Saif Qaddafi’s Defense Team Prepare ICC Inadmissibility Case

Khaled al-Zaidi, legal counsel to Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, revealed that his defense team is filing a  case for inadmissibility with the International Criminal Court,  in response to its request for the surrender and trial of his client.

The request to arrest and extradite Saif al-Islam is an old and repeated demand.

Zaidi said that his client had not left Libya, nor is he considering doing so, adding that he is encouraged by the desire expressed by the Libyan people for his return to political life to facilitate national reconciliation. He stressed that Saif al-Islam will appear in the media soon.


Editor’s Note: If the ICC wish to use the Rome Statute as justification for their request, then…

“…the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction in his client’s case because he has also been tried and sentenced in a Libyan court and therefore may not be retried, in accordance with the Rome Statute.”