Necessary Requirements and Needs

Comprehension and Meaning of Need

A human being needs several matters: food, clothing, drinks, sleeping, and several other requirements that could not be defined specifically…

The loss of the materials that are needed by a Human being creates in him and makes him lose also a feeling a painful feeling such as the hunger pain, coldness pain and thirst pain; and also makes him lose his balance and a human never regains has balance unless he eats, or dresses or drinks or sleeps or carries on another any action needed by him that had been the cause of his feeling pain .

Now, the feeling that a human being feels when he misses any thing is thing is an indication of need; thus, the requirement defined as the natural feeling of something that something is missing . This is due to the biological composition of a human being and from the psychological aspect. The need and requirement is considered as a basic motive for the the life of a human as he works and produces as he needs and he establishes and founds social relations with other humans as he needs, similarly. As any action that human being carried out hides behind it a need that he can fulfill.

Needs and requirements are divided to materialistic needs, and moral needs; the materialistic needs such as food and clothing and also need for water etc. of other materialistic matters that are directly needed for the human to remain alive, and continuity of existence. As to the moral requirements they are need for knowledge, need for friendship, need for stability and others that are needs for the adaptability of a human being with the society wherein he lives and as a base for his happiness.

We, cannot separate between the material and moral need completely as the materialistic need is at the same time a moral need and the moral need is concurrently a materialistic need too.

2nd : Necessary Needs and Requirements

There are some needs that a human cannot live without neither can he postpone its execution continuously and for sake of its being obtained,he will exert all what he can of effort. A human cannot live without food or lodging or clothing.

Needs that a human cannot dispose of, are those that he cannot dispose of continuously and that are needed for a human being as essentials.

A human being arranges the items that he needs according to their importance to him; thus the items that he puts at the top of the list of needs are those essential items; they are followed by other items till we reach to the end of the list were we find the luxury items; they are called luxury as a human being can dispose of their need to him, but if he is able to get them, then he will be more happy and consent.

The following items may considered as essential requirements; House, is essential for an individual and for the family. Vehicle is essential for an individual and family. Salary is VERY BADLY NEEDED item for a human being as he cannot, without it,be able to get other essential items.

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