NCHRL Condemns Interim Government Executive Order Calling for Arrest of GNA Officials

Statement of the National Human Rights Commission Libya on the decision of the president of the provisional government of eastern Libya to arrest and to ban from entry anyone who is affiliated to the internationally recognized government of national accord.

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya, expresses it’s deepest disapproval regarding the recent executive order of Mr. Abdullah Al-Thani, chairman of the interim government of Libya, ordering the arrest of everyone with the title of minister or an agent for the government of national accord, if found within the territories under it’s control, or for everyone who cooperate or deal with the Government of National Accord, effectively preventing them from entering areas in the east of the country.

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya, confirms that this procedure carried by the chairman of the interim government of eastern Libya, is an assault on the rule of law and on the authority of the general prosecutor’s & to his jurisdiction, and that it has no legal basis or grounds to exist. This resolution is by all means illegal, and is also a violation of human rights and the right to travel and move freely within one country’s border, and is in clear violation to the international covenant on civil, cultural and political rights of the people.

This resolution is dangerous step and development, as it is a threat which can escalate the divide crisis in the country, it could also abort the efforts of national reconciliations, and could very well derail the Libyan political process, and disrupt the little & fragile peace existing across the country, risking it’s national & social unity, and maybe leading to more acts of violence.

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya asks that the president of the house of representatives, and that the justice & Human Rights commission to the house of representatives take urgent action to abolish this illegal & arbitrary resolution made by Mr. Abdullah Al-Thani, president of the government interim in the east of Libya.

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya. | | | +41-2-25013333 |
Issued in Tobruk – Libya.
Thursday, 8 June, 2017.