Zintan Factions and Disinformation Regarding Saif Al Islam Qaddafi

Update June 10, 2017

On June 10th, the Abu Bakr Siddiq Battalion officially announced,

“that the citizen Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Qaddafi was released in compliance with the general amnesty law, issued by Parliament (Tobruk), the only legitimate authority in the country.”

He added in a separate statement,

“I, Colonel Ajami al-Atiri, confirm that I ordered the release of Mr. Saif al-Islam Muammar Qaddafi, who left the city of Zintan Friday, June 14.  In accordance with the amnesty law, I bear all the consequences of this action before the law.”

The ICC prosecutor responded to the announcement by demanding that “Mr al-Ajami al-Atiri, the authorities of Libya, the United Nations Security Council, all States Parties to the Rome Statute, and all other States and relevant entities, to provide my Office with any relevant information in their possession” to disclose Saif Al Islam’s location so that he can be apprehended and transferred to the ICC.  She urged anyone with  information regarding Saif Al Islam’s location, to contact INTERPOL so that he can be apprehended.

After declaring that it was acceptable for Saif al-Islam to be tried in Libya, the International Criminal Court cannot credibly protest when Libyan authorities choose to release him.

In January,  Saif al-Islam’s lawyer, Khalid Zaidi, told Libya 24, 

“The International Criminal Court is trying to prevent Saif al-Islam Gaddafi from carrying out his normal role towards his people.”

Although Saif cannot be tried twice for the same offense, the ICC, in collusion with the UN and foreign intelligence, are determined to press their case. They cannot concede that the Amnesty law is legitimate because they are wholly invested in propping up the UN-US-instated government of accord in Tripoli, which has no legitimacy within Libya and is merely a client regime serving Western interests, behind which their networks of terror operate with impunity.

Alexandra Valiente

By Alexandra Valiente
Internationalist 360°

There have been several conflicting reports regarding Saif Al Islam Qaddafi’s status over the past few months and they have become progressively more alarming. In a statement made this week the Zintan Military Council claimed, and I quote,

However, the Rishvanna Military Council provided an informative comment and a copy of a letter that this report is based on, which raise questions about the veracity of the above statement and the motivations of the various actors behind it.

We have a more credible report posted by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya in which we read that,

“An informed source in the city of Zintan stated there was a high level security alert within the battalion of Abu Bakr Siddiq, issued by the parliament of Tobruk and the Council of Zintan elders, to protect the captive Saif al-Islam Qaddafi. The source added that the alert came after receiving information about the mobilization of militias in the city of Zintan intent on attacking Saif al-Islam Qaddafi’s residence (place of detention).”

This is not the first attempt to be made on Saif’s life by hostiles inside Zintan and it begs the question, why is he being held there if security is precarious?  ( See: PFLL Confirm Assassination Attempt on Saif Al Islam was Thwarted | Reports of Assassination Attempt on Saif Al Islam Qaddafi)

In a separate report published by the PFLL, we read again that “Saif al-Islam is still imprisoned in Zintan, and although [Zintan] welcomed the amnesty law, [he] remains under house arrest.”

Since the issuance of the Founding Declaration of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya last December, there has been no irrefutable proof that he is living as a free man.

If there are further delays in Saif assuming a public role, it is our duty to challenge those who continue to detain him unlawfully, defying the general amnesty law.

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