouses, or merely go to their spouses at the end of the day. Citizenship has no relationship with marriage or bachelorhood.

We have now laid out the definition of ‘the people’, and it has become clear to us that it is a truly bourgeois definition, and quite unsatisfying. It is a mixture of contradictions and speculations. No doubt, in this definition, ‘the people’ includes sections of the population that are hostile to one another, combative elements, groups that are against each other socially. Thus, within a people, there are forces and elements of exploitation, theft and monopoly, as well as partisanship, tribalism, reaction, and corruption.

Following this definition of ‘the people’, we return to our call for the forming of a party, but how? Those who rule now, under an umbrella of popular democracy, are not the masses, building a state of the masses, but an alliance – not of the people’s laboring forces – but an alliance that is against them. It is a despicable alliance, whose own elements do not know one another, but they know each other’s methods. They do not meet together and take an oath of allegiance: their alliance is a tacit one.

This is the party that rules today. However, do not fear them to the degree that you count them all allied against you, for they actually hate one another, being as they fight one another in their garbage heaps. There is no option but to form a new party – not a party to rule the people, but to draw out the masses from within the people. Not a partial party that rules the entirety, but an entirety that produces a part – the body triumphing over the cancer.

It is a daring operation, a qualitative leap, a new revolutionary lead to create the state of the masses. Only the masses have an interest in revolution, which the parasites take their share of, and Dracula drinks its blood.

O unknown ones, good-hearted ones, you who do not know who provides you with telephones, who do not know who exempts you from paying your monthly bills, you who live in an old, run-down house in the shadow of an imposing palace. You who do not know who sends you abroad for medical treatment, who do not know how you obtained a car or how you received – and not at your own expense – an airline ticket. O non-bourgeois citizens, hardworking ones, sweating toiling ones, o widows and divorcées, in contravention of Islamic law.

You who have been raped by money, you silent, defeated women, you who have no one to speak for you, only God has the power. You who have left pleasures, who was forced to leave home, you who know no one and are known by none. You soldiers stationed on the front, you cleaning ladies and street sweepers, you loyal teachers, you whose hands are stained by line, tar, dust, mud, or salt, or the blood of operations or killing.  All of you with rough hands (‘The rough hand is loved by God and His Prophet’).

You who have been forced to become a chauffeur for an idle, ivory tower woman; you who have been forced to ride alone in the front, wash the expensive car with fresh water, while drinking salt water in your home. You to whom it has been said: consume the most delicious of food and drink – while at home you lack even drinking water.

You know that authority belongs to you but you remain silent, know that the revolution is for you yet you remain patiently waiting. You who know that we love you but you are unable to reach us, you who love us, but are unable to reach us.

O listless ones, o leaderless ones, o poor ones. This is your age, the age of the masses. This is your revolution, the popular revolution. This is your path, the green path has been opened. This is your Green Book, take it up with firm resolve and read what it contains twice, thrice, and four times. It is your historical opportunity to rule and be sovereign; to walk your path joyfully. You will cross the earth and conquer the highest mountains. Disregard the advice of the sage Luqman to his son; this is not your concern. This is another age, the age of the masses.

March forward. Beat down the earth with your broken, naked feet. It was created for you. Raise your heads high to the sky, it was made beautiful for your sakes. Raise your voices; there are no more prophets before which you should lower your voices. Shout out what you will as loud as you can. The goddess whom you used to fear is dead, so cast out your loneliness. We killed her on the great day of the revolution, the day of the Zawara speech. The sixth anniversary of the revolution, on midnight of Tuesday the 6-7th of October and the month Fatih, 1978.

I swear to you that the goddess is dead, and her justice with her. Her prophets with her as well. We have seen the death of the last prophet. All that remains is God the glorified, the high exalted, the beneficent, the merciful, the compassionate, the subtle and the loving.

All of this acts to remove the fear from our hearts, strengthen our freedom, and confirms are power over the earth. If you encounter a god, slay it and crucify it. If you encounter a prophet, curse him and kill him. They are charlatans and liars. The goddess is dead and so is her prophet. Do not believe if one says to you: I am a god or a prophet; he is false. He is a false prophet, a Musaylima, Sajjah.

The world belongs to all; the house to its inhabitants, the car to the driver; he who produces consumes his production. People should do their own housework. A child is raised by its mother. The university is for its students, the school for its pupils. Authority, wealth and arms are for all. And to you all goes out the call for the masses to begin lining up on the left; let their opponents stand on the right and let the barricades go up between them. So that the work can proceed, so that words be matched by deeds, my friends, go out toward the revolutionary paths. Record your names and addresses, you will find the membership ledger open to all.

For you, o hypocrites, you who have disfigured every holy revolutionary struggle. O capricious ones, o chameleons, do not try this time to do what you did in the past, if only for one simple reason – this time we know you. If any of you step forward and try to mix with us, as you were used to doing in the past, I verily will punish him the punishment of the Hoopoe, and verily will slay him following a long torment, you have in front of you another door to take.

Do not register your names with ours, but register what is in your conscience. You must either confess, or not confess, but what is right and what is wrong are both clear. The right path is clear, and once again, the warning bell has rung.

Forgive the one who warns you of misfortune.

Urgent Call For The Formation Of The Party Again

Farah Alamblson .. And shook hands Almtafvon .. And cheered each feeble offensive .. Hinderer of good, transgressor, sinful .. And with all the porters bastard .. And they thought that they are not responsible .. And that the dupes are the losers .. Did not realize that probably does not sing the right thing .. And they thought they were robbed survivors, including .. And that the right to invalidate the statute of limitations and fought in vain talkers with corruption Am .. Of the present, including stealing and they said you will not never lied Resurrection Day who pay. Partisanship of Khan, “the first chapter of the Green Book.” The forbidden political party is a tool of governance that power is exercised on behalf of the people, as the ruling party is a part of each .. This is the crux of the matter: the rule is part of the whole. This sentence is justified the call for the formation of the party. Yes, because the party is part of each rule .. Applying The Green Book  is necessary to form a party in order to achieve popular democracy, and to a final Nnatq of all instruments of government dictatorship that will rob the potential of the people, and lose all effectiveness of the masses!! Yes, it is necessary epic form a party without delay, either because the party consists of people with one interest .. And either one of those with vision .. And one culture .. Or where one faith and one! They are the party to achieve their interests .. Etc., may not be democratically ruled that any of these all the people, the party is for the minority of the people, as long as the minority party for the people, therefore, must form a party to eliminate the minority in control the people!! There is no contradiction at all in this logic of the political and revolutionary, but there is a contradiction in terms of a figurehead only words. In order to understand this surprise formal .

And we come to the conclusion that inevitably necessary to configure the party, an investigation of direct popular democracy – we have to ask the reality and Nhllah. Governing party now, not the people .. People’s Congresses are not!! Permission must crush this tool that are not people to judge people .. But it is the people?!! The people in the revolutionary theory vaguely mysterious expression Bergaajy least blurred the words “master of all the people,” it is all the people who is his master?!! And the right “people is Mr..” But now the singer raise the problem of people: the people are the “all citizens” this is the correct definition of the word people. Hence, we can access to the truth .. To the problem and we disbanded. The citizens who have a total of people are peasants, workers, and Former and current traders, brokers and former and current! Market traders and a black and former employers and current! And students and staff, officers and members of the medical committees and the members of the People’s Committees!! And street vendors, and heretics .. The Smugglers!! And illiterate preachers!! Passports and the staff, knowledge, and men – and women – their knowledge and customs, airports and parks staff bearings, knowledge, and soldiers who are paid salaries and who do not receive all of them make up the people. Plus those who are being treated abroad, and who were not permitted to treatment abroad, for reasons other than health!! As well as those extended to them phones and those who did not provide them for lack of knowledge. And also consists of people who travel to jobs, and tasks without traveling several times a year. This definition of the people does not differentiate between those who stayed in abroad in Resid Hotel Intercontinental and Lint or who sleep in the offices of People’s Bureau to perform their mission and then come back! All of this mixture to make the people, except maids and Moroccan and Filipino Alhbashaat, where “House serves its people” and “breeding the child of his mother,” The definition of people as well as the revolutionary leaders, political, military, administrative, technical, their relatives and friends .. And friends of friends and Osarhm and followed them until the day of repayment of the debt!! And a commitment to scientific integrity in the definition of the word people, it also includes university professors, doctors, teachers and residents Got Alhaal sound and my father and the farmer and the people of Sirte and Tobruk, and Alco Mizdah except of course the people (Dawo) to that of the Korean .. And the people of nurses and nurses, physical therapy because they are of Slavic origin!! This definition includes all of the people who come upon them clothing bags, and who do not come upon them!! And who do not pass the inspection and who are going through, citizen is a citizen, whether he came up a car from the outside or not Tath, and whether a special driver or not, according to the saying “The car is driven by” you’re in Statistics citizen and part of the people whether you have a swimming pool or have navigation in the bathroom! ! As well as those who come to them to tailor the home and who come to the tailor in the house.

This meaning of the word people, every citizen who lives in a housing project in Idris Abu Salim, who is still in a tent in the valley to my district who live in Abu Nawas, as well as those who go to Switzerland, their wives, and who go to their wives. Citizenship status have nothing to do Balzojih or celibacy or Allazojih and Allaazoubih!! We knew now the meaning of the people, and it became clear to us that the definition does not really Bergaajy assured him it is a mixture of contradictions and Almtardhat and Almtdharbat and Parallels. There is no doubt that the people of this anatomy includes segments hostile to each other, and members of rival groups and anti to each other socially. So the people in the forces and elements of exploitation and theft and the monopoly and come and shed and patronage, tribal and backward and corruption .. After this dissection to identify the people go back to our call for the need to configure how the party? Governing is now under the umbrella of the Democratic People are not the masses by the state of the masses, but governing is an alliance – not people’s working forces – but the alliance hostile to people’s working forces, it is an alliance dirty does not know its members to each other, but know the way each other did not come together in one place and hold alliance, including but allied implicitly, this is the party that governs now. But do not be afraid of these counted by the Allies and their hearts are all different .. They hate each other because they compete in Alemrazl. Is inevitable to form a party, it is not a party to the rule of the people, but is the process of sorting the masses of the people. It is not the party that governs the total .. It is all part of the sort, it is the body to overcome cancer. Another bold It’s a process, and a quantum leap, and turned to create a revolutionary new state of the masses, the masses only stakeholders in the revolution, which eat algae and sucking its blood Ledra Cola. Dear anonymous .. Dear good people .. You who do not know of you to extend the phone line, you who do not know who forgives in the pay telephone, water, electricity, farm and housing loan .. You who live in a palace constructed in an old house .. You who can not travel abroad .. Do not know who send you to treatment abroad .. You who do not know how to get a car, nor cut off from you – not on your account – a reminder of volatile .. Dear Citizen Allabergaajy you knock, dear producers Arkon .. O widowed, divorced, O unlike the law .. O raped with money .. O Almqhorat Alsamtat .. Yamen voiceless .. There is no power to him .. Yamen died Vlzp liver oppress .. Yamen left the house Jabra, you who do not know anyone, and no one knows you .. Soldiers stationed in the fronts, you Sweepers “contexts” Alnzafat, my teachers are dedicated to eat of the blood on his hand with lime and tar and dust and mud and salt and blood of the surgery and fighting, all the rough hands of a “coarse hand that loved God and His Messenger.” .. O was forced to be a driver of a woman bourgeois idle .. Yamen ordered to ride alone in the front .. Yamen ordered an expensive car wash fresh water Firat and drink in your home Odjaja urgent .. Yamen ordered to buy the delicious and you are in your home even excuse for a drink, you who know that the power to you but you are silent, you who know that the revolution for you but you Saber .. You who know that we love you but you are unable to reach us, you who love us but you are unable to Sna Aarakedy and wind .. O ye of little Governor, my poor, this is your age .. Era of the masses, this revolution is the popular revolution .. This way, through you, the green has been opened. This is your book Green Take him strongly, Read the what the two or three, or four, it’s your chance to judge the historical and Tsodoa and walk in insolence through the earth .. And Takrkoa the ground and tell the mountains in height .. Despite the advice of Luqman to his son, he was advising him, that Luqman and his son, but this is the masses and its age, Azhvo forward .. Strike the ground bare Boqdamkm cracked, I have created you, Lift up your heads to the sky is beautiful for you, Lift up your voices, there is no longer a prophet even Ngadwa voices him, the strongest Ajhroa be loud .. Dead gods that scare us and visit the Oneness, the Great Conqueror Guetlnaha day .. And visitors on the historic speech, and sixth anniversary of the revolution, and in mid-April on Tuesday night on 6 October and 7 October and 78 m light.

I swear to you that the gods died .. And half-gods died, and the apostles died. We saw the Seal of the Prophets death, leaving only the Almighty God, who far above and that Rahman Rahim and that nice and approachable.

All this tends awe of our hearts, and strengthen our freedom, and affirms Nfradna power over our land .. If you find a god, kill him and Aslboh .. If you find a prophet Farjmoh and kill him .. They are impostors and liars .. Have died of the gods and the Apostles died .. Do not believe you said that one: I am a god or a prophet that a prosecutor and a charlatan .. It Musaylimah or Sjah, the land belongs to all .. House for static .. The car is driven .. Which results in its production is consumed .. House served his family .. Breeding mother of the child .. The university to its students .. The school to its students .. Power and wealth and weapons for all .. Directs the call to all of you to begin screening for the masses lined up on the left .. It stands on the right opponents to separate us a barricade.

And even start work, decisiveness and firmness, and even combined with talk already turned to Almthabat Beloved Revolutionary, and registered your names and Anawinkm .. Membership is open you will find a log for you. But you, hypocrites Yamen Huhtm every creeping popular sacred .. Almtlenon O, O Aharbawat not try to do that this time, as you did in the past for one simple reason is that we now “know you”, if you made ​​one of us or confused us as Taudtm in the past and know you before they will torment Nazigah Hoopoe and Nzbhanh. You before you another door which is progress, not to register your names with us, but to record what your disposal in the us .. And that you admit or not admit Vallal between the Sacred and the .. The Truth stands out clear from Error, the hour of work again.

The Forewarned is forearmed.

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