Our Goals

We, the worldwide Revolutionary Committees Movement

The Revolutionary Committees Movement is a political and cultural movement that calls for and promotes the establishment of the Jamahiriya society, the authority of the people (direct democracy) as presented by the Third Universal Theory of The Green Book.

The people exercise direct democracy by the means of the basic popular congresses which include the entire population. The people choose the executive popular committees that function under their supervision and execute their decisions without any form of representation or mandate, thereby annulling the rule of an individual, a class, a sect, a party or group of parties.

However, genuine and real democracy can only be realized when the physical and moral needs of the entire society are satisfied. Thus, the Revolutionary Committees Movement opposes all forms and means of exploitation and monopoly. It calls for the adoption and implementation of the economic part of the Third Universal Theory that is based and founded on respecting and sanctifying private property of individuals within the limits of satisfying their needs without exploiting or enslaving other people.

Moreover, The Revolutionary Committees Movement calls for the freedom of knowledge, condemns its monopoly or its falsification and confirms that knowledge is a natural right of every human being and that ignorance can only be eliminated when everything is presented and introduced in its real status.

Besides, the Revolutionary Committees Movement rejects all forms of discrimination and racism whether based on religion, color, ethnicity, race, culture or belief. It believes and promotes the right of everyone to enjoy freedom and the right of self-determination.

The Revolutionary Committees Movement calls for the emancipation of woman, not that spurious freedom which some contemporary societies pretend to have established. These societies use woman and adapt her to do the physical and man-oriented kind of work at the expense of her femininity and natural role. They are materialistic and uncivilized societies the imitation of which jeopardizes the freedom of woman. A woman has full rights to live without being forced to change into a man and to give up her femininity.

The Revolutionary Committees Movement calls for just peace that is founded on righteousness, justice, and coexistence through respecting the rights of others. It believes that real stability can only be achieved by lifting all forms of injustice, oppression and inequality, and that peace and security can only prevail if humanity is completely delivered from all weapons of mass destruction.

The Revolutionary Committees Movement calls for developing, promoting and consolidating the concept of human rights. These include not only man’s rights for strike, demonstration and freedom of expression, but also his rights for his authority without mandate, his means of living without any exploitation and his right for a house without paying a rent.

The Revolutionary Committees Movement gives due regard and attention to the deteriorating state and increasing problems of the environment. It attempts to play a constructive role in pinpointing their real causes which range from lack of awareness and indifference on the part of many industrial countries, to the materialistic economic system prevailing in the world today. It believes that the objective of gaining profit and accumulating fortune has no result but to inflict severe damage and disturb the balance of the environment.

The Revolutionary Committees Movement undertakes the responsibility of preaching the authority of the people and its mechanisms, inciting for its establishment, defending it and doing all it can to consecrate it. It criticizes and analyzes the existing instruments of governing showing their weaknesses and crises, and their inability to solve the deteriorating problems of mankind.

However, the Revolutionary Committees Movement does not exercise the power or seek to ascend it, rather it incites the masses to exercise their power. It condemns violence and intrigue, adopting dialogue as its approach and doctrine. It is a global movement, open to those who believe in, and adopt its goals joining revolutionary committees that have (Mathaba) as their headquarters, and stress collectivity as a characteristic feature in performing their tasks without chairmanship or hierarchy giving chance to initiative.

The Revolutionary Committees Movement opens horizons for dialogue and the exchange of ideas and information with those who look for alternatives. Its objective is the establishment of a free and happy society.

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