US Orders Hundreds of Terrorists in Iraq, Syria to Relocate to Libya

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Washington has given green light to the terrorists to relocate in hundreds to Libya following ISIL’s heavy defeats in both Syria and Iraq, an Arab media outlet reported on Thursday.

The Arabic-language Ray al-Youm daily quoted diplomatic and intelligence sources in the region as saying that the US has given the green light to hundreds of terrorists of ISIL and al-Qaeda-linked groups to evacuate them from Lebanon, Iraq and Syria to the desert and tribal regions in Libya.

The sources further told the paper that 1,200 gunmen of ISIL, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups have moved to Libya, adding that more terrorists are expected to leave Tunis, Algeria and Sudan for Libya.

It went on to say that an agreement has been concluded between intelligence services of the Arab nations with their counterpart from the US to pave the ground for the transfer of the terrorists to Libya, adding that the relocation of terrorists has happened mostly through the US support.

Media sources said in November that they gained access to letters sent by ISIL ringleader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to other commanders of the terrorist group in Libya after his repeated failures in Syria and Iraq.

The Arabic edition of al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported that al-Baghdadi’s letters, some of them written last year and some of them in November, indicate that the ISIL leader was after making up for his defeats in Syria and Iraq by calling on the terrorist groups’ commanders and members to go to Libya.

It added that the letters written to 13 of al-Baghdadi’s deputies and commanders in Libya stressed the need for them to use Southern Libya as a place for recruiting the members who have fled from the East in a bid to finally target Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.